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Where will it lead you?
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Entry 575: Torat

Home World: Unknown

Occupation: Major scientist of the week

First Appearance: “Counterpoint” (VOY, 1998)

Summary: Little is known of this humanoid scientist’s species. Torat himself was a brilliant scientist in wormhole study and theory, and he was on good terms with the Devore. His people were very loosely-governed, and they tended to look down on large governing bodies. Though non-aggressive, they were generally solitary, and somewhat asocial. They were also known for loudly and visibly inflating their sinuses when agitated or excited.

Title: Just Ask Me To
Rating: Explicit
Paring: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Genre: Canon compliant, The X Factor era
Words: WIP (~103 K)

“You’re telling the truth,” Louis whispers.

“Of course I’m telling the truth!” Harry doesn’t even care that he sounds exasperated.

“Oh my god.” Louis grabs the wall behind him as if looking for support. His body slides down against it until he’s sitting crouched on the floor.

He mumbles something but Harry can’t really figure out what it is. He crouches down, and looks desperately at the breaking boy in front of him.

“You’re telling the truth,” Louis whispers. “You were not supposed to–”

“I was not supposed to do what? Tell me please,” he urges, taking Louis’ hands gently in his.

First chapter to be posted on AO3 on 15th May!

Art made by the lovely @melmanpur using @yoursincerelylarry’s font.

My first ever fanfiction! If you like it, please leave a comment for me <3

Title: The King She Liked To Bow Down To

Rating: Explicit

Summary:  When Betty Cooper sees Jughead Jones, she can’t stop thinking about him. The crown beanie wearing boy in her class is exerything she ever craved. Will her fantasies become reality? Heavy Smut and slight Dom/Sub. College AU.

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Fic Prompt (part 2 of 2)

prompt, if ur taking them: jaime rides to winterfell and bends the knee to sansa and becomes an honorable advisor, Jon is very jealous. (bonus points if he walks past dany who thinks he’s bending the knee to her instead of sansa)

Part 2 of 2. Part One can be found here:

