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Winter Lust Playlist : Side A

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Key wayne ft Ty dolla $ign ~ Go Without Her  

Jacquees ~ Persian Rugs rmx 

Tory Lanez ~ Wit it// We did it  

Tory Lanez ~ Rain 

Kehlani’s Freestyle Piano cover(interlude) 

Bryson Tiller ~ The Sequence  

Partynextdoor ~ Wait 4 you  

D.R,A.M. ft  SZA ~ Caretaker  

Kranium ft Ty Dolla $ign ~ Nobody has Know 

Vybz Kartel ~ Enchanting  

Dj Sir Crks ft Sango & Tamia ~ So into you(interlude)

Partynextdoor ~ Codeine bumping (when u gone i get slowed)

KR ~  Bout That 

ELHAE ~ Love a Nigga

Bryson Tiller ~ Right My Wrongs 

Sir ~ I Love You( OUTRO ) 

Bonus(Tell her why ?) Side A : SPZRKT & Sango ~ The Motive//Used to the melody

Side B coming soon in december Hope you all enjoy this !!!

Listen to the Playmoss playlist: Winter Witch by witchyfashionmusic by witchyfashionmusic

A playlist for the witch who lives for the winter

Bat for Lashes - Winter Fields
Former Ghosts - Winter’s Year
Husky Rescue - Silent Woods
Radical Face - Winter is Coming
Sarah McLachlan - Song for a winter’s night
Tori Amos - Winter

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Hi I heard you were doing this sorting thing, can you sort the lunar chronicles? With a description on Cinder, Wolf and Jacin?

We sure can, Anon! Me and Abigail love these books, so we’ve provided short descriptors on each character to give you an idea as to why we sorted them there. For the ones requested, we’ve also given longer in-depth analysis on them. If you don’t agree, we’d love to hear why. Share your opinion!

- The Ravenclaw MOD’s

***Spoiler Alert: This post may contain minor spoilers for The Lunar Chronicles! If you don’t wish to see any, then don’t read! You’ve been warned!****

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Cinder: Hufflepuff

 I love the idea of Slytherin Cinder, but I just don’t see it. There are several scenes that put her in the house of yellow for me. For example, the entire ordeal in RM-9. After Aimery and the guards have showed up, many of the crew of the Rampion (logically) urge Cinder to hide away because there is nothing she can do. Instead, she runs out into the (word??), and gets herself captured as a result. This isn’t something a Slytherin would do. She felt intensely loyal to those people, just as she feels loyal to Kai and everyone else. Everything she does is based on a sense of loyalty. When she’s planning to run away in the first book, she goes back to warn Kai, and puts herself in danger as a result. She’s kind, as we see when she gives the antidote to the child of a woman who mocked and scorned her. She’s also incredibly hardworking, which is evident literally anytime she has to do something mechanical, but also throughout the entirety of the revolution. Cinder is devoted to her loved ones, and will do anything for them, and her loyalty to the end is what puts her as a ‘Puff to me. - Tori

Kai: Gryffindor

  • Gryffindor: He was literally going to sacrafice himself in order to stop Levana. That’s brave. He’s driven by a sense of duty, and does what is required of him because it’s the right thing to do.

Scarlet: Gryffindor

  • Scarlet Benoit will shoot you without hesitation, and follows a strict moral code that drives her. She also stands up for whats right, no matter the consequences. (See: Standing up on the bar and defending a girl she doesn’t know.)

Wolf: Hufflepuff

I’m sorry but this guy is literally the most adorable little (large) fluff ball I’ve ever seen. This guy literally cares ENDLESSLY for Scarlet, and the others characters. He is incredibly loyal to all the characters, In Cress he lets Cinder to something to him he ABSOLUTELY hates, which is mind controlled, but he knows for her to be successful, he does it for the greater good. He wants the people he loves to be happy, and is incredibly kind to almost anyone he meets (except Levana.. never Levana). He is one of those characters that just loves endlessly for others, and it is incredibly magical ~Abigail 

Cress: Ravenclaw

  • Clever. Witty. Intelligent. Creative. Not the best at socializing. A beloved ‘Claw.

Throne: Gryffindor

  • Reckless?? Check. Jumping into danger without any sort of plan?? Check. Wants to do what is right (most of the time) ?? Check. The homeboy is brave I’ll give him that.

