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ages ago @saintapathis tagged me in a rec-songs-for-moods meme and. it. got out of hand. so uh. some overly specific moods. some songs.

emotionally exhausted and in need of comfort:
- cobwebs, martha tilston and the woods
- born, over the rhine
- hold on, tom waits
- wild sage, the mountain goats
- drown out, the swell season
- his eye is on the sparrow, abigail washburn
- the party, regina spektor

- this year, the mountain goats
- the mary ellen carter, stan rogers
- firefly, over the rhine
- shake it out, florence + the machine
- morning comes, delta rae
- that one specific live version of “like a rolling stone” at the end of scorsese’s dylan documentary no direction home recorded right after dylan’s motorcycle accident where he starts it by yelling to the band “play it fuckin’ loud” and the organ is just searing

depressed but don’t want to be:
- firewood, regina spektor
- a better son/daughter, rilo kiley
- level up, vienna teng
- amy aka spent gladiator 1, the mountain goats
- redeemed, charlotte martin
- i wanna get better, bleachers

sad but in a nice way where i want to wallow for a bit:
- knocking on heaven’s door, antony and the johnsons
- annachie gordon, the unthanks
- my body is a cage, arcade fire
- top of the world, patty griffin (especially the live at the artists’ den version)
- ring them bells, sarah jarosz
- on a sea of fleur de lis, richard shindell
- florida, patty griffin

i wanna yell and/or feel some kind of complex emotion:
- s.o.b., nathaniel rateliff & the night sweats
- changes come, over the rhine
- harlem roulette, the mountain goats
- forgiveness, patty griffin
- it’s alright ma i’m only bleeding, the duhks
- after the bombs, the decemberists
- the next best western, richard shindell
- empty, ray lamontagne

- pay me my money down, bruce springsteen
- the magic position, patrick wolf
- we need medicine, the fratellis
- banjo pickin’ girl, abigail washburn & the sparrow quartet
- you ain’t goin’ nowhere, glen hansard and marketa irglova
- i don’t know, lisa hannigan
- the night that paddy murphy died, great big sea
- call me maybe, carly rae jepsen
- upside down, paloma faith
- orphan girl, crooked still
- tea with cinnamon, katzenjammer
- don’t carry it all, the decemberists
- california stars, billy bragg & wilco
- everything i saw, the weather station
- literally any cover of galway girl

it’s three am, there’s a thunderstorm, and i’m wearing a lot of velvet:
- girls that glitter love the dark, hannah fury
- when another midnight, sarah slean
- bells for her, tori amos
- mad girl’s love song, fisher
- the devil, pj harvey
- i will never die, delta rae
- #1 crush, garbage (SHUT. YER FACE.)
- black doe, mary epworth and the jubilee band
- devil of mine, moulettes
- bone mother, the ford theatre reunion
- horse and i, bat for lashes
- clap hands, tom waits
- tristan, patrick wolf
- black acres, elysian fields
- rest in the bed, laura marling
- bad ritual, timber timbre

having an emotion about the x-files:
- you were a kindness, the national
- goodbye (this is not goodbye), over the rhine
- recessional, vienna teng


I love that tori Knew and combined wicked game and blue jeans. if only lana would cover wicked game 😩


can’t stop what’s coming
can’t stop what is on its way

mikeellee  asked:

A kurtty with number 17 shy Kiss.

Truthfully, if Kurt was being honest, he wasn’t expecting Kitty to kiss him while they were dancing around the kitchen like idiots to a Tori Amos song that was popular in the mid-90′s. Like, he wasn’t expecting it in the least.

Which is why when it happened, he accepted it, and almost kissed back…

And then his brain caught up with his body. And suddenly they weren’t hopping in tandem and their lips weren’t touching, because he had pulled back like a startled goose. He’d even grabbed her shoulders to hold her back and make them both hold still for a moment.

He will admit his entire face changed into a much darker blue as he stuttered out a string of words that seemed ashamed to call themselves a sentence, “You-you-you k-k-k-kiss… kissed… kissed… ME?! You kissed me?!”

Obviously she was glad he wasn’t angry or horrified, given that she snorted like a giddy pre-teen that had just witnessed a dog realize that the bubbles that were being blown in its personal space were not, in fact, autonomous creatures out to do it harm, or edible in the least.

Tori Amos continued to play on the radio, singing something about a fairy tale.

chrishoulihan replied to your post: So Jo put some Tori Amos songs in that Playlist…

GIRL I will show you the way!! Definitely don’t put her catalogue on shuffle. Honestly my usual recommendation is just to go chronologically, start with Little Earthquakes and/or Under the Pink (my personal fave). Boys for Pele is a masterpiece but it’s very weird and idiosyncratic so I wouldn’t recommend that first unless you’re really up for it. If you’re more into electronic music than singer-songwriter stuff go for Choirgirl and then Venus

Ahh bless! I was kinda hoping you’d help me out haha cause I know how much you love her…I’m listening to Little Earthquakes now and so far I love it :) I’ll see where I go from here.