Rated E

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jewish tumblrs list

will have rolling updates and be on my sidebar. to be on the list see here

  1. wenevergotusedtoegypt - Orthodox (Chabad) - A personal blog mostly about Judaism and baal teshuva issues. 
  2. aniacshav - i’m in the process of converting through a conservative shul, and my blog is mostly jewish history/culture with some personal stuff thrown in, mostly about jewish identity and lgbtq+ stuff
  3. emperor-of-matzah - Not too much on faith, i’m secular. I focus a lot on Jewish history, languages, food, culture, etc.
  4. everafterbreathedisaster - Conservative Jew. This blog is mostly a bunch of bands and humor posts with social-justice and activism mixed in.
  5. acejews - multiperson blog w/ mods of varying observances - a safe space for all ace-spectrum jews, whether jewish by patrilineality, matrilineality, or conversion (past, or if you’re currently in the process)
  6. arothejew - a Chabad/Chassidic Rabbinical Student, who runs a jewish blog in his spare time from yeshiva. I’m especially open to give advice and answer questions - judaism, jewish law, spirituality. Even if I don’t know the answer to the question, I am surrounded by Jewish scholars (rabbis) of incredible caliber who can also help get your questions answered.
  7. believebeluga - reform Jewish - primarily a wildlife-centric blog, but I also bring up social rights issues and Judaism pretty frequently. 
  8. @sapphic-krogan - reform Ashkenazi Jew, and I post a multitude of things but as for Jewish stuff it’s mostly about Jews in fiction, Jews in current events, and responses to antisemitism.
  9. zeeziegallifrey -  Conservadox-Reconstructionish! (Ask me about it :) ) - A wild mix of Judaism, cats, well-tagged fandom, and living with chronic illness. Very much here for baking and interfaith work!
  10. shomermitzvah - Modern Orthodox. If you need to be more specific than that, I’m on the machmir side (ie. closer to yeshivish modern than conservadox on the modern orthodox scale). - My blog is mostly Jewish, but I also blog personal stuff.
  11. angryaliens - somewhere between conservative and reform - blog is photography with some sj and a bit of jewish stuff
  12. marxistdivreitorah - Reconstructionist divrei torah on the weekly torah portion from a Marxist point of view
  13. girloverhere - American-Charedi (Right-Wing Orthodox) :)
  14. rookieconvert -  I’m converting to Judaism in a mainly Modern Orthodox synagogue. I post personal stuff, social justice stuff and LGBT stuff. I have a ‘judaism tag’, 'convert stuff’ tag and a 'shul tag’! 
  15. argumentativeandjewish - Chabad perspective
  16. mixedjudaism - orthodox, but with no real affiliation to any denomination - a space for jews of mixed race/ethnicity to talk about their experiences within jewish spaces and their identity.
  17. shiraglassman - I’m Reform Jewish and I tend to post/reblog content relevant to queer-positive Judaism, including the Jewish characters in my books.
  18. @thetomatofaerie (i’ve tried like 8 times to tag them and it’s not working? anyway the link is here) - I’m Reform, and I blog a lot about Jewish history and Jewish culture/heritage, especially from a Russian Jewish perspective. I also like talking about fashion, fairytales/fantasy, and literature.
  19. shabbosfemme - I was raised Reconstructionist-Renewal, and my blog is mostly personal stuff and social justice posts, but Judaism absolutely fits in with that.
  20. scriblonza - mostly a personal blog, but seeing that practicing Judaism (Orthodox) is a rather large part of my person, I post/reblog about that as well
  21. directed-energy - I post radical left/anarchist jewish activist & cultural stuff along with queer activism, art, and silly posts about superheroes :)
  22. facingthenorthwind - i’m converting through a progressive shul in australia, mostly a personal blog but since judaism is a big part of my life, it comes up fairly frequently.
  23. he-harim - modern-orthodox-ish BT (originally non-observant). mainly personal-Jewish.
  24. so-much-depends-upon-a  same as above, the other blog of torat-chesed. this blog focuses on the sociological side of judaism – jewish posts here will mainly be about antisemitism. not primarily a jewish blog.
  25. schemingreader - I do not identify as Orthodox, though I am observant and keep Shabbat. I belong to a non-denominational havurah w/ no mehitzah. I’m deeply interested in halachic discussions, but I can never take a frum perspective. (I do bring a middle-aged mom’s perspective, which perhaps has some value.)
  26. bennistar - In Real life: A regular Chassidish yeshiva bochur from one of the chassidic courts in Eretz Yisroel. On Tumblr: Known as the Tambler Rebbe blogging mainly about Judaism, Torah/Chassidic thoughts, daily life in the Hasidic world and some Jewish music
