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Darin ( \dærɪn\ )   The origin of this name is still today quite uncertain. The theories include: 1) From an English surname which was derived from the Norman French “d'Airelle” (French word for huckleberry), originally denoting one who came from Airelle, Calvados, France. 2) An anglicization of the Irish first name “Darragh” or “Dáire”, meaning “oak tree”. . it could also mean ‘Precious Gift, Burnt land, hill, Dwelling by a hill, Great, lord or supporter’ 

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What's your URL from, if I may ask?

Its pretty much a vague reference to my favorite character from Stardew Valley, Shane xD In the game he likes Hot Peppers (Spicy) and he loves raising and taking care of chickens (Chicken)… and well… hes a man sooo (Man) xDD I guess you could also attribute Spicy to him being kinda grumpy at times, but i mostly have it there cause he likes hot peppers :3c

Tristas: I just ended a 14-year friendship.
Dex: Are you okay?
Tristas: Yeah it wasn’t mine. *looks at Helene and Elias on the other side of the room*

Elias: *enacts slitting Tristas’ throat*

Elias: *mouths* get ready to meet death.

I’ve been watching a lot of Drawing With Jazza lately, just on a whim. Seeing him work on midtone paper inspired me to give it a shot. Also gave me an excuse to get to grips with Clip Studio Paint. I tried to keep it as traditional looking as possible, staying away from my photoshop-savvy trickery.

Here’s Grae hiking in the dark, looking world-weary and grizzled. Keep going, man, you’ll get there…

Laia: I just had a thought
Cook: Your mother would be proud.

Laia: … would you please stop hating on my mother? I’ve got a brother to save


Yup, I do this too… 🤓😜

#abstractart #liquidacrylicpaint #propain #torch#fun

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↪ Names | Helene

Helene ( \ˈhe-ˌlēn\ ) Greek name derived from the root ēlē meaning ‘light, torch, bright’. It’s also the name of a moon of the planet Saturn.

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