In some of BigBang’s music videos there’s this postapocalyptic flair and since sabotensan and I are extremely fond of these guys right now (and always fond of Fallout) we started to create a Fallout New Vegas AU for BigBang. Actually, we just thought about a nice little background story for each of them and now we spend 99% of the time making jokes.
In a few words, the plot is that T.o.p, who is the owner of The Tops Casino (yes, we couldn’t miss this chance) is looking for additional acts for The Aces theatre, just like Tommy Torini in the “Talent Pool” quest in Fallout New Vegas. So yeah, in our AU they’re making music as well and everything’s pretty much the same … aside from … you know … the radiation and violence and stuff.

The weird thing about Fallout Shelter is all the ‘legendary dwellers’ who are characters from the games

If you said ‘cameos from your fave fallout characters’ then I’d be like, oh, Arcade? Cass? Boone? The King? Mr House? Caesar? Joshua Graham? Benny? Big Sal? Julie Farkas? Emily Ortal? Mr Fantastic? Vulpes? Jason Bright? Swank? Tommy Torini? Doc Mitchell? Ulysses? Raul? Veronica? Dean Domino? Oliver Swanick?

No wait those are all New Vegas characters and as far as Bethesda is concerned that game doesn’t exist. So who did we get

“uhhh three dog, amata and eulogy jones?” “wait who was eulogy jones again” “that dude who kidnapped children for his slavery ring” “oh”


   VEGAS POSTCARDS from Lucius were Minnie’s most favorite thing.  Not only did he write about how much of a jumpin’ place The Tops was but, he would go as far as to lace caps in these cards. Reading over how pleasant his interactions with the likes of Tommy Torini were made Minnie smile, sure - but sixty caps r e a l l y brought a smile to her face. In the aftermath, this back-alley doctor would put ‘em right in the window of her apartment. It showed off her fanciness

            - or something like that.

 Indeed, all and all she missed her man and…sometimes she would go as far to wonder why he didn’t just move her over the gate that separated FREESIDE from VEGAS but, his loving cards would do for now … she thought.

  In the present, only four Vegas Postcards stand tall in their rightful place. But four postcards merely represented four months. Now, it had been fiv - no six months since her man last wrote her. There should have been six cards in the window. It wasn’t as just HEARTBREAKING but it was CONCERNING.

  Caps meant food, water, good enough dresses to buy. And at the moment, she only had twenty to her name. This lead to Minnie’s current circumstance, outside the door of a certain blonde who seemed to be quite successful business wise. Her lips are poked out - brow wrinkled as she wonders whether she should she bother Kay? 

  Despite the expression, her knuckles rattle on the neighbor’s door.