tori amos confessions


My favourite thing about Amy Lee is that she was the touchstone that connected everything I love about music together. All the artists I love now are ones that I know about because they influenced her or can connect back to her. Everything from trip hop artists like Bjork or Portishead to grunge/90s alt rock bands like Smashing Pumpkins, Tool, and Hole to piano singer-songwriters like Tori Amos, Regina Spektor, and Amanda Palmer, even to all the artists on this blog. I can connect them all back to her and her music. I feel like I owe my musical identity to her.

Full confession:

“For me, Icicle, Cloud On My Tongue, Space Dog, and Yes, Anastasia are one long epic of a girl fighting to survive. She meets others along the way that are in the same place she is, and she learns with them (and through them) how to heal. "I could’ve, I should’ve flown, you know”; “Leave me with your Borneo”, “She can’t understand, she truly believes the lie”; “We’ll see how brave you are, Yes, Anastasia”. Seamless. Flawless.“