“Pretty Kitty”

Artwork by @cicisartandstuff

Inspired Fic by @theunforgettablemelody

     The school bell rang. Toralei awoke from her catnap, licking her paws and arching her back in her seat in a yawn. She could smell him a mile away, it was disgusting. But she couldn’t complain, she smelled almost as bad as he did, if not worse. Ever since they had clung to each other deep in the catacomb’s Pit of Eternal Stench, she could not get her mind off him. She was obsessed with Kieran Valentine’s evil potential and drawn to his power. Also, there was no one in the world who wanted to hang out with her now. Not with her smelling like the living dead and all … 

     As she opened her eyes, she was able to catch a glimpse of Kieran’s figure slipping out of the classroom and into the hall, his head hanging low. Time to stir up a little trouble, she smirked, purring loudly in excitement. She followed him out of school and into a back alley that stirred up memories of her own rotten past. But she could not stop herself from following him. Where is he going? she wondered as he went even further down the dank alleyway. She hugged the walls with her body, sneakily inching her way towards him. Suddenly, the walls became increasingly more familiar. Oh, my ghoul. We’re heading towards …

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