tori's glasses


12 June 2015: Norwegian Wood Festival!! Piano unloading pic courtesy of  Gaute Gunleiksrud on Flickr, last pic from like she chose the silver heels! This might be one of my favorite tops of this era-such a lovely color! And maybe one of the reasons these tops work is the color blocking. 


10 July 2014: “Hello from the roof garden at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City” I also absolutely love seeing Tori totally casual-what she wears when she doesn’t have a show, appearance or even meet and greet; what she wears for just hanging out, running errands, or going to the Met.  On 11 July, she played a few songs for CBS’ Second Cup Cafe.

The FIRST #unrepentantselfie, taken in Paris in late April 2014, about a week before T was in NYC for the performance at Rough Trade Records.  Speaking of records, I state here and now, for the record, that this is my FAVORITE pair of Tori’s glasses. I get that they are big. I get that they take up half her face.  I seem to be the only person besides Tori that is totally in love with them.


I have been wondering which city this setlist was from for a long time, since it doesn’t have the city or date on the side like usual. It’s Melbourne!! And what a great setlist: Flying Dutchman, Cooling, Riot Poof, Horses, Merman, and Doughnut? Yes please.  This was a mostly requests show, according to Undented.  Wearing the Cloe Gosselin booties and some really interesting glasses, Tori added more color to her look that night. Last two photos by  photo by Ros O'Gorman