tori amos spark

holy new music release friday, part ii. it’s hard to keep up today.

Tori Amos’ “Native Invader”
Sparks’ “Hippopotamus”
Chad Vangaalen’s “Light Information”
Ted Leo’s “The Hanged Man”
Princess Nokia’s “1992 Deluxe”
ODESZA’s “A Moment Apart”
The National’s “Sleep Well Beast”

what are you listening to?

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Society gets set up in a way that there are the creative people and the noncreative people, but everybody has access to the creative force. You might express it in a way that’s very different from how people think you should do it, but I really encourage people to find that voice. To me, everybody is like a fragment of the Divine. That’s what I try to put out there, even though certain fragments of the Divine that I want to fucking shoot… [Laughs]
—  Tori Amos [Magical Blend - January 1999