torches album


IN CASE YOU MISSED IT- Foster the People had a Q&A on Reddit. Here are some of my favorites. :)

Culturally it’s really funny to me that people respect the weird guy as an artist. There can be a curmudgeon in the corner with spiders building nests in his hair and he hasn’t bathed for three weeks but for whatever reason, he’s more creative than the guy sitting next to him that’s showered and is talking to everybody. I think it’s bullshit… I’m not going to try to be someone I’m not in order to try to be taken more seriously. I’m beginning to think that there’s nothing more courageous, and nothing harder, than actually just being yourself: the good, the bad, and the ugly.
—  Mark Foster
I think lyrically it’s a really vulnerable album. There are a couple of songs that will be a good bridge from Torches to some of the other songs on the new record that are a different feel for us. Torches to me was an about escapism. It was a record that you could put on and it would lift you out of whatever mood you were in and just kind of let go. I think this record is much more about confronting your thoughts and being introspective, and challenging the thing in the room that’s bothering you as opposed to running from it. I think tonally that’s one of the biggest differences between the two records.
—  Mark Foster on Supermodel

I haven’t mentioned in my last post that I also got the chance to meet and greet with them at the Shangri-La Hotel the same day of their concert. ‘Nuff said. I regretted not shaking hands with Mark, Pontius, and Cubbie -___- When I was the next one to have them sign my copy of their album, I literally ran out of words and I just fell blank all of a sudden. All I managed to say was HI and THANK YOU. Still, this tops the list after my m&g with Allison Harvard a few months ago. Mark Foster was just sooooo uuuuugh!~ handsome and all I can remember up until now is his tantalizing blue eyes :“33