boyfriend knj
  • namjoon would be the cutest bf
  • love to back hug you
  • sweet kisses
  • kisses on your lips were either slow and passionate or fast and hungry
  • theres no in between 
  • kissing your nose bc its cute
  • cuddles you all the time
  • big spoon
  • likes PDA
  • but not too much
  • you never let him cook
  • literally trips over everything and anything
  • you helping him with the groups chorography
  • rapmon writing songs about you
  • you listening to the songs first 
  • helping him write songs 
  • always there when you need advice
  • and always there when he gets depressed or stressed
  • reminding him he is perfect
  • this boy would make sure you felt good as hell
  • squeezes your butt all the time
  • also squeezes your thighs during dinner
  • h i s w i n k s 
  • daddymon ;)
  • he loves doggy style okay 
  • rough asf
  • okay, sexy time over
  • like the other members would call you sister
  • you taking his photos for #kimdaily
  • you being in #kimdaily photos
  • namjoon teaching you stuff you don’t know and vice versa
  • daily runs to the local cafe bc the atmosphere is calming
  • quiet dates like on a rooftop of a tall building bc sunset
  • having a secret place that you two go to
  • reads to you sometimes on lazy sundays
  • but prefers cuddling with you as you both talk about something
  • take-out and movie nights
  • roses in random places from you and him
  • he takes great care of you
  • and you take great care of him
  • the boys love you
  • you guys would honestly be such a good couple

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The Signs as Mother Mother “No Culture” Songs

Aries: The Drugs
I would lose my decadence
I’d do away with all the dirtiness for your love
I would become innocent
I’d listen to everything mamma said for your love

Taurus: Empty Hands -
I was given these hands, I can make a fist with them
But can’t understand how to get a grip with all these
People around; nothing seems to stick with them
They’re getting me down and I pin them insensitive
And they ask me to lend them a hand
I put it out but then they turn my hand down

Gemini: No Culture -
So can we let sleeping dogs lie
‘Cause everyone believes me when I say it’s mine
A little wool over the eyes
‘Cause everyone believes me
When I, I want to love you
I want to make you mine

Cancer: Family -
And if you’re standing on the ledge
I’ll pull you down, put you to bed
And if you’re bleeding from the heart
I’ll come around, and clean it up

Leo: Free -
Love let my anger, turn into peace
Love let the doves cry out in the street
Love let the poison, bleed out of me
Love let my love inside go free

Virgo: Worry
Baby, don’t you worry
I’m not lonely, I’m just alone
Baby, don’t you worry
I’m not angry, just throwing stones

Libra: Mouth of the Devil -
In the days that turned to dust
I couldn’t run so I would run for lust
I couldn’t feel, so I would touch
A sea of flesh but it was never enough

 Scorpio: Letter
All that I have
All that I have loved is lost and forgot
I want a letter, want a letter, want a letter to
read all alone, me and your memory before I let go
I want a letter, want a letter, want a letter to read

Sagittarius: Back in School -
I wanna get it, but I got bad brains
I’m what they like to call a special case
I am, back in school, back in my cage

Capricorn: Baby Boy -
The devil, he’s at my door
And I know what he came here for
The kind of fun that I adore
I let him enter to make some more

Aquarius: Love Stuck
My feelings ran away
I didn’t know how to feel them
Cause I’ve got my love stuck in my head, in my head
I’ve got my stuck in my thoughts, in my thoughts

Pisces: Everything is Happening -
And the Americas are hooked on drugs
And the government is run by thugs
If there’s a God above it’s not enough
But I don’t care cause I’m in love


Если вы меня попросите перечислить мои любимые книги,то среди многих произведений нашей классической литературы,  вы сможете услышать название одной любопытной философской повести-притчи :“Чайка по имени Джонатан Ливенгстон” ,написанную потомком гениального композитора,Ричардом Бахом. Эта книга очень полюбилась моему сердцу, и я думаю,вы тоже не останетесь к ней равнодушны,поскольку все мы любим слушать рассказы об удивительных личностях,заметно отличающихся от других  и идущих к своей великой цели, несмотря ни на что.

Это произведение мотивирует,вдохновляет,учит простым,но важным истинам,в частности тому ,что необходимо верить в себя; гораздо важнее стремление к самосовершенствованию,чем материальное насыщение в обычном удовлетворении своих потребностей.

Во избежание спойлера,я не буду пересказывать сюжет данной книги ,а просто поделюсь своими любимыми цитатами из неё.

