tori amos spark

directions: you can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. put your mp3 player, itunes, spoitify, etc. on shuffle and list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people! no skipping!

I was tagged by @lonely-night! Thanks for that^^

1. If A Song Could Get Me You - Marit Larsen

2. Wonderwall - Jackie Thomas

3. Good Enough - Evanescence

4. Raspberry Swirl - Tori Amos

5. Surrender - Evanescence

6. Skyscraper - Tyler Ward

7. Lifesaver - Sunrise Avenue

8. I Drove All Night - Cyndi Lauper

9. Spark - Tori Amos

10. Dead To Me - Melanie Martinez

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Society gets set up in a way that there are the creative people and the noncreative people, but everybody has access to the creative force. You might express it in a way that’s very different from how people think you should do it, but I really encourage people to find that voice. To me, everybody is like a fragment of the Divine. That’s what I try to put out there, even though certain fragments of the Divine that I want to fucking shoot… [Laughs]
—  Tori Amos [Magical Blend - January 1999