“Beyoncé continues in the legacy of our father by being committed to the art of performing. She’s always pushing the envelope with her boundless energy and talent. She carries the torch lit by our father.” - Paris Jackson (M.J.’s daughter)

Does Your Cat Hate You?

If you refer to yourself as a “cat parent” or to your cat as a “fur baby,” and feel as though the hate vibes you’re sensing represent some kind of feline adolescence, remember that the only parental force the animal recognizes is the jungle law of kill or be killed. It’s really nothing personal. :)

If, on the one hand, you are convinced that your cat loathes your very existence but, on the other, think that it seems to enjoy the cat tepee you spent a hundred and twenty-five dollars on, I would place the odds of your cat torching your house at fifty-fifty.

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1) Sakamoto and Kagura find out they’re both fanatics of a ridiculously indie edge-space band. They rock it out to music everyone else can only describe as a cross between “techno distressed whale sounds and cutsey monk chanting”.

It’s soul-destroying stuff.

2) Takasugi can’t help but extend the torch of knowledge to a fellow kid with visual field defects. (And sass Gin simultaneously). Pattsuan is wary but also a little chuffed. 

anonymous asked:

what are your favorite Lion theories?

i like the idea that he’s just some weird thing rose created, a construct, some sort of torch to pass onto steven to help him in mysterious ways… ya that’s vague but honestly I don’t know, lion could be aaaanything and I need more stuff to go on here ..

anonymous asked:

They found "Jesus saves william tyrell" spray painted on a tree in a national park with a compass, a torch, a coin and some post it notes placed there, 12km from where he was taken. Do you think this is someone "wishing hope for him" or a geocache sort of game whoever or whomever took him is playing. I think this investigation has been botched from the start.

I’d say that’s more just somebody maybe creating some sort of shrine or memorial. Apparently sniffer dogs couldn’t pick up his scent further than the driveway which in my opinion indicates that he was abducted as opposed to he wandered off. I believe he was abducted, probably by an opportunist who lived in a different area, which is why his body has not been discovered. I sadly doubt he’s still alive and doubt we’ll ever know what really happened to him.

I can never get too far in Minecraft, especially not now with all the awesome new things. 

I ran across a forest fire yesterday while exploring. (Sad enough, I definitely stood there, somber, watching the trees and singing to myself “The trees like torches blazed with light…”) Then I smacked the fires out, had to cut down some trees to stop it from spreading. I made room in the inventory, gathered up the wood, and ran back home. I had 37 ferns, 21 lilacs, etc. I befriended two wolves on the way home. So here’s my happy flower-holding adventurer and his wolf pals. (I typically use the Elf skin, of course!) ^^

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Bridge riddle

There are 4 people trying to escape from a killer out to get them. They come across the bridge that can only fit 2 people at a time, which would be fine if not for the aforementioned killer wanting to kill them.
Here are things to take into consideration:

1. The bridge has 1 torch so out of the 2 that cross, one must come back so the others can cross.
2. Each person takes a different amount of time to cross (1 min, 2 mins, 5 mins and 10 mins)
3. The slowest time is the one that matters ie if you pair the 5 min person with the 10 min one it will take 10 mins to cross
4. You cannot carry someone, throw the torch across or any other trick
5. The killer is 17 minutes behind

Given all that, how do you make it so you all survive? (Once you all cross you destroy the bridge so the killer can’t cross)


Stella is jolted out of her sleep by the sound of a door very quietly being opened and then closed. She’s always been a light sleeper, but even more so since she’s been sleeping in her little cot at HQ. She jumps up, grabbing her gun, and heads for the doorway, fully alert and ready to shoot, if needs be. She silently moves out of her office, and her eyes pick up a silhouette with what appears to be a torch lurking over a desk in one of the offices. She slips towards it, out of view, then bursts through the door.

‘Put your hands on your head, slowly, and I won’t shoot,’ she says calmly, and the figure jumps.

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