tori amos song


can’t stop what’s coming
can’t stop what is on its way

“Can’t see New York…”

A very old sketch I’m rescuing because SAINW FEELS!!!! *sobs*

After that episode, a portal opens like a mirror to SAINW New York. I worked on each brother’s reaction, how how they feel if they faced their SAINW selves, and the fact that Donnie knows about all this and didn’t say anything? 

Inspired by this beautiful Tori Amos song:

tag: 10 songs from my library

rules: put your music on shuffle and write down the first ten songs, then tag ten mutals.

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  1. Kate Nash – Sister
  2. Tori Amos – Song for Eric
  3. Rasputina – A Quitter
  4. Gonzales – Gringo Star
  5. [Song by a German „rap“ group from the ‘90s. They were the definition of  cringe but I like this one song. Too embarassed to say what it is, though.]
  6. The Civil Wars – Kingdom Come
  7. Wintersleep - Dead Letter & The Infinite Yes
  8. Tocotronic – Exil
  9. Regina Spektor – Bobbing for Apples
  10. Tori Amos – Don’t Make Me Come to Vegas

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if love isn’t forever
and it’s not the weather
hand me my leather

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Jane Parker Appreciation Week Day 4: 

A Jane Parker Playlist: 

♚  Muscle, Bone And Blood -Mia Doi Todd ♚ My Skin- Natalie Merchant ♚   Paper Forest (In The Afterglow Of Rapture)- Emmy The Great ♚ Team -Lorde ♚ Slowly Freaking Out- Skylar Grey  Devil’s Backbone- The Civil Wars   Human -Daughter  Cry No More- Vaults  Been Better- Kyla La Grange ♚ I’m Not Your Hero-Tegan and Sara ♚ Dark Congregation-The Hush Sound ♚ Crucify-Tori Amos The Spine Song-Cake Bake Betty  ♚  Guts- Alex Winston ♚ Help-Hurts 

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