The weird thing about Fallout Shelter is all the ‘legendary dwellers’ who are characters from the games

If you said ‘cameos from your fave fallout characters’ then I’d be like, oh, Arcade? Cass? Boone? The King? Mr House? Caesar? Joshua Graham? Benny? Big Sal? Julie Farkas? Emily Ortal? Mr Fantastic? Vulpes? Jason Bright? Swank? Tommy Torini? Doc Mitchell? Ulysses? Raul? Veronica? Dean Domino? Oliver Swanick?

No wait those are all New Vegas characters and as far as Bethesda is concerned that game doesn’t exist. So who did we get

“uhhh three dog, amata and eulogy jones?” “wait who was eulogy jones again” “that dude who kidnapped children for his slavery ring” “oh”