metamatix asked:

I am Sam. You have a lovely blog (leo in the corner aw yeh). I do not have a favourite colour or ship. I like caramel ice cream. I do not have a cat. Are you feeling invincible? What did you do today?

thank you :)))))) I too do not have a fave color/ship/like caramel ice cream/don’t have a cat.

I’m feeling relatively optimistic that I may be able to get to sleep before 1am today, but we’ll see.

Today I ran around the school doing interviews and eating lunch whilst rushing through the hallways. i also had a couple strange hot flash sensations where i felt incredibly hot and sweaty and sick but i was actually not sweating at all. i do not know if this was because of the starbucks my ap euro teacher bought us today or because i haven’t slept or eaten well in a few months