torchwood s2

torchwood 2.0

i’m calling it right now; the governors is going to be the new torchwood back in  doctor who s2!!!

don’t believe me?

remember when the new principal has that file about charlie?

torchwood had a file about the Doctor as well!!

even those comments she made about his last name being smith.

“’such an old name; smith. you don’t see those around that much anymore. like john’.”

she DOES know about the Doctor and the fact that charlie is an alien. 

should we trust her? no.

would she be a good ally? possibly. 

after 6 years of watching the show and the spin offs; i don’t trust the writers enough for them to pull a ‘doomsday’ on us for the season finale. 

javabeanie  asked:

do you know of any good shows with queer characters? ive already finished the l word and queer as folk and i feel like i cant find any other good shows with a main reoccurring character(s) that is lgbtq+

currently airing (or confirmed to be returning to air):

  • grey’s anatomy
  • orphan black
  • orange is the new black (including a trans woman who is also played by a trans woman)
  • elementary (there is a trans woman who is played by a trans woman, who is not recurring yet but we’ve been led to believe will be a recurring char)
  • brooklyn 99
  • my mad fat diary
  • lost girl
  • teen wolf
  • shameless (us)
  • scandal
  • the fosters
  • pretty little liars
  • warehouse 13
  • looking
  • the walking dead

no longer airing:

  • queer as folk (uk original)
  • spartacus (all seasons)
  • american horror story s1 and s2
  • torchwood
  • skins (uk and us)
  • shameless (uk)
  • last tango in halifax

be sure to check the reblogs, i’m sure people will have additions :)