  27. reachabovethetrees - British Liberal Judaism perspective. About half way through my conversion, and am a personal blog on my way towards blogging more about jewish culture and religion.
  28. lachaim - I am reform, and I reblog a lot of Jewish content that I agree with or want to spread awareness about. Otherwise, I follow a few marvel fandoms and other things relevant to my life.
  29. feministrhymeswithwitch - I was raised modern orthodox but I identify more with conservative and I do a ton of angry Jewish blogging :3
  30. ceaseand-exist - conservative Jew from the US. I started as a One Direction blog but also post frequently about Jewish culture and anti-semitism. Strong pro-Israel focus.
  31. life-chats - I’m west-coast US Reform, and my blog is a pretty even mix of personal stuff and politics/feminism, including a healthy amount of content on Jewish pride/jokes/politics/oppression.
  32. a-cute-potsexual - i’m reform, and my blog is a lot of social justice and humor
  33. faefemme - I blog about Judaism, antisemitism and other social justice issues, art history, and personal matters. I’m reform currently, but I might be looking into a conservative synagogue soon.
  34. voeu-a-l-univers - Sephardi Jew. I usually post things that interests a young Jew in Europe. But also our struggles to live in a society that killed our ancestors not long a go.
  35. kgwriter - orthodox, mostly focused on fandoms and things that make me laugh, but i occasionally post/reblog things about jewishness, judaism, and antisemitism in the modern world
  36. queerkavod - Raised Conservative. A blend of Judaism, social justice, queer positivity, and art.
  37. antisemitic - Cultural Ashkenazi and Mizrachi jew - I talk about Jewish culture and tradition and antisemitism. It’s my own personal blog too so there is a bit of everything
  38. battlships - adopted Reform Jew (so I’m technically a convert) - Mostly I reblog and add to stuff other Jewish bloggers post (sprinkled through fandom and personal stuff). 
  39. thelastplaceweleftoff - modern orthodox, half Israeli-Moroccan - I blog mostly about bands (I always tag), social justice, and the Jewish stuff I do blog about are either positive memes or current events/antisemitism.
  40. chayehshoshana - a 19-year-old Conservative Jewish girl - I post pretty much exclusively about Judaism with some personal posts interspersed.
  41. jusnothin - orthodox girl - likes to post photos of the kosher food she cooks and things that i think are cool in general.
  42. wearingoutthereplay - Reform Jewish girl - posting about fandom, various jumblr things &, my writing & social justice (especially LGBT+)
  43. journey2judaism - converting to Reform Judaism but my beliefs lie somewhere between conservative and reform - I mostly post about Judaism but with other stuff in there too (beauty/fashion, activism, feminism, photography, certain TV shows and books)
  44. jewishthottie - reform jewish girl of ashkenazic descent - this is a semi personal blog but i post a lot about jewish culture, history, politics, etc!!
  45. the-jewish-asexual - modern orthodox - I usually post stuff relating to Judaism, and I am a proud pro-zionist
  46. jewish-privilege - mods are Reform Jewish and atheist Jewish (raised Orthodox) - we cover Jewish solidarity, and Jewish history and culture, especially in dealing with antisemitism
  47. patrickohenry - dati leumi–Israeli modern orthodox - Jewish content is Jewish/Israeli inspired poetry but will be adding more talmudic content in the near future!
  48. schnappbacks - somewhere between conservative and modern orthodox - the blog is basically military stuff, things I find funny, and Judaism. every now and then I’ll post from my extensive collection of obscure Jewish jokes
  49. @nightseas - reform Jew and my blog is multi-topic - fandom, religion, social justice, personal
  50. jacob-the-pianist -  Chabad-affiliated Modern Orthodox Zionist - Raised Conservative, became BT through high school and college- my blog’s mostly dedicated to my many MANY fandoms, but I also post stuff about Israel, halacha, Torah, and Chabad Chassidus.
  51. pissyghostie -  converting to Conservative Judaism - mostly a social justice and annoying humor blog with the more-than-occasional impassioned personal post.
  52. elviscostellojr - im reform/conservative romaniote and im 1daf (but i blog a lot about jewish things n music n stuff)
  53. hey-miss-teacher-lady - I’m reform/reconstructionist and my blog is personal-ish with mostly rants about life, my experiences as a student teacher (working towards my Masters in Education), the occasional silly meme/fandom reblog, and Jewish stuff.
