musician!annabeth au 

she starts out playing piano when she’s little and grows up to be able to play more than a dozen instruments 

spends a few years as a song writer before finally stepping onto the stage herself 

has the most successful and feared momager in the business 

said momager arranges for Annabeth to work on her next album with up and coming dj/producer Percy Jackson to make Annabeth more marketable to a wider audience 

NYC is her favorite city to perform in 

Tumblr’s “Restricted Mode”

I haven’t scrolled right back through my blog, these are just the posts from January onwards.

But just to clarify. 

1 of these posts has partial nudity (Simon shirtless)

1 is just some gifs of thigh holsters.

3 are same-sex couples that aren’t explicit but have just been blocked.

2 of these are female empowerment posts (Isabelle taking control of her life again and a woman’s place is in the resistance)

1 is just Jace and Magnus touching each other’s shoulders or hands. 

@staff one, explain. Two, fix this. Three: Stop telling us that you support pride and women's rights and equality when the only things you are blocking are posts about women and lgbt+ relationships or people of the same sex touch. Because God forbid people have physical contact, that’s totally inappropriate.

On behalf of everyone who’s had their content blocked for no reason: we are owed an explanation and we would like to tell you to stop with your hypocrisy already.

illegaile  asked:

Hellulululo there! Sorry, this is my main. My side is my Anime blog for Kmagines ah oh well. I'm here to rain HC things on you! ✨ How about HCS of Knights and Fine reacting to an S/O who transferred from an Idol Girl school? She was a decent (fairly popular) idol but quit to be a Producer.

idol!Anzu, what a nice request !! i tried to make it gender neutral so that everyone could enjoy it but I kept the general idea, don’t worry ! ♥ - mod mademoiselle

Tsukasa :

  • He didn’t get the memo so he was very surprised to learn you used to be an idol !
  • Really impressed with you and will probably be very eager to get you to train him in dancing and singing !
  • He binge-watched all the music videos you starred in and all the songs you recorded and became an instant fan. He’d almost regret you’re not an idol anymore !
  • Secretly very happy to have someone famous as his lover, he kind of feels like he’s hogging you all to himself and he absolutely loves this.
  • You just became even more lovable and impressive to him, and you can be sure he’ll tell everyone he’s dating a former idol !

Arashi :

  • As he likes idols and knows many songs and artists, he probably recognized you. He was surprised to learn you stopped your idol career, but he’s not gonna complain !
  • Loves to go to karaoke with you. The lovey-dovey songs from girl idols are his favorite ! He may even sing one of your own songs to tease you.
  • He’s worried that you may have quit because the idol industry is pretty harsh on young performers and will make sure you’re okay and you’re not feeling down because of your career change.
  • Big sis Arashi is still extremely proud of you and will tell all his friends you’re absolutely amazing, talented and beautiful !
  • But he’ll make it clear he loves you for who you are, and not just because you used to be famous or because you’re cute. He didn’t fall for you as an idol, but as a person.

Ritsu :

  • He didn’t know you used to be an idol and just hummed in response when you told him. He’s likely to forget it soon after, too.
  • To be honest, he doesn’t really mind. He’s just happy if you’re happy now as a producer, and if you don’t regret your idol career.
  • He got mildly curious one day and decided to go watch one of your music videos, only to find one where you were wearing an especially cute outfit. Cue him asking you if you still have it around with bright eyes. He’d like to see it again… it looked so nice on you…
  • Will have higher expectations regarding  your job as a producer. He knows you were an idol before, so he feels you should understand him and other idols you’re working with well.
  • He doesn’t really brag about it to his friends, but for some reason he’s always very insistent to remind Rei you were famous. You’re starting to suspect Rei was a fan of yours and Ritsu wants to piss him off.

Izumi :

  • His treatment of you changed once he learned you were an idol. He was pretty harsh with you before, but quickly mellowed after you told him.
  • He’s extremely proud of you ! Anything you do is great to him, but this is even different : you’re doing the very same job as him and you’re hella good at it ! He fell for you all over again when he saw pictures of you on stage.
  • You still don’t know how or why, but he bought old photobooks online and hung some of the pictures of you (along with the free poster) on his bedroom’s walls. He’ll sometimes stare longingly at them too, when you’re not here.
  • You caught him singing one of your songs once while he was doing the dishes.
  • He’s very protective of you when you go out and is always afraid someone might recognize you and decide to follow you. So now he goes along with you and stares coldly at everyone. Needless to say, it’s working pretty damn well.

