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Well it’s about the time when the next episode gets uploaded. That’ll be interesting but I don’t know if I’m ready. Until then, I coloured in this picture I had drawn here in reply to the previous episode. Guess we’ll just have to see what happens. Good luck guys!

I’m really happy to be drawing and colouring things in related to the Hardcore series again. It’s pretty entertaining. Reminds me of those times I had.

With the Fashion Bloggers done, I only have one more to finish (which should be done this weekend) and I have “seen” the last of my top six teams in the winter cold clothes. Maybe after that, I can keep thinking about other things I can draw related to this. … Hey didn’t I mention a high school AU before…

I like drawing the Fashion Bloggers a lot (especially Jen she has one of my favourite designs in the season) but it can be difficult with Tom because I have to avoid making him look too much like one of my OCs. It’s not easy when they both have glasses and are fashion interested so I end up making the association.

Father and Son and the Adversity Twins

The Rockers

Coloured version of this sketch.

Still gift art for ariaricottoncandy because she’s drawn me some fantastic pictures of Reverse Seto so this is my thanks to her. Kismetic!Bajanlox.

The scenario in my head is that Deadlox isn’t that great with the Survival Games but slowly improves except Mitch, being his sort of rival because he’s way better, likes to tease him. From my understanding, kismetics are rivalries of sorts which is where the hate ship part comes from so that’s what I did.

I also tried colouring this in with the new sort of drawing style I discovered and I gotta say, I’m liking it.

This is basically how Dean reacted to his death. Right?

Anyways I was originally going to stream this but I didn’t have time since I needed to focus on the reference sheet. I finally got it done last night though. That was an excellent time to lament how i hate colouring in Netherack because I have no idea how to and it’s ugly. So I just looked for a background and added it using gimp which is something I haven’t done since 2015 with this.

Anyways if you look underneath the cut, I put my attempt there so yeah. That’s all I have to say. Until the next update!

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FINALLY got these done. Geez… These took a while for me to finish because if you haven’t told from my weekly doodles I’ve been pre-occupied with something else. The first one didn’t take me that long to finish but then the other two took me a while because I couldn’t focus on them. I had to stream the last one to be able to get it done and it worked! I managed to focus on it and finish it! Whew. But here we are!

So you may remember these there with some gijinkas I had done a while ago before Sun and Moon came out. After seeing one of my friends do a Pokemon RP/ask blog and have a lot of fun with that, I decided I wanted to do something with these characters so I made them trainers! And as a result, I have an ask blog for my dear Alolan children as I do love thinking of Pokemon teams! So yeah, here they are. I put some information on them on the blog.


Sorry these took a while! I wanted to change to colour them in!

Hau was fun to draw. I miss drawing Pokemon characters especially the protags since most of them have nice designs. And it’s interesting to draw Chat Noir again (well the first time was… also not really Chat Noir but also was).

(From this ask. If you’d like to send more, then go ahead. I’ll see when I can get to them since I have a holiday picture I’d like to draw)

OC October (2016 Edition) Day 31 - Drake (and Kala)

Happy Halloween guys! Here is what I’ve drawn up for both the last dayof OC October and Halloween this year!

Kala wants to go to one of the places having special activities for Halloween (like with a haunted house and hay ride and whatever). Drake is excited since he likes those places and she promised they’d go trick-or-treating afterwards.

It sure ended up being hard to try and get this done and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to finish this for today. But fortunately I have. And you may notice that I’m trying something new with the eyes. I like this way of colouring them in and I may use this from now on. I’d like to practice some more to see how else they look.

Anyways, hope you guys have a great Halloween!

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Gosh! I’ve had these for a while! Sorry it took me a while. Midterms and written assignments just nailed me in the face last weekend and I almost had this done. Could’ve done it earlier but I really had to focus on papers.

I chose a squirrel kigurumi for Webber ‘cause when I imagine animals for him, I always imagine a squirrel for some reason… That or a chipmunk.

[For this ask]


For some reason, drawing him with this expression has made me think my headcanon of him having Pit’s voice is more accurate. No idea why but this was fun and I like this palette!

I should draw Webber more. He’s one of the first OCs I made at least in terms of my NLDR OCs and I’ve been a bit neglectful of him. Though in the past week or two weeks I’ve been neglectful of all of them.

(For this ask. Feel free to send me more)

So on my Reverse Seto ask blog, I’ve brought up SethBling a few times and gave a basic rundown of what his role is in the AU. Though I haven’t had a single chance on the blog to show what he looks like when he isn’t wearing his inventing garb. None of the asks I’ve received, now and before, give me the chance to draw it. So I decided to draw it out as I work on another ask.

