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A list of my totally, definitely canon non heterosexual ships


- Janto

- Snowbaz

- Aridante


(It’s sad how short it is)

If Torchwood ever gets another TV series, (preferably one where Tosh, Owen and Ianto aren’t dead,) they better put Torchwood logos on everything. The boxes, the weapons, the vehicles, the walls, the glass, the computers, the folders, the pens, the cutlery, the furniture, the doors, and everything else. They might as well have the whole team wear name tags that have the Torchwood logo on them, since they’re totally a top secret organization.

Big Finish has a preview of their new Torchwood members in the latest issue of vortex!

A dour northerner in his 50s, he’s been assigned to Torchwood from the government. Seemingly a cardigan-y civil servant, he’s ex-military and could kill you with his thumb – but you just couldn’t imagine it. Torchwood isn’t his first encounter with aliens – you know those nameless soldiers you see in ochre flashbacks doing a terrible thing? Long ago, he was one of them, and it ended badly. Incidentally, no-one uses, or seems to know his first name.

[Pronounced ‘Eng’, fact fans].
Possibly the most efficient person ever employed by Torchwood – she’s ruthless, very good at her job, and an utter enigma. She’s very close to Gwen, adores Mr Colchester and loves Jack – but she also knows a lot more about what’s happened to Cardiff than she’s letting on.

A disgraced journalist, he’s washed up in Cardiff looking for a fresh start. Shark-handsome, morally quicksilver, he’s desperate to re-establish himself. Suddenly he finds out that Torchwood – a secret organisation that everyone thought long gone – is back in business. Tyler realises that this is the second chance he’s been looking for, and he’ll do anything to be a part of it.

open starter  ;;   ianto jones    ( based off of end of ‘fall to earth’ )

truth was it had taken more BARGAINING skills than ianto ever thought he had possessed to explain to the british consulate in izmir that he was, in fact, british      ( finally having found his DRIVERS licence in his pocket )  and that he needed a new passport.    making his way to the WRECKAGE of the SkyPunisher wasn’t possible with his leg, it was difficult enough making his way to the consulate before collapsing.

though exhausted as the adrenaline wore off and the throbbing from his leg,   ianto could pin point the EXACT moment someone found out who he was.   or who he worked for, was probably a better way of putting it.     absentmindedly he wondered who had picked up the call.   The consulate’s call would have gone to London, his name passed up and up as more and more people found themselves without the security clearance to read what he was a part of.   Was it UNIT who eventually found out?     somehow he doubted that there was a direct line to Jack or even the hub on a file somewhere and his own phone was entirely dead now.

how long had he been waiting here now?   the pain and the minimal painkillers kept forcing him in and out of consciousness, awaiting some kind of travel back home.    the door opened, and he recognised that noise well enough.   still covered in grime, dust, sand and dried blood , the ruined tie had been removed by the doctor and was now shoved into the pocket of his trousers, bloodstained ends falling out slightly,   ianto didn’t open his eyes,  didn’t really have the energy for it if he was honest.

“   look, i’ve told everyone everything i can, alright.   i could really do with a plane ticket…or at least a PHONE CHARGER”           had he told the team he was doing this?   not really no,  jack was off on his conspiracy run and the others,   well something that hadn’t included him anyway.   he should probably tell them that he wouldn’t be in to work tomorrow      ( if they’d notice, he’s not too sure. )


5.1 Changes Everything by James Goss

Tyler Steele has washed up in Cardiff looking for a fresh start. A disgraced journalist, he’s looking into the Red Doors movement – are they really behind the terrorist attacks on immigrants? Who is stirring up the racism and hatred in the city, and what does outsourcing contractor 3Sol have to do with it? Tyler finds out that Torchwood - a secret organisation that everyone thought long gone - is back in business. Tyler realises that this is the second chance he’s been looking for, and he’ll do anything to be a part of it.

5.2 Aliens & Sex & Chips & Gravy by James Goss

Has Cardiff really been invaded by aliens? Tyler thinks he’s found a lead – the daughter of the mysterious Ro-Jedda is getting married and has booked a private party. If Torchwood can infiltrate it, there’s a chance they’ll end up closer to the truth. Free bar, canapés, and the chance to find out what’s really going on. What could possibly go wrong? Soon Torchwood are on the run for their lives, and learning more than they ever wanted to about alien life.

5.3 Orr by Juno Dawson

Vincent Parry is the most successful property developer in Cardiff. A while ago he made an agreement with the mysterious Ro-Jedda, and it is an arrangement he has come to bitterly regret. Something has to be done – but it’s going to cost him everything he loves. With time running out for Cardiff, Torchwood encounter an alien who knows them only too well.

5.4 Superiority Complex by AK Benedict

Poverty and homelessness are on the rise in Cardiff. The streets are full of the desperate and the dispossessed. So, of course, it’s the right time to open a 7-star luxury, all-inclusive hotel. And, naturally, the hotel is for aliens only. As the humans stand outside the gates and look hungrily in, there’s one thing that makes them smile. Someone is murdering the guests.

Starring John Barrowman, Paul Clayton, Alexandria Riley, Jonny Green, Sam Béart, Kai Owen and Eve Myles, with writers James Goss, Juno Dawson and AK Benedict, directed by Scott Handcock and produced by James Goss, don’t miss this exciting new series, available for pre-order at £28 on CD or £25 on download.

okay so more on our favorite new topic “random things with torchwood logos on them” :

first of all this fucking weevil shooting practice target???? like HOW did they get this printed?? maybe someone in the base designed it and then sent the design in to the manufacturers to get printed on a board but if so WHO???? there are so many questions behind this damn thing:

and then (bad screenshots here but w/e) EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF PAPER PRINTED AT TORCHWOOD. whether the information on it is torchwood secret or not, it has a logo at the bottom. 

isnt this amazing