I'm All Right
Radiator Hospital
I'm All Right

I don’t know if you got my letter. I don’t know if your cheeks got redder. I don’t know if you feel better, but I know that I’m alright. I don’t know if your friends are there. I don’t know if they’d even care. I don’t know if you feel it in the air, but I know that I’m alright. I could be strong for you. I could be wrong for you. I could be anything you’d like. I’m not fine, but I’m alright. I don’t know if you’re crying still. I don’t know if you’ve had your fill. I don’t know yet, but I will, and I know that I’m alright.

Fireworks (Reprise)
Radiator Hospital
Fireworks (Reprise)

Radiator Hospital - Fireworks (Reprise)

i’ve been thinking about that evening, darling
we walked further than i thought we would

you liked at me like i was your way out
i looked at you, thought i’d never stop lookin’

do you miss me?
i’m sorry i called, but glad you got the phone
did i tell you how i miss you?
i think of you often when i’m alone

Torch Song (Live 11-02-1996)
The Mountain Goats
Torch Song (Live 11-02-1996)

The sun was coming up, and our friend was sound asleep
But we saw through the window that the water ran so deep
That you couldn’t make out the ocean floor
Then I saw you in the light
I couldn’t take it any more

Give me your hand
Give me everything you’ve got
And the light from window will fall on us burning hot
Just like a torch

The air was humid; I will not forget
When we stepped outside, I hear your footsteps
Now in my mind, it’s a soft sound
Almost imperceptible against the giving ground

Let me kiss your eyelids with my lips
Let me feel the heat coming off your fingertips
Just like a torch

from The Hound Chronicles (1992)

This is 100% my favorite song from this show.



anonymous asked:

Please. Tell us who is this guy :((

This guy is from Russia. Volgograd (this is my home city)
30 min ago I was on youtube, scrollin` random vids, suddenly saw some  strange thumbnail picture on the vid. 
This guy has dа similar profile as Eric Harris had, but in some camera angle there are no some congeniality, but in some he has absolutely
resource from my priv post is here

p/s this song is not torch-song its about “to stay strong no matter how you feel after everyday shock and etc. How ironically

Torch Song
Torch Song

Torch Song | AFI

I saw you so bereft, so pale and weak.
When I looked through,
You and I declined to speak.
I won’t say,

I’d tear out my eyes for you, my dear.
To see everything that you do. I’d do,
I’ll tear out my soul for you, my dear. Oh my dear,
To feel everything as you do. I do.