My response to all the “me too” posts floating around on Facebook and Tumblr is…

mostly rage.

And once the initial feelings of anger and sadness have run their course,

it’s love.

So, to all of you reblogging “me too,”

I commend your bravery, and I love you. I know everyone’s experiences are different, and I keep seeing people say things like, “Well, I was just groped… it wasn’t that serious.” And I’m over here like, “What?!?!” Sexual assault is sexual assault, and NO form of it is acceptable.

Continue to speak up. Silence will only perpetuate this kind of behavior.



Every finger in the room is pointing at me
I want to spit in their faces then I get afraid of what that could bring
I got a bowling ball in my stomach I got a desert in my mouth
Figures that my courage would choose to sell out now

I’ve been looking for a savior in these dirty streets
Looking for a savior beneath these dirty sheets
I’ve been raising up my hands
drive another nail in
Just what god needs one more victim
Why do we crucify ourselves 
Every day
I crucify myself
Nothing I do is good enough for you
Crucify myself
Every day
And my heart is sick of being in chains

Got a kick for a dog beggin’ for love
I gotta have my suffering so that I can have my cross
I know a cat named Easter he says
Will you ever learn you’re just an empty cage girl
If you kill the bird

—Tori Amos 

The signs as the women alt-rockers from the 90s
  • Tori Amos: Cancer, Sagittarius
  • PJ Harvey: Virgo, Pisces
  • Liz Phair: Aries, Leo
  • Courtney Love: Gemini, Scorpio
  • Shirley Manson: Taurus, Aquarius
  • Alanis Morrissette: Libra, Capricorn