drawn by Cotton
Level: Ultimate

Type: Undead

Attribute: Virus

Through the crest of Love is Desesperamon able to evolve to Toredormon. The passion to protect another over self is the most common reason for this evolution. Passion that brings out a true smile. Unlike Desesperamon, Toredormon doesn’t hide its strength. Often reveling in it. Baiting the foe into attack using Pasodoble Faena to dance around a foe to use the opponents attack against them. The constant smile adds to the baiting. A mask of the old to reveal the truth. The X-anitbody reaching the tipping point. Based on who Toredormon is with in this form, there is the danger this passion can turn to poison. With passion being key to this evoultion, emotions effect its strength. If not careful can lead to an evoultion to Death-X-DORUgoramon leading to its own destruction.


Pasodoble Faena

A two part attack that only the Pasodoble attack is ever used. The Faena is used only in destruction of foes. Pasodoble part allows it to become apart of the foes shadow after dodging an attack with an dance, allowing it to use the foe’s attack against it. Then strike out from the shadow itself. Faena half of the attack is only used as a killing blow. This half is unknown, since those that have seen it have been destoryed.

Paquito Muerte

A quick strikes on a the foe that dig into the body. Multiple strikes leading to many small wounds. Using the thousand little cuts to eilliminate the foe. Always damages and used to disable first. Often used in combination with Pasodble.


Through the air and the earth is a dance is etched of six through a dance that allows it to dodge attacks. Circling around itself, at completion creates an aura around before the eyes glow bright red before sending out a blood red force from each point threw the foe.


                     Gonna keep doing this, though seem no one interested in the evolution of Abertemon other then me.

Now each week there will be an evolution of Abbaratmon to be revealed. With the last evolution stage to be name by you the fallowers. This week it is Desesperamon.

Any  submitted (writting or any other kind) using Desesperamon or the evolutions I will have something of your tumblr rebloged along with your submission going up. So you feel free to submit your heart out