Fanmixes! A How-To Guide.

So if there’s one nerdy shameful trash habit I have, it’s making fanmixes. I recently got back into them after not doing them for a while, and I thought I’d share some advice about fanmixes, how to make a good one and why they’re cool and good! 

What is a fanmix??

So you’re HARDCORE into some crazy fandom. Let’s call it The Amazing Antics of Stupid-Kun. You hang out on tumblr, you reblog the fanart, you browse ao3 at night for smutty fanfiction. You may or may not be serious when you say you’re trash and should be thrown into the garbage. THAT’S how much you love this fandom. And the one day you’re in the car and a song comes on the radio

“My god!” you say “This is the PERECT song for Stupid-Kun!”

Fanmixes’ are taking that part to the extreme. It wasn’t enough that you started to find songs to fit this show/character/pairing. You found multiples. Enough to make a mix-tape. And you decided to subject this  list of music to anyone else who loves good music and The Amazing Antics of Stupid-Kun.

It sounds a little silly, (and it is), but there is a job similar to it in the entertainment industry called a Music Supervisor, so it’s not that bad.

Much like that rhyme about the Little Girl with the Little Golden Curl, fanmixes can be great, or they can be awful. Your millage might vary with personal music taste, but they’re a fun way to participate in fandom and also to share some sweet ass music with the rest of the internet nerds. I’ve been making fanmixes for over ten years now, and I thought I’d give a write up for what works for me, how to get the best out of your mix!


Obviously your millage may vary, but I find fanmixes themselves to be a GREAT way to get into new music. I’d say I owe a lot of my developed music tastes to other fanmixes I heard back when I was getting into this. I’ll be blunt here. It’s 2015, there is NO reason your fanmix needs to be composed of top 40 hits played on your clear channel radio station. “But I’m not some hipster living in Silverlake going to Spaceland every night!” you say. “ I have no clue about music!! where do I start??” Well, a few suggestions. One like I said, is just to listen to other fanmixes. Back in my day they were around on livejournal, but in this day and age, the majority tend to be on 8tracks. It’s easy to upload and the music streams. (You kids have it good. In MY day, we had to download each song one by one!). If you find a song you like, check out the artist. There’s a good chance they’re on Spotify. Check out the other songs they’ve done. Also Pandora is a good place to find music similar to the artist. Just don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. One of the best parts I’ve found about fanmixes is that people are MUCH more inclined to listen to them and check out new music when they’re about a character/show/pairing they enjoy, as opposed to when you’re being THAT person and insisting to them “oh my god you need to check out THIS band they’re SOOO good”

Aw Yeh! I found a bunch of music it’s super good how do I choose???

Ok, so now you got some music that Ryan Seacreast has never heard of, you’re good to go! My best advice would be this. Mood is more important than literalness. I say this because when I FIRST started making fanmixes, I thought if I did them for a show, I needed to have a song for EVERY single character. This lead to a LOOOOT of stretching and really bloated mixes (I mean REALLY bloated. I once did one for Naruto), and also ment that I had chosen a hard-rock song next to a Bjork song, next to a Mo-Town and so on. Don’t worry so much about if you can’t find a song that works perfectly for a specific character, or a scene. It needs to be more about the mood or what the song is implying. Also, make sure you know what the songs about. Back in the day, Tori Amos songs ran rampant and songs about miscarriage or sexual abuse ended up on what were suppose to be mixes for cutsy-poo pairings all the time.

.Tell me more about being cohesive!!!

Say no more my friend, it’s what I’m here for. Your music for your fanmix should be cohesive Remember what I said earlier about how my earlier fanmixes were not very good because I didn’t have a cohesiveness? Yep. Don’t do this. In theory your entire mix should be able to be on the same Pandora radio station.  (maybe a very heavily tailored Pandora radio station, but still). What helps me in being cohesive is figuring out what music is gonna work best. Is this a cute upbeat character? A scary monster of a villain? A tragic doomed pairing? If you can start to find music that works for these things, you’re off to a good start!

 I got a bunch of songs, they all work great and they all kinda fit together!!!!

Hooray! Now you got 8 or more songs that are cool and good and you wanna upload them! Now what? For me, I like to think of fanmixes like a color wheel. Blue doesn’t go RIGHT after red, you need to put some purple in there first. Make sure your mix flows to avoid a lack of cohesiveness. Also think of your mix a bit like a musical. Have an ‘opening’ song. Make it a strong one that grabs the audience and makes them certain that they’re gonna want to listen to your entire mix. I also like to think of the final songs like an ending credit song. (so if you have a song you’re worried is gonna turn off people for being too on the nose, this is a good place to put it.)

 That’s my best advice for fanmixes! As I said, that’s simply what I enjoy and what works for me. But if you have any questions, or wanna add your own experiences and imput, feel free to add on!  

My own fanmixes (and a few regular old mixes) can be found here if you wanna have a laugh at my own cockiness. 


if love isn’t forever
and it’s not the weather
hand me my leather

♪ kh editors’ challenge! - day # 8: a graphic of your otp