  54. feministrugelach - I’m a conservative Jew, but my more distant family is modern orthodox and I may drift more towards that when i get older, I’m not sure. this is my personal blog, I reblog some leftist politics, and jewish things I like, support, or find inspirational.
  55. koleliana -  Orthodox - blog mostly about conversion issues!
  56. skywritingg - conservadox-in-process - personal blog with a growing percentage of Jewish content because I love it.
  57. thisqueerjewishlife - raised Reform but transitioning into a more Conservative/Conservadox lifestyle - I mostly write about my thoughts and experiences as a queer Jewish person.
  58. @sadiqim - Reform-Reconstructionst Ashkenazi Jewish woman who posts a combination of fandom, radical/marxist politics and religious dialogue
  59. @greetingsfriend - culturally ashkenazi, grew up reformed - this is my personal blog, so there’s a whole smorgasbord of stuff, but i often reblog from and low-key engage with the jumblr community
  60. @nerapalooza - a trans Jew who became more religious in college and participate in liberal movements but with no particular affiliation - my personal blog but I have a tag for jumblr and a link to that tag in my sidebar for people wanting to look only at Jewish related posts. Blog is queer/trans friendly and pro-Israel.
  61. @love-you-a-latke - reform judaism
  62. @heeb-y - liberal Zionist and my personal religious beliefs fall somewhere between conservative and reform - I blog about fashion, music (rap n indie mostly), politics, and Judaism.
  63. @faithfulimage - liberal in theology and moderate in practice. - A sometimes personal blog that is mostly about Judaism and being a working class, Jewish, trans, lesbian woman, an adoptee, and a victim of abuse.
  64. @childofbenjamin - Orthodox (modern leaning) - I mostly blog about Zionism and anti-Semitism.
  65. @matan-matika - Conservative Jew - This blog focuses on a mix of math, linguistics, and Judaism.
  66. @goldhornsandsteel - a general Israeli/Jewish Atheist rage blog
  67. @janothar​ - atheist Humanistic Jew (who sometimes hangs out in Conservative and Reform groups) - my blog is very broad, lots of anti-antisemitism, and soon I’ll be leading what we’re calling “The Magneto Seminar”
  68. @tooshulforschool - I blog from an atheist/secular Jew perspective
  69. @pretentiousyid - modern orthodox - Hebrew school teacher and judaics and art director at the jcc in bham alabama.
  70. @wcjp - conservative ideology but attends a reconstructionist synagogue out of ease of access - my blog is a mix of my personal thoughts regarding conversion and judaism, and i reblog general history, social justice, analysis and other things related to judaism
  71. @conversion-theory - Reconstructionist Conversion Student - Neurodiverse LGBTQ Person who sideblogs learning about judaism.
  72. @bannvck - Conservative Judaism - I run a semi-personal blog about my conversion, schooling, and Indigenous + Jewish issues
  73. @progressivejudaism - although I am a Reform Rabbinical student, I try also include other lenses within the Progressive Jewish community
  74. @mugglehistory - I’m a Modern Orthodox frum girl who posts about Jewish history and culture - I’m happy to share an Orthodox perspective on things, and chat to conversion students. (:
  75. @alternativetodiscourse - Orthodox/Modern Orthodox - Jewish content only, stuff about the parsha a lot, Jewish memes, and hypothetical/supernatural Halacha. 
  76. @sdhs-rationalist - I’m from a modern orthodoxish background(my family had a partnership Minyan in our basement for a while, if that helps localize my upbringing on the spectrum). - I’m at Maale Gilboa for the year and I post about that every so often, as well as answering halachic And Talmudic questions I get or that I see on my dash and can answer.
  77. @jitm - Old chassidic (meaning stringently observant, mystical etc.) with modern leanings (meaning using Tumblr) - Basically a self-imposed exile like Rebs Zusha and Elimelech, to the land of Israel, where I post my situations, thoughts, insight, torah, etc.
  78. @trans-jewish-boi - reconstructionist - my blog is still super new but im going to blog about judaism, books and lgbt issues
  79. @littleblueray - converting through a reform rabbi at a reformative shul - I post mainly about my observance, Judaism, and life. Im disabled, volunteer at s hospital and am a college student majoring in criminal justice. :-) gd bless
  80. @miriastar - I’m a queer disabled reform Jew - I post a lot about politics, Judaism, antisemitism, and Jewish-related issues.
  81. @gaylexies -  I was raised reform and would still call myself that even though I don’t really practice (changing that soon though) of Ashkenazi descent - Mostly an unthemed personal blog, but I’ve been posting a lot more Jewish content lately.

