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Victorious and Diversity


1) The main character is Female and Half Latina…

2) … And so is her sister

3) The Main Character’s best friend is black

4) While his other male friends are one Jewish…

5) … And an Half-Indian, Half-Canadian guy who’s also one of the coolest guys in school.

6) As for the remaining female characters, one is portrayed by an Actress of Italian Ethnicity, and is heard speaking Spanish and then at a second time Yiddish at some point in the Series…

7) … While the other one is heavily implied to be Bisexual.

The best part of all of this is that it wasn’t even intentional for this to happen.

As a Bonus Point: All characters have some kind of shitty relationship with their relatives (or just shitty parents in general), along with some kind of neuroses or problem and what can be possibly only described as a very fluid sexuality.

Stray Cats

A wandering stray in a dark back alley
Found another stray lost and dirty
Starving, shivering, and aching numbly

Its eyes were filled with unshed tears
And when he tried to comfort it
To its heart it wouldn’t let him near

He licked its wounds and stroked its fur
With lust he fed its hunger and thirst
But to him it won’t trust it won’t purr

Its wounds remained rotten
Its eyes remained empty
Its heart remained hardened

He wished to protect but he cannot
He is but a helpless prideful stray
In the dark alley of twisted knot

Why do cats go astray
Are they escaping abuse and pain
From a cruel world are they running away

Or are they lost and have nowhere to go
No food nor shelter from the rain
Only cold and hungry hearts in tow