And here it is, folks, pretty much solid proof of how this goes:

Labour is the party for the young, the next generation, those who have to live with this world for longer and have to make society what they need it to be.

The Conservatives are the party for the old, the last generation, those who aren’t going to be around much longer but who are desperately clinging to their outdated ideas of what society should be and trying to force the young to live in a society that those young people have deemed as bullshit and outdated for current needs.

So will you vote for the up-and-coming, or will you vote for the has-beens?

And yes this isn’t particularly nuanced an approach but fuck it, this is politics in 2017. Nuance died a horrible death last year, it’s obituary inscribed on the side of a big red bus and adorned with a laughable blond wig.


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The government just quietly banned disabled child refugees from Britain
The Government has stopped accepting disabled child refugees fleeing war in Syria and other countries because it says it cannot cope with their needs, The Independent can reveal. A flagship government programme to resettle the most vulnerable victims of conflict in the Middle East and North Africa has been partially suspended, meaning children will be left in refugee camps instead of being moved to safety in the UK.

The Tories always manage to find a new low to sink to. But then they don’t care about disabled people anywhere. 

It’s finally finished! I wanted to make this comic for the snap election, but if the Tories win I feel like it’s gonna be relevant for the next few years. 

I messaged a few of the spoonie blogs I follow to see if they would be okay with me tagging them in this. I got responses from @spooniediaries and @heyatleastitsnotcancer but I didn’t want to tag anyone else who hadn’t given me their consent.

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Reminder on the Great Famine

In 1845, the first year of the potato blight, the Tory government, led by Robert Peel, did import some corn and grain because he saw that “Hey, those Irish people’s main source of food is suffering from failure. We best import some American corn.”. Sure I hate Tories but I am grateful for Peel sending corn, and also the fact that he’s the reason we call Peelers, Peelers. Then, in 1846, a Liberal government came to power. The laissez faire, free market kind, and those fuckers were like “Naahhh, see, they’re fine. No famine” (That only happened due to Peel’s import of food).

Lo and behold, a fucking famine, and you want to know how they reacted to it? Do fuck all, do literally nothing. They stood back and basically said “The free market will sort it out”. Yet all the while, whilst Ireland’s potato crops were failing and people were collapsing dead, unable to even bury their own relatives, the British government continued to export Irish wheat and grain to Britain. Queen Victoria sent £1,000 of her own money or so, maybe it was £2,000, to show her “generosity”. Then the Ottoman sultan wished to donate £10,000 of his own money but the British government told him not to so he sent £2,000 anyway and 5 ship loads of food which arrived after much harassment from the Royal Navy.

The moral of the story is: Free market capitalism doesn’t actually fix shit. Ask the Irish. Government intervention isn’t such a bad thing at times, sure, I distrust government and I wouldn’t trust the British government with a spoon, but yeah, The Magical Market™ is a load of shite.

Erin Go Bragh. Saoirse go Deo.

if you ever feel like a fuckup, just think you will never in your life fuck up as badly as david cameron, the prime minister of the united kingdom, whose political gamble in calling this referendum has completely backfired and britain has not only voted to leave the eu but it might also cause scotland and northern ireland to break up from the union. so if you ever feel like a fuckup, just think of dave and how he, the prime minister of the united kingdom, has single-handedly put at risk the economic prosperity, political stability and unity of not only his own country but of the whole continent of europe just to remain in power, and that he had to resign knowing that this will be his legacy as prime minister