if you ever feel like a fuckup, just think you will never in your life fuck up as badly as david cameron, the prime minister of the united kingdom, whose political gamble in calling this referendum has completely backfired and britain has not only voted to leave the eu but it might also cause scotland and northern ireland to break up from the union. so if you ever feel like a fuckup, just think of dave and how he, the prime minister of the united kingdom, has single-handedly put at risk the economic prosperity, political stability and unity of not only his own country but of the whole continent of europe just to remain in power, and that he had to resign knowing that this will be his legacy as prime minister


First of all, thank you to throughymy4eyes for alerting me to this. I stay off social media for a few hours and I miss all of this, typical! And you would have to be on social media to see this, seeing as a media blackout appears to be censoring coverage of the protests. #ToriesOutNow is the number 1 trend in the UK but has been removed at least twice from trending pages by Twitter. There are few news articles being published and so the following information has been difficult to get completely right because of lack of sources, other than people’s tweets.

I’d like to request that you reblog to signal boost. The media is deliberately censoring this protest, let’s spread the word ourselves in retaliation.

As far as I can tell, protests in London began around 6pm/7pm and have grown since then. Large crowds gathered outside the Tory HQ in Westminster with signs reading “Get The Tories Out!” and “Austerity Kills”, chanting “Tory scum” and “no more fucking Tory cuts”.

The protests are aimed at two things in particular (main reasons as I can tell)

  • The fact that 63% of us voted against the Tories, yet they still formed a majority goverment through our voting system
  • Austerity, and the prospect of 5 more years of cuts to public services.

People are angry. And rightly so. I’m angry. I know all of you are angry. Our voting system really outdid itself this time, proving that our democracy is not quite as democratic as we once thought. 

63% of us said we didn’t want a Tory goverment, so why do we have one? Proportional Representation is a tricky one for me I’ll admit. For I believe that we should have equal representation for who we all choose to vote for, rather than being handed a Tory government when 63% said no to one. I’m conflicted merely because had we had Proportional Representation in this election, UKIP would have had many more seats than it got. But that’s just me.

At least 5 police officers have been injured. Apparently they have had bottles, a bike, smoke bombs thrown at them. I saw one person report tear gas but I can’t be sure that is true at all. Sounds like the start of a small riot to me, yet where is the media coverage? No coverage from Murdoch papers so far, surprise, surprise! What little coverage there has been has been biased.

Our country cannot take five more years of austerity. We cannot take privatisation of our health service. We cannot take benefit cuts. We cannot take our services being squeezed for their last spare penny. End the cuts. End the Tories. End the misery. End the deaths, the suicides and the starvation they are inflicting upon the most vulnerable! 

I don’t know if the protests will continue. I don’t know if they will change anything. Best case scenario is they get bigger, spread to the rest of the country and we fight for a re-election. Pie in the sky, perhaps. But we can try! 

Stay classy, but fight for your right to democracy and fight for your right to a fair government. Your vote is not your voice, just because they won doesn’t mean we have to sit down and shut up. 

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BRITISH PEOPLE (and non-British animal lovers)

In 2004, the British government introduced the Hunting Act, which made the hunting of animals such as red foxes, hares and deer for sport or pleasure totally illegal. Now, just 11 years later, Prime Minister David Cameron is moving to repeal the ban, by opening the issue to a free vote of the MPs. This means that MPs will be voting based on personal views, but more importantly, on the views of their constituents.

This vote is set to happen within a matter of days. Mr Cameron never made it any secret that he supports the bloody sport of fox hunting, and would try to bring it back if he was re-elected as PM. 

For those who might be unfamiliar with British ‘traditional’ fox hunting, it’s a so-called ‘blood sport’ typically practiced by England’s very rich minorities, where a group of riders on horseback will set loose a pack of dogs on the countryside to hunt down and brutally kill wild animals for no other reason than personal enjoyment

Despite the ban, these people (and I use the term loosely), have continued to hold regular ‘hunts’ (claiming that no animals are harmed) and have repeatedly shown that they feel the law does not apply to the privileged gentry.

Fox cubs kept in captivity for illegal hunts 

At least half of Scottish hunts breaking the law

Prime Minister’s former hunt admits illegal activity

Very little attention is being given to this issue in the media, possibly because David Cameron knows that the majority of the British public still support the ban. However, with a majority of MPs belonging to the Conservative Party, this may not be reflected in the coming vote. This is why it is doubly important to get in touch with your local MP and tell them how you feel about the needless slaughter of these beautiful creatures. This website can tell you who your local MP is, and how to contact them

Other ways to show your support for the ban:

  • Sign the RSPCA’s petition on change.org
  • Contact your local government on social media - most have offical twitter accounts (you can use the handles #keeptheban and #nomandate2repeal)
  • Share and reblog this post - even if you don’t live in the UK, your followers might, and we need all the support we can get

More information:

RSPCA page on fox hunting

Brian May’s Save Me Trust

A Documentary on Post-Ban Fox Hunts (part 1) (part 2) (part 3)

Please, please don’t let this horrible and unnecessary violence and slaughter become legal in Britain again. We’re better than this. The animals deserve better than this. Stop the hunt. Keep the ban.

Hard work causes stress, poor health and early death – above all, it has never solved poverty. We work longer hours now than we’ve done for fifty years, yet the gap between the rich and poor has never been wider. Working hard cannot solve an economic crisis. The fact we are all expected to work so hard is in fact a result of economic crisis: a crisis that did not appear in 2008, but has been with us far longer. This is the crisis at the heart of capitalism: a tension between the 1 percent who control the economy, and want to continually increase their wealth, and the rest of us, who are expected to work ever harder, in order to generate profit and to keep us from occupying our time in meaningful ways like questioning or challenging the status quo.
—  from Strike! Magazine article by Selina Todd – Fuck Your Hard Work
Help stop foxes being needlessly killed for fun!

In 2004, our Labour government introduced a ban on fox hunting. This supposedly put an end to this sport of the upper class, where foxes are shot and torn apart by dogs.

But now the Tories want to reverse that ban and legalise the sport.

It has been one of the first things they have announced will go forward since they won the election yesterday.

All you need to do is sign here

Hopefully Cameron will at least consider our voice, the petition already has over 20K signatures.

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one of the torie’s policies was to lift the ban on fox hunting. this could have EXTREMELY negative consequences as well as being a form of animal abuse. if there is a decrease of foxes due to death the food chain will become uneven - making more snakes reproduce thus needing to feed on more toads (making them decrease in population) and the amount of spiders increase to a very high amount. if you live in the UK please PLEASE sign this petition or reblog this post to try get the attention of the petition for government members to make sure they do not unban this.

animals like foxes never asked to get killed for no reason except in a natural or predatory way. please sign & reblog.

Uk politics right now;
  • Everyone:the way you treat the poor and disabled is damaging and killing them, sort it out!
  • Conservatives:They deserve it for being poor, why should we care?
  • Everyone:You are actually breaching their human rights.
  • Conservatives:Well then we'll scrap the human rights act. No rights, no breach of rights. Problem solved!
  • Everyone:What the FUCK