The idea is to make it similar to his skin without making it outright Mario. While I have done that before when I first got into the fandom, I realized much later that if I want to make sure people know it’s SethBling, I can’t just draw Mario. For reference, this is how I would usually draw SethBling if it was separate from this verse (the doodle is kinda old though).

Overall, I’m satisfied with how this look. I like deconstructing the regular Mario outfit into something that fits with the verse. I’m also happy with how the hue of the enchanted sword looks.


I was thinking about this for a bit actually, especially from the ask before. Although it did give me a bit of time to think about this sort of stuff. I still don’t know if Dean is ever mentioned in the game but I still have the feeling he wasn’t. However, I do remember McJones being mentioned by PBG. Something about him being on a soccer team and PBG was taking his place for the moment. However, I don’t know if they ever said McJones actually goes to the school. So I guess we’re pretending they both are. I also wonder if Hana remembers him since I have seen what PBG’s Flower Festival part is like…

If he is though, then he’d probably be in his last year during the time of the game. I also decided to just use the regular Asagao Academy uniforms. At least what I assume is the outfit for the guys. Not a lot of the guys have the actual outfit but due to the lack of generic male students aside from the Normal Boots and Hidden Block guys, it’s hard to say… So I just based it off this since I can only assume that would be the case. Other than the ties of course, I imagine that would be pretty free? Who knows.

For Dean though, I also imagine Dean has some sort of relationship with PBG and Jon. They know him but not many people are keen on their relationship with him. Are they acquaintances? Friends? Do they only know him through someone else? No one really knows. Mai probably knows that they’re just friends but they don’t hang out too often compared to the Normal Boots guys with each other. This is a reference to what I’ve seen in the comment sections from people who aren’t sure how PBG knows Dean. I have read some stupid speculation in the comments.

This is going on for too long so I won’t get into that. But anyways thanks for the request! … Oh yeah and McJones is holding onto a map.

So I’ve been wanting to continue work on my ask-reverse-seto ask blog but I realized that it would be a damn good time to change up his design since it’s quite… messy and doesn’t look that good. This will be integrated with the blog itself. I’m also gonna try to be more persistent with it.

But anyways, he has a cleaner design but with some oddities (like his lack of a right sleeve). I really like this design a lot more. It has really improved over the two other renditions of the design and I’m happy about. That’s about all I have to say about this.

Wait, one more thing I couldn’t place on this because my writing with this program is still a work in progress. his cape is attached to the shoulder pad things. I imagine it similar to Corrin’s Nohr Prince/Princess design.

I’ve had this as a work in progress for a while and finally decided to visit. With the snow falling, I should finish up the ones I have sketched up. In case you’re wondering since it has been a while since I posted my last ones, I’m drawing some of the teams who didn’t make it to Lord of the Ring Toss in the winter like clothes because I thought it’d be fun. This time, we have the Rockers! It wasn’t hard at all to decide if one would have a hat or not and one would have earmuffs or not. They’re usual designs basically answered it for me.

Father and Son and the Adversity Twins

I drew Bodil666.

So something I noticed with media and fan things, they like to corrupt people, or at least break them.  Media does this with a trope known as “Kill the Cutie” or “Corrupt the Cutie” or “Break the Cutie”.

By this, they take down the little cute character person by breaking their sanity or killing them or corrupting them let it be by some evil force or by mind control.

I know that in fan things, people will break down ANYONE’S sanity.  Let it be the one who they find adorable or just someone they want to see broken.  I have no idea if that was the idea with Bodil666 (likely not) but still.

I find it interesting how from all the YouTubers, you can tell that Bodil is probably the happiest. He laughs a lot, and laughs at almost everything and even laughs when he’s being insulted. … Sometimes.

So I basically thought of the words “Those who smile the most, break the hardest” because that’s what seems to happen.  It could be because they hide behind a mask that always seems to smile.  Or maybe they’re just being set for seriously breaking and turning into some psycho killer.

Who knows?

Still, that’s the picture. I tried my hardest.  If you’re wondering by Bodil666’s skin looks a bit dark, it was my attempt to make it work with the dark backgrounds. … Basically shading attempt. That likely failed. Good job Tori.

That’s all I want to say. Until the next update!

I love this song. I absolutely adore it. I can’t quite explain why, it may not objectively be the best song on the album (I actually think Pity Party is my favourite) but man it’s still a great song. This idea has been in my mind for a while now actually, so now I’m finally getting to do it! And I may have already put some expectations on myself for this year… This is the most time I’ve spent with a background. It may also be the best background I’ve ever done. Those suites were annoying to do. I had to settle with my own way.

Still, I’m already impressed with this! It looks pretty good. Though give me a couple of months and we’ll see what I think of it then. For now, yeah I’m glad about this. Maybe next I’ll actually doodle some things to try and show more of my characters’ personalities for this story I’m now not sure if I’ll ever finish writing.