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rules: answer 30 questions and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better.

I was tagged by @sophiacfandom - wow, thank you!

  • 1. nicknames: LBS, between me and @empress-matilda. I’m also starting to dig Roni Mars, which is short for Veronica. I used it for my Adobe stuff before I ever watched the show. I was rather keen like that.
  • 2. gender: Androgyne.
  • 3. star sign: Scorpio.
  • 4. height: 5′10.
  • 5. time: 6:09pm.
  • 6. birthday: 11/14.
  • 7. favourite bands: iamamiwhoami, Nirvana, Within Temptation, Evanescence, Xandria, Nightwish, The Birthday Massacre, Florence + the Machine, Purity Ring.
  • 8. favourite solo artists: Tori Amos, Kate Bush, Björk, PJ Harvey, Emilie Autumn, Alanis Morissette, Tarja, Serj Tankian.
  • 9. song stuck in my head: Liminality - FictionJunction.
  • 10. last movie i watched: Wonder Woman.
  • 11. last show i watched: The Punisher (on pause cause my ADHD is bad today).
  • 12. when did i create my blog: 2010. I don’t remember, it might have been @lahtias who recommended tumblr to me. It’s been a long ass time now.
  • 13. what do i post: Multi-fandom things. And random things I’m interested in I guess. I don’t exactly have a specific topic, but I probably post more Classic Doctor Who, Person of Interest, and The X-Files on my main blog.
  • 14. last thing i googled: I don’t remember. I’m pretty sure it was either a definition for something or something bill related.
  • 15. do i have any other blogs: I made a DC sideblog as it is my current fascination since I was blowing up my main. I have a sideblog I scarcely update for Genkai. I have a simblr that has long been abandoned as I haven’t been able to play Sims in years.
  • 16. do i get asks: Rarely but I do.
  • 17. why i chose my url: It’s based on the song from The Dredson Dolls called “Girl Anachronism” but I was specifically thinking about Leonard Snart and my deep denial following the events of the penultimate episode of season one. My sideblog is also from the song “Another Girl’s Paradise” by Tori Amos, but this time for all the Rogues.
  • 18. following: 1623. It used to be 3000. I had got it down to 1200 a while back…I need to fix that soon.
  • 19. followers: 651. Okay for a niche multi-fandom blog that hit seven years recently.
  • 20. average hours of sleep: I don’t know, honestly. Up until the last few days, barring last night, my bed time had been on average from 5 to 7 am. So not that many hours. It’s hard to sleep when your bladder is malfunctioning on top of IBS and having dry mouth and constantly waking up to get something to drink.
  • 21. lucky number: 73.
  • 22. instruments: Piano. Thought lately these days since my hands are shit, I do what I can and mostly compose via notation what I can’t do on piano. I played viola when I was little and could read sheet music fluently.
  • 23. what I’m wearing: A medical shirt because of course, and bright blue pants that do no go with this gray shirt.
  • 24. dream job: The one where I’m not sick and can work would be a great start at this point, honestly.
  • 25. dream trip: I don’t really do these anymore as I’m too sick to, but I’d like to visit Scotland and Ireland someday.
  • 26. favourite food: Smoothies.
  • 27. nationality: American.
  • 28: favourite song right now: Tell That Devil - Jill Andrews.
  • 29. last book I read: Doctor Who and the Shadow of Weng-Chiang by David A. McIntee.
  • 30. top three fictional universe: DC (all of them at the moment), MCU, Doctor Who.

tagging without obligation: @empress-matilda, @lahtias, @bigmouthstrikesagainagain, @stc139, @tonightinatlanticcity, @sephezade, @nowwavingnotdrowning, @valiant-starlight, @being-of-rain, @rogerdelgado, @elfmaid, @ameliapll1, @swansorceress, @docteurquiquequoidontou, @agentseductive, @saranwrappedsusansarandon, @nuhverah, @unrenderedfuture,

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get to know me tag

tagged by @anna-something and currently painting my nails and bored waiting for them to dry so I’m gonna do this. excuse the lack of capital letters, I’m typing like salad fingers right now.