Winter: Hufflepuff

  • (Though I still think a homegirl would do well in Slytherin ayy)

Jacin: Slytherin (+ Ravenclaw argument) 

Ravenclaw: Okay, every time I read the agrument of Jacin being a Slytherin, I totally agree, but then I always have this pit feeling that he is a Ravenclaw. (which may have something do with the fact that I am in love with him). He does everything to protect Winter, literally everything, but the ways he does that are awfully creative, I mean killing Ryu and smearing the blood.. well everywhere to make everyone think that Winter is dead seems like something a Ravenclaw would think of. Then he is literally the logic of the rampion, he just right away to do CPR on Cinder, when literally nobody else has any idea what to do. (I mean he is so attractive in my mind). Then when Winter and Jacin discover Cress, he offers to keep her hidden, and the homeboy KEEPS her hidden, which though it’s not the most logical decision he combats the technically speaking bad decision (in retrospect he does it out of guilt for leaving Cress for so many years) but being extremely logical about keeping her hidden and still managing to feed her and do other things.  Also, flipping back to him flying the jet/plane thing for Sybil every time she goes to “visit” Cress, he never rescued her because it wasn’t logical, it wasn’t the intelligent decison to make, he didn’t know If he could do it for sure, so he never did. Also, he’s very wise, having knowledge about things the other Rampion passengers have NO CLUE about. He’s also pretty undeniably sarcastic.. I mean. -Abigail

Slytherin: Alright, I believe Jacin is a portrait child for the house of Slytherin. He’s smart, cunning, manipulative, and resourceful. He’ll also do anything to achieve his ends; his ends being keeping Winter safe and alive. He’s been shown to have ambition (i.e wanting to be a doctor), but is also shown as having the ability to make the best out of his situation and roll with the punches. Jacin is cunning enough that he is able to literally turn against Sybil and the Lunar court, and still be accepted back in once he betrays Cinder and the Rampion crew. He also finds a way not only to keep Winter alive, but himself as well. I mean y’all. He manipulated Levana. Who has one of the strongest Lunar gifts we’ve seen.  Jacin isn’t interested in any rebellion, and as a result, doesn’t take anyone’s side. His priority is Winter, and her well-being. Everything else comes second. - Tori

Torin: Ravenclaw

  • Ravenclaw: He’s incredibly wise and is all for making sound decisions. Think before you leap type of guy. Also, he wants literally nothing to do with any kind of danger. (See: Him giving Cress the gun back bc no he’s not dealing with that today.)

Levana: Slytherin

  • her ambition is to have people love her. She’ll do anything to achieve that.

Sybil: Hufflepuff

  • Hufflepuff: Loyal to her queen. That’s basically the only character trait we get for her. She’s loyal to her queen and her way of living. ‘Nuff said.

Aimery: Slytherin


Kinney: Gryffindor

  • The whole killing his superior thing when he realizes Winter is alive and Levana is lying. He switches loyalties in order to do what’s right. He’s not afraid of the consequences. Gryffindor!

-Mods Tori and Abigail 

The lovely @thunderheadfred tagged me to list 10 songs I’m vibing on.

In no particular order:

1. Proserpina by Martha Wainwright – This was on my Spotify Discover Weekly last week and I’m just… in love. (My Spotify Discover Weekly knows me alarmingly well.)

2. Blinding by Florence and the Machine. I don’t actually like the word “muse” but if I did have a muse, it would be this song. So much of this song is just… what my brain looks like when it tells stories.

3.  Himinninn er að hrynja, en stjörnurnar fara þér vel by Olafur Arnalds. This is my go-to song for getting in an A Handful of Dust mood.

4. Our Kingdom Came by Lisa Gerrard. I listen to a lot of Lisa Gerrard for writing mood music. This one’s a good one.

5. Small Hands by Radical Face. This is a Cullen (and Rose) song for me. With Rose as the singer.

6. The War by SMYL. I don’t know what it’s about yet, but this song is definitely going to inspire a novel.

7. This Bitter Earth/On the Nature of Daylight by Dinah Washington & Max Richter. This song is part of my soul. This particular version. (Max Richter is also great for writing music, by the by.)

8. Dauðalogn by Sigur Rós. I love pretty much everything by Sigur Rós, but for some reason this song is just my… soul song.

9. Blood on my Name by the Bothers Bright. This one’s a major inspiration for one of the novels I’m writing.

10. Winter by Tori Amos. There are some other Tori songs that have been important to me for more than two decades, but this one’s a big one. I couldn’t begin to guess how many times I’ve listened to this one. (Bells for Her is another one of my A Handful of Dust songs, though! And now I speak to you, are you in there/You have her face and her eyes/But you are not her.)

As for tagging: I’ve seen this one go around a lot lately. If you haven’t been tagged and want to be, consider yourself tagged?


Watch Tori Amos perform song Cloud on My Tongue of album Under the Pink during her Native Invader tour in Carre Amsterdam on 13 September 2017.