This is so late xD 

Fashionable late? Pfff….

I could not decide so I made three different pictures … in the end I noticed. that’s almost a comic xD

These pictures have been drawn with my boyfriend @caoxil. He made the background I did Toriel and the effects. (and will do it again WHUAHAHAHAHA! YOu CAn´T HidE CAo!)

I hope you like it @metakazkz

Abyssember and Abyss!Toriel by @metakazkz

I try to make the other days… (im so bad at challenges xD but it is fun)

how do I create a fitting tribute to something that means so much to me? how could I possibly do justice to this amazing game?

its humor, its genuine warmth, and characters that feel like dear old friends make it a continual source of comfort that helps me through my hardest times. happy 3rd, Undertale <3


You call out to your friends with all your heart

From somewhere, you felt their support


Happy 3rd anniversary, Undertale!

A day late, but I tried! Was about time I did one of these for this game.

* Don’t use without my permission, and please do not re-upload/re-post this anywhere or remove my caption, k thx <3

For a wonderful friend I met 3 years ago because of this beautiful game and who’s always been there for me ever since! It’s not his bday, but this special event almost feels like it, so YO OPPO YA GOT 2 BDAYS IN ONE YEAR HAHA CONGRATS HOMIE!!! Does that mean you age twice as much in my mind? Hmmmm… Probably. JK JK!!



I wasn’t able to do all the characters yet but i hope this will suffice for now!!! a few wallpaper sized thingys!! yeah!!


Happy third anniversary, Undertale! All these years later, I still really love how everything in this game fits so well together…and all of the amazing people that I’ve met as a result of the fandom!