Leo :

  • He forgets every time and you constantly have to remind him. You’re starting to think he’s doing it on purpose. Or maybe he just doesn’t give a damn.
  • He did go and listen to your songs out of curiosity, but doesn’t really bring up the subject. To be fair, he’s happier with you by his side as a producer.
  • It comes in handy when he writes new songs : he often has you listen to them and asks if you think they’re not too hard to sing or if fans would like it.
  • You will have to give him dance lessons. He’s okay at singing, but awful at dancing. He constantly messes up even simple parts, to the point that you wonder if he’s not doing it intentionally.
  • Sometimes he considers writing a song for you to sing. That would be his ultimate dream. But he can wait until you feel like singing again : your happiness is most important to him.

Tori :

  • He did know you and was shocked to learn you stopped singing. He was one of your greatest fans, too ! It took him a while to get over it.
  • He’s constantly doing his best as an idol to impress you ! It’s much harder when you used to be one too, which gets him unusually nervous about his performances. He just wants you to be proud of him…
  • Will go out of his way to have you coach him in singing and dancing. The rest of fine is always surprised to see him so eager to train, especially since he’s usually the first to complain.
  • He loves to brag about you, even more so than bragging about himself. After all, everyone already knows he’s the cutest and most talented idol in Yumenosaki, but what they don’t know is that he’s dating someone just as cute and talented as he is.
  • To him, you being an idol in the past is part of what makes you awesome. But there’s definitely much more to love about you than just that !

Yuzuru :

  • He knows firsthand idol training is hard and unforgiving, so he’s had some newfound respect for you since you told him you used to be an idol too.
  • What he values most is your ability to train hard without giving up. To him it’s one of your best traits, and even though he might not tell you, he’s proud of you about that.
  • Dating a fellow idol is perfect to him : he wants to be seen as a person and not as some kind of god by the person he loves. He likes that you see him as Yuzuru rather than as a famous idol.
  • He’s especially careful about dates, and makes sure to bring you in places where no one will recognize either of you. He wants some private time with you and won’t let anyone, not even fans, get in the way of that.
  • Yuzuru genuinely thinks the two of you are a perfect match and he’s incredibly glad to have you in his life. It’s always a bit embarrassing when he tells you so, but it makes you so happy !

Eichi :

  • You both probably knew each other before you even met. Eichi’s the son of a very influential family in showbusiness, and a lot of idols know him as such.
  • He was intrigued to learn you stopped your idol career, and got increasingly curious about you as a result. You can be sure he’s listened to your entire discography…
  • He’s glad you understand the idol industry and will allow himself to rely on you. After all, you’re more than qualified to work as his producer, what with being his lover and an ex-idol yourself !
  • He likes to tease you about lovey-dovey songs you did in the past, but he secretly loves them…
  • Constantly doing his best to impress you. He’s not regarded as the best idol in Yumenosaki for nothing, and now he’s determined to show you just how great he can be on stage !

Wataru :

  • Out of all these boys, he’s the least impressed with your past achievements.
  • He thinks you still have to prove yourself as a producer, and doesn’t believe being an idol before automatically means you won’t make mistakes.
  • Mind you, he still loves and supports you, but don’t expect him to make things any easier for you… He wants to see how hard you can work on your goal and loves how determined you can sometimes get !
  • He’ll use your past as an idol to drag you on stage with him quite a few times. There’s nothing he loves more than a good show !
  • Really, he’s glad you share his passion for shows and performing on stage. He loves them just as much as he loves you, so he’s incredibly happy you’re a performer too !

I know people on tumblr often joke about “oh that’s homophobic” but @staff marking LGBT+ content as “sensitive material” when it isn’t pornographic is actual homophobia. Just because I’m under eighteen, doesn’t mean it’s wrong for me to see two girls kiss, because newsflash I KISS GIRLS! I’VE SEEN IT BEFORE AND I’VE DONE IT BEFORE IT’S NOT SOMETHING THAT NEEDS TO BE HIDDEN!

Also, it’s not even one post is blocked for everybody, different people have different things blocked, it makes no sense.

stop with the queer censoring already especially when you’re wishing users a happy pride