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MORE Q's SRRY! how did isadora deal with benny? what about the other chairmen at the tops? (you didn't mention that they support her so im curious)

DON’T APOLOGIZE I LOVE DIS skfnfndnjgvnmvkgdfkjg

Isadora took care of Benny the best way Isadora knows how - sleep with him,and then cut his throat while he’s passed out. :’)

The Chairmen at the Tops did initially support her,although most likely only out of sheer intimidation.However,they didn’t like the growing gang activities that came along with Isadora’s new pro-chem laws.They didn’t like that she allowed patrons (NCR-associated or otherwise) to be butchered in their casino.The cannibalism law gave them the creeps and they refused to enforce it,which caused her to execute Tommy Torini.The Chairmen were the first out of anyone to plot to overthrow Isadora.She found out,and sadly they then became the first examples she used to show the other “tribes” what happens if she is crossed.

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                       I KNOW WHEN THAT HOTLINE BLING– | Open


  • What ringtone my muse has set for yours: Wouldn’t you like to have fun, fun, fun

  • What contact photo my muse has set for yours:

Let her just say, she wishes she was there to see the horn action. Doesn’t nearly look as good as her ex-man did with his, but uh–

  • What my muse thinks of the way yours texts: It’s ok!

  • How quickly my muse responds to your texts: Minnie would reply to him very quickly and always enthusiastically! She’s about as quick and giddy as any twenty year old that’s receiving attention from the leader of the Chairmen. Granted, if Tommy Torini was texting her she’d be squeezing her phone to her chest; blushing and giggling after every reply.

    potentially leading to a spam of texts like; fffdaewweeda due to the fact it’s, you know, against her chest.

    But. This isn’t about Tommy.

  • How often our muses text: I highly doubt Benny is going to keep in heavy contact with this dingbat that didn’t put out for him. Plus all those other broads, with the more alluring, black widow charms he can have his on arm? Psh,  Benny knows she wishes it was often.

  • How often our muses call: He can’t be calling frequently when he’s getting hay-hay in with sixty broads.

  • Does my muse purposefully miss calls from yours: She wouldn’t. But does Benny purposely miss calls from her?

  • Last text sent from my muse to yours:

[text] we had some FUN at The Tops didn’t we bb??? 😊

the attempt for joyous small talk. 

Leeds United: Mirco Antenucci 'happy' with life at Elland Road but future still uncertain

Leeds United striker Mirco Antenucci remains on course to leave the club despite committing to staying in west Yorkshire for the rest of this season. The Italian was understood to be seeking an exit from Elland Road in January but has stayed to see out his contract.

Owner Massimo Cellino suggested on deadline day (1 February) that the 31-year-old wanted to leave the club, but the forward was unable to agree to a route out of The Whites. Antenucci is out of contract at the end of the season and is now free to negotiate with other teams as he prepares to leave for free.

The former Catania and Torini frontman has scored five goals in 11 Championship starts this term for a Leeds side which are hovering in mid-table. But despite having remained with the club beyond the transfer window, the player’s agent says his long-term future is clouded in uncertainty.

“Mirco is very happy to stay at ‎Leeds, of course, in such a big and historical club, challenging in the Championship and still in the FA Cup,” representative Silvio Pagliari said, according to the Yorkshire Evening Post. “About his future – [let’s see] at the end of the season. Now it is too early. Let’s see what happens.”

After bringing in five players on permanent and loan deals during the January window, Leeds were unable to add to their squad on deadline day despite manager Steve Evans being keen on signing a striker. Defender Sam Byram was the highest profile departure but the club did keep hold of midfielder Lewis Cook, who rebuffed constant interest in his services.

“Some people make that choice to move and it doesn’t always work out for them,” he said, according to the Yorkshire Evening Post. “At the moment I feel like I’m enjoying my football. Leeds are a big club as it is. I love playing for Leeds at the moment. Maybe for some people the speculation might be a bit disruptive but not really for me. I just focus on my game and playing for Leeds. That’s it.”

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