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Has Sans ever showed Toriel his ability to teleport?

Sans doesn’t have the ability to teleport in royalblue. But he still has his ways of getting around quickly. 

He is incredibly fast and also has this strange ability to be able to defy physics. Like being able to slide backwards for a short distance without moving his legs or almost seeming to walk/run on air for very short periods of time. 

Besides, teleporting is more of a certain lazy carrots thing. 

But, unlike Sans’ abilities, Paps teleportation is not something that runs in the family. Or very natural at all. 

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I am deceased. 'To My Unknown Lovers' is glorious. Thank, friend

you don’t have to thank me, buddy! honestly i wouldn’t have even considered writing a soulmate au if i hadn’t got that prompt so thank the person who sent that in lmao.

also, thank you for calling it glorious. that’s a really nice word. 

The Formula of Hugs.

Some Wanda/Vision fluff I wrote for a few friends.

Wanda sits alone in her room. It’s been three months. She had finally moved into the avengers tower. She felt like she had a small family again. All of the avengers really did care about her. Steve always came to check up on her. Tony makes sure she was always fed. Nat stopped in every once in a while to give her a small ’hang in there, girl.’ Clint had apologized a thousand times over about her brother, and of course Wanda had forgiven him a thousand times over. Wanda was even happy to go visit the Barton’s farm and meet little Nathaniel Pietro Barton. Even with everyone looking after her she still felt so helpless.

She tries to distract herself from her brother’s death. She spends time watching TV or learning some new music, but there is always an ache over her. Vision has obviously taken notice of her depressed mood. 

It’s late at night. Wanda doesn’t know exactly what time it us, but it is sometime in the early morning. She couldn’t sleep and ended up thinking about her childhood with her brother. When they used to play. When they were trapped thinking they were doomed to die. When he did die. By the time she finally accepts a night without sleep she has gone through nearly all her memories of her brother. 

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Microreview Round Five: Selfie

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1. Pick a book with a character you see yourself in: 

So I chose Tori (Nikki) from Quicksilver. I actually identify with a lot of characters (so too many, really) but we really connected. 

2. What about them makes you think of yourself?: 

The first thing is that we are both ace and very certain of that but confused about our romantic identity. Also, although I am good at being social, I am exhausted by it and often say the wrong thing as I miss things. Tori does that too. She also thinks many of the same things I do (about people, I am not an engineer), which was nice to see. 

3. Is it hard to find this kind of character in books and other media?:  

Yeah, ace characters don’t really exist… I mean, a few do, but very few. 

4. Post a selfie or a book photo—or both! Or neither! Whatever you feel comfortable with.  

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ameliet human au where tony is alfred’s hairless sphynx cat that hates everything and either attacks anyone who enters alfred’s house or hides and glares at them the entire time they’re there

so the first time he brings toris over for a date, he warns him ‘okay so my cat is kind of crazy so you might wanna brace yourself’

and they head inside and tony does his weird staring thing, but doesn’t attack toris (alfred’s pretty relieved about that)

tony’s quiet through most of the date, until alfred and toris are cuddling on the couch, and tony appears out of nowhere, plonks himself right in toris’s lap, and just sits there purring for the whole evening

and that’s how they know they’re meant to be

A Bluenan Valentine's

In honor of Valentine’s Day, here are some Bluenan head-canons. I’ve talked about some of these with @dizzyella so this post is for you, Izzy. Thank you for putting up with me and all my crying over these dorks.

