them: omg 😂😂😂 kylie renner is such a crybaby, his daddy and mommy didn’t pay attention to him so he turned evil!! boo hoo!!

bloodline, TFA, and misc. sources: Ben Solo was groomed by a dark lord since he was in utero, who used his feelings of rejection, betrayal (after the reveal of his relation to Darth Vader), and bitterness in relation to his parents to lure him to the Dark side, offering solace and acceptance.


but they’re ready to scream out “ABUSE” @ the interrogation scene… and yet….. snoke’s manipulation of kylo isn’t abuse and he’s just a whiny white school shooter crybaby? interesting…. 🤔🤔

Here is the key chart, showing how tax and benefit changes affect people by income decile. The measures announced yesterday (the light green bars) broadly helped everyone by about the same amount. But, if you look at the cumulative effect of all measures taken since May 2015, they are deeply regressive. The people in the ninth decile (ie, the richest 80% to 90%) easily gain the most, while the poorest 30% lose the most.

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Top five musical artists?

1-5. Big Time Rush….,,, and I guess

1. nothing,nowhere.
2. The Paper Kites
4. Hozier
5. Two Door Cinema Club

Freezing mum died alone 'wrapped in coat at home after benefits were stopped'
Elaine Morrall, who suffered from an eating disorder and mental health problems, was discovered dead at her home in Runcorn, Cheshire, earlier this month
By Lucy Clarke-Billings

“Elaine was deemed not ill enough for ESA [Employment and Support Allowance]. Had her benefits stopped numerous times, which in turn stopped her housing benefit.

“No income but expected to be able to pay full rent. Was told being in intensive care was not sufficient reason for failing to attend a universal credit interview.

“I went to the job centre to inform them that she couldn’t attend. But benefits stopped again.

“Uncaring housing taking her to court. She’s due to go to court on Monday. Is being dead now enough reason? Is that what’s had to happen to prove she was ill?

“How many people have got to die before this government realises they are killing vulnerable people??

The Government knows but doesn’t care. Which is why they need to go.