Tori Cover Songs Lists Submission

We are beginning to take ballots for another Cover Songs lists! We will be accepting your list through mid-to-late June, 2015. You can email us at, message us through facebook, post your list to tumblr and tag us with‪#‎50ToriCovers‬. And really, now that facebook is doing the hashtag thing too, you can post them that way - just make sure your privacy settings are set to public!

New for 2015! Use this form on our website to submit your Top 50 Covers List to us:

Please rank your songs from 1 to 50, with #1 being the top of the best and #50 being the bottom of the best.

Also, for ease of list making, your songs should be ranked as 10 tiers (or groups) of 5. We will be assigning point values to the groups of five, instead of each individual song. So, if you’re struggling between where a song belongs on your list, it will make more of an impact to place it at 5 versus 6, but the same points will apply to songs 1-5 (and 6-10, 11-15, 16-20, and so on).

Confused? Concerned? Constipated?
Then just list them 1 to 50 and we’ll worry about everything else.


Tori’s cover of the Rolling Stones’ “Angie” came in at number 10 on our Top 25 Tori Covers List in 2012. 

“Angie” appeared as a B-side on “Crucify”, as well as the UK Winter Part 2 Single. Tori has played it in concert nearly 70 times since her official release of the song. 

Is “Angie” one of your favorite Tori covers? 


The announcement about the new covers project is coming VERY soon, but for now,enjoy the video from our 1st covers list, which was done in April 2012. 


#TBT to May 2000: 'Manhã de Carnaval’ is a popular Brazilian song that Tori made into this gem for Mission Impossible 2! 

Will it be in your Top 50 Tori Amos Cover songs? More details to follow tomorrow about guidelines for list submissions! 

Real Men - and so it goes, go round again, here’s where the real men are … this early 80’s track from Joe Jackson speaks of New York City’s gay culture, and Tori speaks of her girl as “an androgynous being, like a seahorse.

It ranked #8 on our Top 25 Tori Covers, back in April of 2012.

Where will it rank on your 2015 Top 50 Tori Covers List? Stay tuned for more details and guidelines for list submissions - coming very soon!