torchlight 5k



I was freaking out before we started because traffic was HORRID and my GPS wasn’t working. I knew my way into downtown Minneapolis, but I didn’t know exactly where our parking ramp was that we wanted. We finally parked, had to book it 1 mile to the start, and got there 6 minutes before it was time to start (7:24pm). I think anger and annoyance is what got me through this run. I was booking it and by mile one I was like, “Oh… I feel pretty good. It’s hot, but I feel good. Maybe I can PR… Maybe…” 

I literally just kept thinking how badass it would be to PR. My watch read 31:25 at the finish, but before the race, my Garmin could NOT find the satellites and at one point, completely lost service. It finally got itself situated just in time, but it seemed off from the beginning. I’m pretty sure my official chip time is legit. Funny story: I forgot we actually had a chip on our bib and was disappointed after the race that I hadn’t PR’d. 30 minutes later I saw I had an email with my official time and freaked!! My mom rarely drinks, so it was pretty awesome to enjoy THREE beers together!

I have never sweat so much during a run, however, ever. I even poured some water on myself throughout the race because it was that hot. It was a great race with actual water bottles at mile 1 and 2 (and at the end of course). I did walk a little bit of each mile just to get my HR down, but then I’d book it to make up for the slack. There was a crap ton of food and free stuff after the race, I got free beer, and a ton of goodies while enjoying some live music. 

While walking back to our parking ramp, the volunteers yelled at us to take pretzels and Soyjoy bars. PSH, don’t have to tell me twice. Between my mom and I, we got 55 bags of pretzels, 3 boxes of bars, PLUS 2 reusable grocery bags, 2 drawstring bags, 2 stress balls, 2 pedometers, some blinky clips, chapstick, and free post race photos. Plus probably some more random things. 

This race was great. The course wasn’t really anything new to me because I’ve done similar routes for other races, but the organization of the race, and the after party were completely worth the money. 

End huge 5k recap.

T-Minus less than 3 hours...

Until I melt at the Minneapolis Torchlight 5k. 

Current stats: 

93, feels like 98 degrees. 
Dew point of 68 degrees.
Winds @ 10mph.
Mostly blue skies. 

Oh, we’ll also have to walk about a mile to the start line, and then close to two miles back to the car afterwards… Thank god for the 2 free beers at the end… 


But not yet.