tori lynne

Me when I read the Divergent serie. (gifs not mine)

When Al die:

When Will die: 

When the parents of Tris die: 

When Marlene die:

When Jeanine die:

When Lynn die:

When Tori die:

So right now I’m reading Allegiant and if someone die again i just burn the book. 

Coming soon to 4kids, get ready to sing your hearts out! 

Haley Kennedy loves her school and wants to see it thrive for years to come, but, there is one issue… The school plans on closing in 3 years! Haley wants to prevent this from happening, and has many wild ideas to keep it open. She has one great idea to bring attention to her school though…

Meet Harmony Muses! This 9-girl group wants to become pop sensations and keep their school alive! Can Haley, Hannah, McKayla, Nicki, Elly, Lynn, Tori, Mimi, and Naomi save their school? 

Get ready for Pop Star School Project, only on 4kids TV!

the signs as divergent characters
  • aries: tris prior
  • taurus: natalie prior
  • gemini: peter hayes
  • cancer: christina
  • leo: uriah pedrad
  • virgo: caleb prior
  • libra: tori wu
  • scorpio: lynn
  • sagittarius: tobias eaton
  • capricorn: marlene
  • aquarius: eric
  • pisces: jeanine matthews

Favourite backstage Meg and Christine photos: 

1. Tori Johns and Gina Beck, West End. 
2. Emilie Lynn and Cat Lane (celebrating the 100th Seoul performance). 
3. Anna Forbes and Sofia Escobar (Anna doing last week goofs). 
4. Gina Beck and Tori Johns swapping costumes, West End. 
5. Lorraine Chappel and Sarah Ryan, UK tour. 
6. Lisa Vroman and Jenny Gould, US tour. 
7. Brianne Kelly Morgan and Elizabeth Loyacano, Las Vegas.