Rules: answer 30 questions then tag 20 Blogs


  1. Nicknames: uhh, anna calls me ally sometimes? I had a phase of wanting to be called lix when I was like, 10? didn’t stick though (fortunately)
  2. Gender: she/her
  3. Star sign: aries
  4. Height: 5′9″
  5. Time: 00:15
  6. Birthday: 1st april
  7. Favourite bands: well bap of course but also devin townsend project, myrkur, gojira, alice in chains, killswitch engage, sikth, babymetal. also an honourable mention to the band that kept me alive all through my teen years and will forever be my all-time faves, metallica. gonna see them live for the 12th (I think?) time in like 2 weeks time yay!
  8. Favourite solo artists: fka twigs, tori amos, kate bush, prince.
  9. Song stuck in my head: I’m watching a twitch stream which has devolved into shitty karaoke and the song right now is stacy’s mom, so that I guess.
  10. Last movie I watched: the mist, although that was months ago now.
  11. Last show I watched: outlander
  12. When did I create my blog: this one in june I think? I’ve been on tumblr since 2009 though.
  13. What do I post: on here bap ofc. on my main, bunnies, art, fashion/goth aesthetics, general lolitics, shitposts. y’know, the usual.
  14. Last thing googled: belly dance costumes
  15. Do you have other blogs: my main, and a long defunct fashion/style blog on blogspot.
  16. Do you get asks: yeah, although mainly from @daestopiaa it seems fight me(ง’̀-‘́)ง
  17. Why did you chose your URL: in a desperate attempt to motivate myself via my new found love and admiration for bang yongguk.
  18. Following: 590 although a bunch of them are probably inactive and I’m too lazy to unfollow.
  19. Followers: umm… 997 🙈 anyone wanna be the last 3 to make it to 1000? 
  20. Favourite colours: black like my soul.
  21. Average hours of sleep: 6/7 probably?
  22. Lucky number: I….don’t have one.
  23. Instruments: could probably still play guitar a bit if I picked one up again.
  24. What am I wearing: pyjamas.
  25. How many blankets I sleep with: recently like 3 as well as a duvet cause my central heating hasn’t been working and my building is like at least 100 years old and I’ve been freezing my nips off.
  26. Dream job: researcher/lecturer in social policy.
  27. Dream trip: southern italy again to visit the family, istanbul, and I’ve always wanted to go to japan.
  28. Favourite food: omg, ok there are these chocolate cookie dough ball things you can get from marks & spencers and they’re honestly the best things I’ve ever had in my mouth??? I would walk through fire to have a bag of them right now istg.
  29. Nationality: british 
  30. Favourite song right now: himlen blev sort by myrkur

I will just tag some super awesome lovely people and, as always, only do this if you want to 💖💕 @onlystraightforjongup @daestopiaa @bap-time @roses-for-jongup @happy-daes @blurrredpages @sera-chyeah @ashaxiii @bangyongguktigger @zainbap

“Honestly I never expected Tony Stark to define my purpose, or that ‘Iron Man’ would be much more than just a fun creative paycheck that kept doubling every ten minutes for a decade,” Robert Downey Jr. said at the annual gala.

You don’t always need high-tech flying armor to be someone’s hero. It helps, though.

Thanks largely to his big screen role as Marvel’s armored Avenger Iron Man, Robert Downey, Jr. was honored with Make-A-Wish Greater Los Angeles’ Shining Star Award during the organization’s 4th Annual Wishing Well Winter Gala at the Hollywood Palladium on Wednesday. And the actor revealed that whether children see him as himself or as Tony Stark, it’s always a humbling experience.
“It’s one of the huge benefits of these Marvel films, and kids sometimes really have this honest-to-God belief that I’m Tony Stark, so I play it up,” Downey told THR. “What you first have to do is ascertain do they actually think I’m Tony Stark? Or do they know they’re visiting me? So I play it how they’d want it to be. If they know I’m just some middle-aged schmuck who got a great break so then I want to show them some of the cool stuff behind the scenes. If they think I’m Tony Stark, then whatever. I try to you know act like him – whatever that means.”
Downey says that the personal stories behind his young Make-A-Wish visitors move him “every single time,” recalling the first time he met a young boy named Cameron, who five years earlier had requested a visit with him on the set of the first Avengers film. “I remember it was a bit of a stressful schedule,” the actor recalled, “and it wound up being what seemed like an obligation at first and it wound up being one of the high points of the whole shoot.”
Cameron ultimately triumphed in his health battles and was on hand at the Palladium, taking the stage with Downey’s Marvel film’s co-star Don Cheadle to honor him.
“My wish – which was my first and only wish – was to meet Robert Downey Jr.,” Cameron told the crowd. “What I remember most about that day was how kind he was, and how he went above and beyond to make the day extraordinary for me and my family, such as giving us all necklaces, and for me he gave me the one that he was actually wearing, which I actually still have today and wear every day.” Cameron proudly displayed the necklace to the audience.
“I remember how genuinely sad he seemed when our time was over because he had to go back and get in costume,” added Cameron. “It meant so much that people worked so hard and valued me enough to make a day that I would never forget.”
“Robert actually gives you stuff? Wow, Robert never ever gave me anything,” quipped Cheadle, before detailing how Downey’s commitment and donations to Make-A-Wish had granted dozens of wishes for children around the world. “While Robert’s talent and impressive career spans more than 40 years in the entertainment industry, his heart and kindness make him even more of a hero than the superhero character that he plays,” said Cheadle.
“You’re a badass,” Downey told Cameron when he took the stage to accept the award. He jokingly detailed figures and percentages about his pettier actor-y neuroses, irritations, hang-ups and preoccupations before noting “I’m 100% freed from bondage when a Make-A-Wish family visits me at home, or on set, or abroad.”

The evening – which also honored producer, manager and media mogul Scooter Braun and the Los Angeles Kings and featured performances by Bush, Tori Kelly and Ambassador X – raised over $1 million for the organization. [X]

I’ve seen a lot of fighting on the internet of Gaga vs. Lorde in regards to Bowie tributes. Bowie’s son was a bit ambiguous in terms of Gaga but said nice things about Lorde’s.

What do I think?

1. I hate how women artists must always be pitted against one another. That’s why the FreeKesha movement is so very, very, very important at this moment. And if I ever see one more Kate Bush vs. Tori Amos argument, I’ll set a piano on fire. 

2. I loved both tributes. Gaga’s was this outrageous frantic mess of stardust and sequins. Lorde was straight on delivery with subdued thin white duke tailoring. In a way, Gaga’s was very American, while Lorde’s felt properly British. 

3. The most important thing is people loved Bowie then, miss him now, and will see how far ahead of the game he was in the future.