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David Tennant’s Contributions to Doctor Who Episodes
“Hand in a Jar” Edition

From the DVD commentary for Utopia with David Tennant and Russell T Davies:

David Tennant: The hand in the jar there is actually a cast of my hand.

Russell T Davies: At last!

DT: At last!  Which we did just before this episode, because the hand that you’d had on Torchwood and elsewhere had been… I don’t know who it had been.

RTD: I used to know who it was. It’s one of the Millennium FX guys.

DT: One of the Millennium FX guys’ hands.

RTD: I can’t remember which one

DT: It was a good bit bigger than mine. And when you put that in water it looked bigger still!  

RTD: [laughter] 

DT: So I thought, if my hand’s going to be right next to it I think we might need to address that.

RTD: Oh, did you ask?

DT: Yeah!  Yeah, yeah… and they ignored me for about three weeks, and then I said, “Please!” So we did it about two days before…

RTD: [more laughter]

Orig.Poster’s note: This post is part of a series on some of the contributions that David made to episodes of Doctor Who, because he sometimes gets questions about ad-libs or input he may have had to episodes, but he tends to not take credit for his various additions/suggestions - so I figured I’d list some for him.   David’s hands are quite distinctive.  With his extraordinarily long, thin fingers it was quite noticeable (to those paying close attention - and to those who are fans of David’s hands) that the original hand-in-a-jar didn’t look much like David’s hand. I find it impressive that it was David himself who kindly asked (multiple times) if a cast could be made of his actual hand, so the hand-in-the-jar would be more believable & accurate.  I’m thankful for his attention to detail and his desire to get things just right.

Semi-related Bonus (from Turn Left’s Confidential Episode):

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You know what would have been better than Ianto dying?

Ianto almost dying followed by Jack being overly aware of his mortality and thus overly protective, keeping him from helping further in the Children of Earth situation while Ianto argues that he’s perfectly fine and just as capable as before he almost kicked the bucket and the two continuing to argue throughout the series until eventually they are forced to confront their full feelings and have a real-ass heart to heart and finally say i love you for realz then moving on and have a healthy and supportive relationship where they actually tell each other things and aren’t secretive about their emotions and nobody dies for cheap shock value

Torchwood has only one name, and it’s John.

Does anyone else find this weird?

  • Jack Harkness: The name Jack derives from a medieval diminutive form of the name John, and even today is still a common nickname for John.
  • Owen Harper: Owen is the English spelling of Eoin (Irish) or Ouen (Welsh), both of which are Celtic derivatives of the name John.
  • Ianto Jones: Ianto is a Welsh rendering of the name John. The surname Jones also derives from the name John.
  • Martha Jones: As above, the surname Jones comes from John.
  • Eugene Jones: Ditto.
  • John Hart: Is named John.
  • John Frobisher: Is named John.
  • Agent Johnson: Johnson literally means “son of John.”

I mean, I know it’s Britain and during some periods of history John really was the most common name, but can’t we show a little more variety in fiction?


LGBTQ+ Meme || (2/5) TV Shows With at Least One LGBTQ Main: Torchwood
You’ve got a choice. If you think that the darkness is too much, then go for it. But if there is a chance, just some hope. It could be having a cigarette, or that first sip of hot tea on a cold morning, or it could be your mates. If there’s even a tiny glimmer of light; then don’t you think that’s worth taking a chance?