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alexander hamilton and alex hirsch have the same initials gASP


I was tagged by @i-am-bechloe-trash (thank you!) to list my top 5 favorite ships!


1) Bechloe (Beca/Chloe: Pitch Perfect)

2) Maxoline (Max/Caroline: 2 Broke Girls)

3) Jori (Jade/Tori: Victorious)

4) Pricefield (Chloe/Max: Life Is Strange (game)

5) Halex (Harper/Alex: Wizards of Waverly Place)


I tag: Anyone who wants to do it XD


1. Budapest // George Ezra 2. So Far (It’s Alright) // the 1975 3. Celebrate Tonight // Allen Stone 4. Lifetime // Emeli Sande 5. From Eden // Hozier 6. Dear No One // Tori Kelly 7. Be Like You // Ed Sheeran 8. How Long Will I Love You // Ellie Goulding 9. Honey & I // HAIM 10. Give Me Something // Alex & Sierra 11. Pressure  // the 1975 12. Someone New // Hozier 13. Drive // Halsey 14. Unaware // Allen Stone 15. Where I Sleep // Emeli Sande 16. Tenerife Sea // Ed Sheeran 17. My Blood // Ellie Goulding 18. Let It Go // James Bay 19. Like Real People Do // Hozier 20. I Was Made For Loving You // Tori Kelly ft. Ed Sheeran 21. Four Pink Walls // Alessia Cara 22. Hold Back the River // James Bay

War and Peace

Alexander x Female Reader


Word Count: 2362

Warning: Cussing

Request: Could you do a alex x reader where alex finds out they’re super ticklish and he begins a tickle fight??

A/N: Surprise! Two in one weekend! This was just really fun to write. Sorry @ the requester if this isn’t exactly what you had in mind when you requested. You said “tickle fight” and I turned it into a tickle war. Also, I feel like this one is kind of choppy and doesn’t transition between scenes very well, so my apologies. But besides that, enjoy my first Alex fic!

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Prompt: Director Sanvers to whatever lyrics are playing on the radio

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The song is Song 2 U from the tv show Victorious.

Alex sings in the shower. Something from the top forty in the mornings, belted out with her shampoo bottle as a microphone. A power ballad when she races Lucy and Maggie home after work, the shower too small to fit them all in so Alex serenades them whilst they wait. Weary and sooty and a little bit bloody after too long a night, all that comes to mind are soft, sad songs her girlfriends, waiting for her in bed, can barely hear over the sound of running water.

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Art credit: @elentori-art


It is quite difficult to grasp, but my all-time favorite show came to an end on February 15th, 2016. I can confidently say that the animated series “Gravity Falls,” created by the outstanding Alexander Hirsch, changed my perception about many things and has made me a better person. While it keeps viewers suspended with an unending trail of mystery, the show also touches upon many morals and life-lessons, some of which may be often repeated but still hold importance nonetheless. The following prove to be the most evident, but there are many more lessons weaved into the series in addition to these:
-Remember that family should always come first.
-In some cases, you may end up befriending a foe.
-If you yearn to achieve something with passion, you will always get it, in due time.
-Love is not always romantic, and it is not meant to be.
-Take time to see the world through the eyes of another.
-Remember not to get lost in your fantasies; maintain the fine line between what’s real and what’s fiction.
-Pioneer untouched territories.
-There are always secrets to be unveiled.
-Never jump to conclusions.
-Always remember that no matter the severity of a situation, things will get better; something good will always behold from bad.

“Hidden deep within the woods, a buried treasure waits…”
-Alex Hirsch