Thank you Runic - Great Support: Torchlight II – Bugged player recieves loot from company president (!)
  • Torchlight II-Player: On the forums you said to email you about finding a way to get my stash back. I have a 5.53 kb Sharedstash.bin that I backed up that (hopefully) still contains my items, and the 17byte one in the currend save folder, whisch is obviously empty. I tried copying the backup into the save folder, but upon launching the game to check the stash is instantly wiped and the file size goes back zu 17 bytes. It's not a huge deal as all I had in there were some low level unique socketables so its no massive deal if I can't get them back, but have you got any ideas on what to do? Sorry to bother you!
  • Travis Baldree: I can't recover the stash - all garbled. However, I CAN give you this consolation stash that I put some goodies in. Hopefully it will reduce the pain a bit! Really sorry about this :( -->[sharedstash.bin 15k Download]
  • Torchlight II-Player: Oh wow! Thanks a bunch :D It's a shame I won't be able to get my items back but this is even better. Is there someone I can email at Runic to commend you for fantastic customer service?
  • Travis Baldree: Well, I'm the president and the lead engineer, so I guess you just did :)