There’s Goodness In The Heart Of Every Broken Man…

Our questions ricochet
Like broken satellites:
How our bodies, born to heal,
Become so prone to die? 


There is goodness in the heart
Of every broken man
Who comes right up to the edge
Of losing everything he has.

-”Mars” by Sleeping At Last

Still not over season 6. And I’ve been waiting to draw something for this song for ages now.

🌠 Welcome back, Shiro.

Hello and this is what happens when I experiment with thumbnails and dynamics they “Magically” turn into space dad… yeah ‘magic’


“It hurts me that I never got to say goodbye. That I won’t get to see him again or talk to him. But his spirit and his memory lives on, in this town and everyone he’s met.

Fred Andrews will always be a part of Riverdale. I love you so much, Dad.