tori sass

  1. INCLUSIVE AF ethnicity wise - the main cast includes 5 people, only 2 of whom are white.
  2. INCLUSIVE ALSO SEXUALITY-WISE - the protagonist is bisexual, the secondary character has been hinted at being bisexual, the protagonist’s best friend is pansexual (actually refers to herself as pan like i’m living u guys) n is dating another woman in one of the most beautiful f/f stories i’ve ever seen on screen tbh.
  3. Joshua Sasse.
  4. It’s SO funny, and really quite clever for being a CW show.
  5. It speaks of sex and sexuality as something freeing and doesn’t shame people who enjoy it.
  6. body diversity ftw
  7. Honestly?? it looks hella fucking dumb but it’s FUN and quirky?? 
  8. and it’s ORIGINAL not the copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a show that was successful once briefly in 1992.
  9. did i mention it’s fun? bc it’s fun.
  10. Joshua Sasse.