Saezuru Chpt 24 😭

***I was going to wait until the chapter had been scanlated properly but I literally can’t handle my feelings surrounding the spoilers so I’m writing it now and then I’ll add to it once I’ve read the dialogue***

Chapter 24 has broken my heart. Smut is not supposed to make your heart hurt. I’ve seen a few comments here and there discussing whether Doumeki has gone too far and I just need to get my feelings out because I don’t think it’s as bad as it looks and Doumeki is still a good egg.

First things first - Yashiro’s feelings are so complex that Doumeki needs to keep pushing him. Yashiro spent the first half of the series desperately trying to push Doumeki away, either by forcing him to watch him with other men, attempting to humiliate him, childish attempts at embarrassing him and so on. Doumeki never fell for any of them because for some reason he can see the ‘real’ Yashiro. He thinks Yashiro is beautiful in both body and mind. So then we saw Yashiro’s resolve begin to crack and he starts to become openly considerate of Doumeki (in his own twisted way). Scenes I’m thinking of would be the movie theatre where he doesn’t find someone else to suck off but comes back with drinks and spends the rest of the night napping on Doumeki’s shoulder as well as when he sleeps with the second officer for information (the one who knew Doumeki in the past). When he’s comparing him to his father Yashiro cuts him off with a kiss. Granted Doumeki isn’t going to be happy about watching it since he’s completely in love with Yashiro but it gets him to shut up so he can’t attack him anymore #Yashirologic.

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Japan by Jérémy
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Im sitting alone in a hallway on a bench at school, and a boy with his hands full strolled past, whistling a made up tune before pushing a door open with his back and disappearing.

I don’t really know why, but just watching this guy whistle as he walked made me smile 😊

I hope something little makes all of you smile today!


Japan by Brave Lemming
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Floating tori in Miyajima, Japan.