torch tattoo


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Adjusting your glasses, messy braids, stormy piano pieces played in an empty house, running your fingertips over Books arranged on a shelf as you walk past, messy hieroglyphic handwriting, large cups of tea, pensive silences, video games, perfectly sharpened pencils, tshirts two sizes too big, empty museums, awkward dance moves, sarcastic retorts and sly grins, fierce protectiveness towards your friends, the value of pi, old bookstores, giggling at stupid puns, pitch darkness, catapults, obsessions, ‘Why is everyone so stupid?’, ball pen doodles on the knees of your jeans, appraising yourself in the mirror, covering any hurt with snappy comebacks, bony wrists, red velvet cake, fluctuating interests, Latin phrases, passionate debates about trivial things, naming your plant, refusing to let yourself cry, research papers, Reading wikipedia articles for fun, spouting random facts, sharing significant looks with a friend, bad hair days,  painting on your bedroom wall, reading under the blankets by the light of a torch, tattoos on your wrists, worn out converse, messy tables, stacks of journals, thinly-veiled sarcasm, , the smell of Mint.

inspired solely by @siriuslysarcastic, the most INTP person I know (the only INTP person I know)