Although the NDP lost tonight I met two amazing Canadian women. Top is the widow of the Late Great Jack Layton, MP Olivia Chow… Who said she loved my Jack Layton iphone case. And NDP candidate Linda Mcquaig who answered my question in a scrum on live television. This is one night I will never forget. #NDP #JackLayton #OliviaChow #LindaMcQuaig #TorCen #CdnPoli

Its by-election day in Toronto Centre! Please go out and vote. Especially the youth. Do your duty as a Canadian and elect who you believe would be the right fit to speak your opinion in the house of Parliament. If you do not know who to vote for, I would suggest Linda Mcquaig. But I did my job and voted. Now its your turn! #TorCen #CdnPoli #NDP