Modern Torchwood

So like imagine Torchwood but in 2018 where the team like to make memes of each alien they find and see who can make the best one.

Or the team bringing Jack along with them to a pride parade because he’d never been to one before as they never had them in the 51st century. (Plus decorating the hub with bisexual flags during pride month!)

Tosh and Ianto creating an alien spotting website whilst they’re drunk but the pictures are dubbed ‘too realistic’ and no one believes them.

Owen sometimes texting the Torchwood group chat in entirely emojis just because he can and because Tosh secretly finds it cute.

Tosh and Ianto having multiple conversations on different message apps whilst still managing to get work done to the others dismay.

'Torchwood outside the government, beyond the police and without decent signal seriously who thought an underground base was a good idea?’

The team actually communicating and opening up with each other so they can work better together and get to know each other as friends not just work colleagues!!!

Gwen coming up with the ship names Janto and Towen and always trying to set them up together so she can finally take them all on a triple date with her and Rhys.


Owen having a secret Instagram page for all his plants because they’re his children and they all have names and deserve love too!

I just miss Torchwood :(

Halloween fics

Looking for something to read for Halloween? I might just have something for you! Click the title for a link to Ao3. :) 

Light-hearted costume one-shot:
Role Reversal - in which the team dresses up for Halloween

Fluffy costume chaptered fic:
Tinker, Pirate, Captain, Spy - Owen, Ianto, and a series of clothing issues

Snarky chaptered fix-it featuring John Hart:
Haunted - When Ianto woke up with a very transparent Time Agent in his flat, he knew it would be a long, difficult day. He never thought he’d end up closer to Jack because of John Hart, though.

And my favorite, a mystery/thriller story that is scary and somewhat gory, but with depth and development. Proud of this one:
Bad Blood: Ianto is in a good place in his relationship with Jack. Why then is he having nightmares filled with blood and death, all by Jack’s hand? And what happens when they begin to come true?

Enjoy! I hope to write a new one this year, but my idea isn’t quite coalescing yet. Wish me luck as I’d love to tell another ghost story. 

i absolutely love how ten’s first season of doctor who introduces torchwood but just mentions it here and there and never actually shows it, but stresses that it’s regarded as this top secret super mysterious organisation with a higher order than the government and more powerful than the doctor himself, just enough to get everyone intrigued, so everyone watching is thinking oohohoho, what’s torchwood??? and then the actual spinoff show gets made and it turns out it’s just a bunch of aggressively depressed and perpetually horny bisexuals who have chinese takeaway tuesdays and occasionally shag aliens

hey look! some badass pansexuals!

Annalise Keating

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Jack Harkness

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Rose Quartz

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Lando Calrissian

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                                              pride month 2018 ⋄ just a list of some cool lgbt+ characters – 12/?
Ianto JonesTorchwood

I clear up your shit. No questions asked and that’s the way you like it. When did you last ask me anything about my life?

torchwood is the most wild show i’ve ever watched in that. it’s doctor who without being pussy about everything . it’s gay and horny on main and little disclaimer i have only seen one episode of torchwood sober so this isn’t a reliable review but . it’s a great show bc ., torchwood isn’t afraid to show lesbian aliens and horny burn gorman and torchwood isn’t afraid to get their nuts out and ? honestly ? every gay deserves to watch this show *cracks the whip*