toriki reith


I decided to participate in Risto’s contest (on animexx…) ´7`

…I don’t know if I ever mentioned that…but she’s one of my favorite artists ever and her art is flawless and her OCs are cool and-

someone stop me from fangirling =u=

well. these are just the lines, I’m thinking about…water color…or maybe digital, don’t know yet…(water color is too much fun lately) (pencil too)

…the ghost faces in the background were a lot of fun. òwó


Yeahhh finally I did it °^°//

I truly want to take part at Risto’s fanart contest, and I’m not sure if I will make it in time T_T at least the sketch is done! >o</

The characters of “Marrow Gates” are all special and unique in their own way. Drawing them and trying giving them the “right” spirit wasn’t that easy, but I truly enjoyed it :)

Dear Risto, I hope you will like it x)

Everybody else, go see her art NOW: