Viking Torc with Axehead Pendants, 8th-11th Century AD

A silver flat sectioned torc, narrowing to the ends and engraved with lines forming triangular patterns; five suspension rings to the body with large silver suspension loops with threaded wire over body and with axe pendant to each with engraved sun burst pattern

You’ve seen Tim, you’ve seen Pay, you’ve seen Ded

Get ready for this fucker

I guess,, heres *Squints* Torc?

i suppose i could say he likes

  • Herbal tea
  • Swing Music
  • Drawing
  • Nail Polish/make up
  • Outspace
  • Blogging


  • He is Vegan
  • Passive Agressive
  • a Secret sinnamon roll
  • Nervous gay™ 
  • He probably works at a cafe
  • secretly smokes in a secretive way

also has the infinity symbol tattooed on his wrist