tori does a thing

ameliet human au where tony is alfred’s hairless sphynx cat that hates everything and either attacks anyone who enters alfred’s house or hides and glares at them the entire time they’re there

so the first time he brings toris over for a date, he warns him ‘okay so my cat is kind of crazy so you might wanna brace yourself’

and they head inside and tony does his weird staring thing, but doesn’t attack toris (alfred’s pretty relieved about that)

tony’s quiet through most of the date, until alfred and toris are cuddling on the couch, and tony appears out of nowhere, plonks himself right in toris’s lap, and just sits there purring for the whole evening

and that’s how they know they’re meant to be

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I'm reading Solitaire and I want to like but it's hard because I want to punch Tori Why does she hate everything Even the things she likes she claims to hate I like that there's a male character with an eating disorder though

hey everyone! here’s a little handy tip of the day from me!

don’t message authors to tell them you hate their books!!! it’s very rude and hurts their feelings a lot!!!! lol!!!!!!!!

p.s. tori hates everything because she is a pessimist and literally has depression

The Formula of Hugs.

Some Wanda/Vision fluff I wrote for a few friends.

Wanda sits alone in her room. It’s been three months. She had finally moved into the avengers tower. She felt like she had a small family again. All of the avengers really did care about her. Steve always came to check up on her. Tony makes sure she was always fed. Nat stopped in every once in a while to give her a small ’hang in there, girl.’ Clint had apologized a thousand times over about her brother, and of course Wanda had forgiven him a thousand times over. Wanda was even happy to go visit the Barton’s farm and meet little Nathaniel Pietro Barton. Even with everyone looking after her she still felt so helpless.

She tries to distract herself from her brother’s death. She spends time watching TV or learning some new music, but there is always an ache over her. Vision has obviously taken notice of her depressed mood. 

It’s late at night. Wanda doesn’t know exactly what time it us, but it is sometime in the early morning. She couldn’t sleep and ended up thinking about her childhood with her brother. When they used to play. When they were trapped thinking they were doomed to die. When he did die. By the time she finally accepts a night without sleep she has gone through nearly all her memories of her brother. 

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