torch olympic

Weapon XX

Pairing: Reader x Bucky (subtle)
Word Count: 1.6K
Warnings: (Very brief mention of) drugs, torture, fighting, death

A/N: I know I do a lot of Bucky fics, but I just feel more comfortable writing for Bucky, and I love him

Reader is in the same program that Wade Wilson was in, Weapon X.

“I want to meet The Avengers,” you smile to yourself, remembering all the times you’d watched them on the news, “Oh, and get my ass kicked by Liam Neeson,”

“I’d really like to light a spliff off the Olympic torch,” Wade Wilson’s voice carried through the medical screen that separated the two of you,

“Oh, you better pass it to me right after,” you retort, a small chuckle surprised you as it erupts from your lips,

“Wait, how old are you? Are you even old enough to be doing drugs?” amusement thick in Wade’s tone,

“Yes,” you scoff, “I’m 21… or 22? I can’t remember how long I’ve been here,” a silence falls over the two of you, “I was 3 month away from turning 22 when I came here,” you explain. A lump rises in your throat, but you push past it, “God, my brother might not even know I’ve gone. What I’d give to go back… At least say goodbye to him,”

Your brother was the only family you had left. He was in his final year at boarding school, half way across the world. You hadn’t seen him in almost a year when you had agreed to enter Weapon X.

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Imagine after Loki serves his sentence with the Avengers, the mortal world shows their forgiveness toward him by inviting him to light the torch at the opening ceremonies at the Olympics.
He smiles brighter than ever, dressed in his full armor, as he delights the entire realm by using only his magic to light it and receives a standing ovation.

The Order of Anankos

Out of affection for his beloved children, Anankos arranged a number of priestesses who would make pilgramage between the two kingdoms and Valla to deliver gifts and messages, as well as aid all sons and daughers of Valla in matters regarding peace and commerce as well as cultural exchange. These priestesses already existed in Valla since the kingdom’s creation and consisted of legendary healers who held sway over all bodies of water, for they were extensions of Anankos himself.

Upon induction, a priestess must take an oath that dictated secrecy of their trade as well as honor to be the eyes of Anankos, who himself could not leave Valla. The proof of a priestess’s oath were her eyes of gold, as all Vallites are born with red eyes. With the blessing of the father dragon, a priestess was granted access to a wide variety of healing arts granted by water, best learned through understanding the movements of water (hence the strong ties to dance and song).

These priestesses would go down in history as legends. Statues of their robed likeness, clasping their hands in prayer, are scattered about the continent in remembrance for their deeds. There have been no recent records of a living Vallite priestess at the present time, not since the supposed day that Anankos closed away the gates of Valla. The only living proof that Vallite priestesses once roamed the continent is the reclusive Ice Tribe in south Fallmount, who use ice as a conduit for their magic.

That’s right, we’ve got waterbenders. Technically, priestesses vow not to use their skills for violence. Doesn’t stop Azura from trying.

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This flying car could light the Olympic torch in Tokyo

Lighting the Olympic torch by foot? LOL, cute. An engineering group is racing time to create a flying car to light the Olympic cauldron during the 2020 games in Tokyo. The flying car will reportedly be able to take off and land vertically. But that’s hardly the coolest thing planned — considering the “meteor shower.”

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Q. Out of all the lives you’ve had so far, what’s the most astonishing production you’ve had?!

Sho: It was the flying at our 10th anniversary at Kokuritsu National Stadium.
Because the set was the highest spot,
I never thought I could fly in the air to the platform bearing the Olympic Torch.
If I think about it even now, my hands begin to sweat.

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2016 - Many Brazillians aren’t very happy with the Olympics being held in their country, with the state spending millions on stadiums and temporary infrastructure and lavish presents for corrupt IOC officials, while the country and the province and the city are in big recessions with no money for essentials like teachers and firefighters and hospitals. So here are some Brazilians doing their best to sabotage the carrying of the Olympic torch. 

The Gold medal goes to the first gif, in which a group of local kids actually manage to  steal the torch and run off with it, ending in a riot with tear gas and rubber bullets. The other gifs are valiant tries by individuals doing their best to extinguish the torch. I guess this again goes to show the importance of solidarity and working together. [video]/[video]


Rupert Grint - Olympic Torch Relay 2012

“It’s really exciting, I’ve always been a big fan of the Olympics and have always wanted to get involved with it. It’s a really historical kind of event, and I don’t think in my lifetime there will be another Olympics in London, so yeah, I feel really honored to be part of it. I didn’t really know what to expect, it was all a bit of a blur. I’m just so proud to be a part of it. It’s amazing to see everyone so excited and really geared up for this – I think it’s going to be a great games.”