tori talks about life

To Tori.

A note to my very best friend

For full disclosure, I have been working on this post since the day Tor told me she had an interview in Kansas. I started working on it then because I knew she would get the job. She is smart, well spoken, and a go getter in her field of work.

In that moment, a seed of selfish dread was planted. Because I knew getting the job meant that she was going to be moving 895 miles away from me (yes I Google Mapped it). And that meant no more random Friday road trips to see each other. No more miles at the track on the coast, which fly by as we talk about life, or Tori WODs in which I complain the whole time, or breakfasts that turn into lunches, dinners that turn into cider pitchers and then early mornings in rocking chairs on the island examining long distance relationships.

The day she texted me that she was leaving, I called my mom crying. Though I have *plenty*of siblings who listen to my life strife, it was always Tori I turned to first and foremost to talk and cry to about bad days and break ups and make ups and break ups again and new love and new jobs and new PRs.  And though of our 12 years of friendship, at least half of them have been spent in different cities, this is going to be veryyy DIFFERENT, different cities.

But I am realizing, as I finish this up, that even if I have cried randomly at her social media posts or thinking about how much we’ve been through, or am bawling right now as I finish up, I also realize that we are more than capable of handling it. We have always been extremely good at getting back up when we just want to stay down, and that’s because no matter how far we are apart, we are always sure to be there in some form or fashion and to be whatever person the other needs. A cheerleader. A confidant. An advice giver. We have mastered these roles with each other, and many more, and I know a measly 14 hours by car won’t change that.

I am posting this here because Tori is the reason I started this blog. Tori is the reason I celebrate how far I have come, not just in health, but in life, so it’s only fitting that I give her a proper and aptly worded send off online.

I know I will see her once more before she goes, and I just had a goodbye Brunswick BFF breakfast with her, but I figure I should just go ahead and say it now, since I am already in the midst of some heavy friend feels.

Shine Bright like a Diamond, Mate!