“Для нас не должно существовать никаких пределов .“

“Он говорил об очень простых вещах: о том, что чайка имеет право летать, что она свободна по самой своей природе и ничто не должно стеснять её свободу, никакие обычаи, предрассудки и запреты.“

“Ты можешь уметь что угодно, пока ты не докажешь это — ты не умеешь ничего! “

“Джонатан понял, почему так коротка жизнь чаек: ее съедает скука, страхи злоба, но он забыл о скуке, страхе и злобе и прожил долгую счастливую жизнь”.

recent reads

with the absence of 1dff it feels like this community is disjointed and lack of feedback has become more common than ever. i haven’t been in this fic world for a very long time but i have been so welcomed by all of you and you all really do mean so much to me! being in this fic community isn’t just me writing some stuff and throwing it out into the void, it’s also reading fic and giving that feedback to other writers. this is a two way street my friends, and of course my time to read has become more limited as life has gotten busier but sometimes you have to make the effort to sit down and read that fic you’ve been tagging #toread for months. so, i sat down recently and read some fic and wanted to make a list of what i had read because list are neat. 

sangria on your lips by @marisa-writes - a perfect summer read, teyana and niall have my heart, and marisa is fantastic! plus the fun doesn’t end, the series has continued and you can find it all here!!!! 

fire & persuasion by @roselirry - i am catching up on this today and honestly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i adore greek mythology and feel #blessed that eliza has given me an au of it!!

time stands still by @abejas-fic - i am loving this story!!!! the idea behind it is so cool and brianne’s writing is absolutely incredible! do yourself a favor and just go read this right now!!!!!

rose gold by @hxxefics - i am a sucker for music fics and this one is set around making an album/touring and i feel alive!!!! go read it and send hunter some love!!

i saw you (in a corridor) by @haubreyfeels - honestly this story is amazing, the writing is raw, there is a bad ass female musician, and it gives me all the ~vibes of the pretentious indie scene!! right away you get such a sense of all the characters and i cannot wait to see how it all unfolds!!!

Day 1 of the Spookathon Book Photo Challenge: October TBR!

My October tbr is super tentative. Some of these books are ones I need to read for review and that’s not including the ebooks I might read. I love October and this editing colour scheme felt right!

What are you reading this month?

Insta: @daylafm

anonymous asked:

I'm interested to see your toread list (I've read through most of your fics recs already) ^•^

wow u are a monster

okay this is just part of it !! but these are on my immediate trl list :’D i really want to read all of them soon (and also get through the ones i posted on my fic recs blog)

• kairos @kainks !!
• aquiver/OL update, lit me up @floralseokjin
• mistborn, dépaysement @illegirl1
• heartbeat/passionfruit update @rapmonluv
• flux : the beginning @dailydoseofdia
• nerves, new rules @tayegi
• try me @jjkfire

i have so many others too !! i’m being well fed these days 💞💞

cangarbagenot  asked:

hi :) can you recommend me some bad boy blaine fanfictions? nerd kurt would be fine as well. thanks ♡

Go your own Way *Complete

Sideways & Anywhere but here *Complete

Skin on Skin (rockstar!Blaine, but like all rockstars he has his troubles) *Complete

Still into You (They are both bad not just Blaine, but I LOVE THIS ONE) *Work in Progress

I’ll Follow you into the Sea (Soulmate!Klaine and it is AMAZING and Blaine is a total badass and I love it) *Work in Progress

Heaven and Hell *Complete

Come What May (Badboy!Kurt instead but it is really, really good so yea) *Work in Progress

Ride *Complete and Gemini *Work in Progress’

Tales of Cheerio Blaine and Nerd Kurt *Complete

Nameless oneshot

The Play’s the thing *oneshot

If I had you *oneshot

Nothing’s so Loud *Complete

My Christmas Special *Complete

Nameless Oneshot

Carry Your Shame (Haven’t read this yet but my friend said its amazing and so I don’t know if its finished or not)

Storm *Work in Progress

Needing *Work in progress

Sweat *Complete

I Think I’m in Love (But it makes me kinda nervous to say so) *Complete

(Check out my toread for more fanfics)

advice for the 5sosfam: 

  • listen to sounds good feels good 
  • watch the jet black heart music video
  • cry if you need to
  • read your favourite fanfic/book
  • make yourself hot chocolate 
  • blacklist “drama tw” or any other tag that contains the drama 
  • draw something for the boys
  • write down your favourite lyrics
  • google cute puppies/kittens/anything
  • remember that all this drama is pointless 
  • you’re going to be okay
Writing is something that you don’t know how to do. You sit down and it’s something that happens, or it may not happen. So, how can you teach anybody how to write? It’s beyond me, because you yourself don’t even know if you’re going to be able to. I’m always worried, well, you know, every time I go upstairs with my wine bottle. Sometimes I’ll sit at that typewriter for fifteen minutes, you know. I don’t go up there to write. The typewriter’s up there. If it doesn’t start moving, I say, well this could be the night that I hit the dust.
—  Charles Bukowski

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Why are you a witch?

because i had a mole in my hand and that means you have toread palms in my family so they taught me and then i kept going alone

Send your asks I’m drunk as fuckkkk