tori in college

A Stranger Things College AU: Mike accidentally throws something valuable in the trash and ends up having to look through the dumpster behind his dorm for it. El is walking by on her way home from class and notices so she stops to watch just as Mike falls in to the dumpster headfirst.

Half-laughing, half-worried, El runs over and asks if he’s okay. She tries to help him out, but to no avail. So, somewhat reluctantly, she uses her powers to float him out and drop him down on the ground.

“Whoa,” Mike breathes, “Did you just….are you…”

“I’m El,” she says simply, a whisper of a warning in her voice.

“Mike,” he replies, pushing himself to his feet and offering his hand. She just stares at it.

“You were in a dumpster,” El says flatly with a raised eyebrow. Mike flushes and shoves both hands into his pockets immediately.

“Can I explain why over coffee?” he asks sheepishly, “Tomorrow, so I have a chance to clean up?”

El smiles and nods. There’s something she likes about this odd, freckled boy.


This has no timeline so it could be an old fic or a fairly new one so there you go!

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Fluff :

Remedy by @avasparks: Bucky is cute as shit and helps the reader when she is having a traumatic time.

Bad Dreams by @after-avenging-hours: Father Bucky pls yes 

I Just Can’t Adult by @canumoveyourseatup-no: Reader doesn’t know how to adult but Bucky exist so its okay

In Your Arms by @bionic-buckyb: Reader is bleeding from her vag and Bucky is ok with that

I’m Trying to Study! by @tori-medusa-belongs-to-bucky: college au that I am here for

Midnight Kiss by @findyourhappyplaces: Reader need a kiss at midnight honestly me

Fluffy Surprise by @capsbuchanan: Steve comes back from a mission and he finds a puppy in the house

Muse by @buckywiththegoodhairr: Art steve as fuck

Oh Baby! by @bandpreferences15: Daddy Seb awe

Dreaming by @totheendofthelinepal: Chris Beck fluff aweawe


Sixteen by @buckysbackpackbuckle: demon bucky is such a great concept 

Lingerie by @fvckingavengers: reader helps Bucky catch up on lingerie improvements

Aftermath of Amazing Sex by @next-to-bucky: Dom Bucky and I love it

Saving Water by @after-avenging-hours: Reader and Steve are being nice and environmental people

Happy Halloween by @plumfondler: (she’s a fave) Halloween smut with my main hoe Bucky

Bonnie & Clyde series by @avasparks: fav series honestly a criminal Bucky au fucked me up real good

Animal by @whotheeffisbucky: Romanian dirty talk? yes im in for that bring it to me pls

Earned It by @fvckingsteveandsteve: Bucky x reader x Steve goodness you’ll love it

Too Close by @theycallmebucky: Alpha Bucky ruins my life in a very great way lol

Play Dirty by @capsbuchanan: Reader plays basketball w Bucky and it turns nasty bc Bucky duh 

Some of my favorite writers:




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