  • Shelton is so supportive of their relationship because he’s been friends with Ben for a long time and he’s never seen him so happy. He loves to tease Ben about it though and Ben lets him… for the most part. 
  • Hi lives to embarrass them, always shouting out inappropriate things (Ben usually retaliates but sometimes Tory does). 
  • Ella just wrinkles her nose if they do something disgustingly cute and starts referring to them as an “old married couple”
  • They’re not much for public displays of affection but if they do, its always small things like hand holding, a forehead kiss or a kiss to the cheek although Tory loves seeing him blush so sometimes she’ll swoop in for the kill and kiss him. 
  • In that year when Ben is in college and Tory is finishing senior year with Hi and Shelton, Ben gets so busy with school sometimes so Tory takes it upon herself to drag him away from the books. After finals week is over, they’re watching a movie together when Ben falls asleep on her. Tory just huffs in exasperation because she hasn’t seen him in almost 2 weeks but she knows he’s tired so she just finishes watching the movie, running her hands through his hair. Eventually she falls asleep as well and that’s probably the first time they sleep together (it’s totally worth the lecture she gets from Kit the next day). 
  • They’re not the type to use pet names but after marathoning Game of Thrones with Hi, Ben calls Tory “my sun and stars”. At first, its a joke but  somewhere along the line, he realizes that it’s true. She really is his everything (As Izzy stated, its fitting that it would be a nerd reference). 
  • Though they do argue from time to time, their first real big fight has Ben avoiding her for days and one night, Tory starts crying because it feels like the times after the Gamemaster. When they makeup, they promise to always talk through the fights from there on. 
  • So this is really Izzy’s HC but she got me hooked on it so: a flaring kiss. Their emotions are so chaotic, they end up losing the flares and regaining them. All cause of a kiss (most likely after one of them gets hurt bc we all know how those two get when the other is in trouble) 
  • Kit and Whitney adore Ben. Kit because he knows Ben would never hurt Tory and Whitney because she just finds it so adorable how much he cares for her. The first time Ben comes over for dinner, its really just Kit making them both uncomfortable and Whitney alternatively trying not to giggle, reproaching Kit and asking Ben lots of questions. Tory wants to disappear into the Earth. Ben doesn’t know whether to be amused or scared.
  • Tory gets jealous sometimes because every time they go out, she sees the looks Ben gets. She gets over it pretty quickly though when Ben catches on and tells her she’s the only one for him. After that, he sort of just reassures her with a quick kiss or a squeeze of hands.
  • The boys always go to Tory’s games to support her (and Ella. Hi is still a bit in awe) and they always cheer the loudest which makes Tory flush but secretly pleased. 
  • I always imagine that sometimes they just like to sit together quietly. Not speaking, just enjoying each other’s company. Like they’ll sit on the beach at Morris, Tory’s head on his shoulder, looking up at the stars, both lost in their own thoughts. 
  • It gets weird after a while whenever they visit LIRI because someone blabs and everybody finds out that Director Howard’s daughter is dating Tom Blue’s son (Hudson isn’t to let Tory and Ben go anywhere alone together, on Kit’s orders)
  • Ben going off to college causes a strain in their relationship for awhile until Tory realizes its because Ben is scared so she just tells him the same thing he told her long ago. “I’m with you. To the end.” 

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If Alterswap Paps teases Alterswap Sans when he's with Tori, does Sans do the same thing when Paps is with Red?

I can imagine Sans trying to tease him, but because Paps isnt really the type to get flustered about things like that (it depends), he often ends up making his lil bro laugh with his lame attempts rather than feel embarrassed.

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There's a fic, well series of fics, that I'm looking for. The first one is where BAMF!Phil meets Dan at a bar, and they go home together, and Dan sends a picture to his mum and dad, and then in the second or third part Phil meets Dan's mum and dad and they tell Phil that Dan is just going through a phase. Phil has loads of tattoos and piercings, and Dan is a good guy and when they meet Dan's parents, Phil tries to cover everything because Dan's parents don't like things like that.

Does anyone know?

~ Tori

  • feliks: i'm gonna do the thing!
  • toris: please don't do the thing
  • feliks: i'm gonna do it!
  • toris: don't--
  • feliks: /DOES THE THING
  • toris: /somehow got dragged into doing the thing
  • feliks: yeah we probably shouldn't have done the thing
  • toris: i hate you
  • [repeat indefinitely]

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Papyrus is death too, does he get the same feeling that sans does around Tori? O-o. Like, the powers in balance thing? And the fascination?

Yupyup, he does! x) But it’s in a softer/more “gentle” way compared to Sans, because Papyrus already has an understanding of life before he even meets her. It’s less of a turbulent explosion of power/less of the powers fighting each other, and much easily/more quickly balances out again. Papyrus is humbled and thanks her for giving him friends. With Sans, it’s definitely fascination, but with Papyrus, since he already understands the beauty of life, is more just in awe.