Here it is! My last entry for sarumi fest day 8 ☺️💙❤️

Title: Something to Look Forward to

Rating: Explicit

Word count: 7.8k

Summary: Yata was used to being embarrassed when it came to doing stuff in the bedroom, but with a new suggestion from Fushimi, Yata was sure this was a night that wouldn’t compare. The worst part? He might not have hated the idea as much as he had originally suspected.



I was afraid of


under my bed, or in my


waiting to

jump out, and scare me.

I was afraid of


not because of what they looked like but

because on what they would

say, and

think about me.

Using my heart against me, and

toying me around the floor

beating me with their


I was afraid of


because money is

limited to what you

do and

how you get it.

It’s a number

just like a grade,

or on the scale, or on the

size of your clothes,

or on your IQ score,

or on how many drinks you can


because for some reason that’s considered


or on the hotness scale

that people like to use to

rate someone’s

physical worth

but never someone’s


Even though we all know that our physical body

rots but our

heart, and spirit is


I was afraid of

the future

because it’s unpredictable, and

I want to know

what’s going to happen because it’s a


I was afraid of


because I didn’t know how to

be a Christian;

because I didn’t know how to

act or behave around others who

love me, or

hate me,

who care for me, or

persecute me, and

who accept me, or

judge me.

Now I know after saying this most will

forget these words

so let me leave you with this:

there are

so many more

reasons to love

than to fear

because let me tell you

first hand

not everyone believes

they’re lovely, and

not everyone believes

they’re loved.

They just might

have proof through others that

they’re loved

but they don’t

believe it themselves.

So just


as Christ loves

even if it’s just a

tiny amount,

because that love

has bigger changes, and

life altering differences

than fear ever will.

Title: Just Ask Me To
Rating: Explicit
Paring: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Genre: Canon compliant, The X Factor era
Words: 23 788 words (~100 K total)

“You’re telling the truth,” Louis whispers.

“Of course I’m telling the truth!” Harry doesn’t even care that he sounds exasperated.

“Oh my god.” Louis grabs the wall behind him as if looking for support. His body slides down against it until he’s sitting crouched on the floor.

He mumbles something but Harry can’t really figure out what it is. He crouches down, and looks desperately at the breaking boy in front of him.

“You’re telling the truth,” Louis whispers. “You were not supposed to–”

“I was not supposed to do what? Tell me please,” he urges, taking Louis’ hands gently in his.

Art made by the lovely @melmanpur using @yourssincerelylarry’s font. 

Read it on AO3!

Updates coming every Friday :)

anonymous asked:

Is there any non-NSFW fics recs out there for me, a fluff addict who is drawn to the pit that is reylo? :3

Hello Dear Anon xx

There’s a slice of everything for everyone in this fandom, fluffy one. Below is a list of non-nsfw fanfics ^_- Most are multi-chapter stories, so you’ll find all genre in there, from angst to the much beloved fluffy, precious moments! 

If it’s specifically only fluffy fanfics you’re looking for though, I’m not too sure there’s many of those. But most of the stories below certainly have their fluffy moments, and they’re all free of smut. xx 


By: NotSoJollywood


Light and dark. Good and evil. Love and hate. The Force was all about balance, and yet neither of them knew exactly where they stood. WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS FOR THE FORCE AWAKENS. Eventual Kylo/Rey.

Rated: T

Link: (X)


Sky Marked Souls

By: snowfright


Prompted by cerulean8ullet on tumblr: ‘Soulmates get blue marks on their skin wherever their other person gets physical pain.’

Rey has long wondered whose pain she wears on her skin like blossoms - a brave pilot, a legendary smuggler, a hero?
She never expects to find him on the opposite side of the battlefield.

Ren has given up on finding the girl who paints his hands and hips sky-like, but then suddenly she’s standing over him wearing his new scar. The scar she’s cut with her own hand.

They have been on a collision course since the day they were born, inexorably drawn to each other, and neither one can escape unscathed.

Rated: T

Link: (X)


The Vampire of Starbucks

By: snowfright


He could, theoretically, be a vampire. If vampires existed. Either way Rey’s rudest and most dismissive Starbucks customer certainly does seem to wear a lot of black. And always appear exactly when she’s been left on her own. She’s pretty sure his name isn’t actually ‘Kylie N.’ or ‘Kai Lauren’ but hey, if she’s spelling it wrong deliberately on his incredibly pretentious order who can blame her?

Rated: T

Link: (X)

Note: Modern Au written by one of the gleaming stars in our fandom! xx 

Like Young Gods

By: diasterisms


“What do you think?” Luke asks his nephew. “She has potential.”

“She bit me, Master,” is Ben’s stiff response. “Any opinion I give would be biased.”

Or: Everyone is connected, even if, sometimes, it’s just by the skin of our teeth. Even in the midst of darkness, still, luminous beings are we.

Rated: T

Link: (X) 

Note: Another gem in the fandom. What is Rey was brought to the Jedi Academy and trained with Ben? A very healthy dose of fluff in there. And pain… oh so much pain… but fluff too! Lots of fluff. It’s wonderfully written. Very detailed and well researched. The author has an amazing way of world building and the stories just slot perfectly into the Star Wars universe. It’s not finished yet, but no smut so far. xx 

The Danse Macabre

By: Rellie


It’s a dream or a memory though she’s not sure which of them it belongs to

Rated: T

Link: (X)

Together We’ll Be Legends

By: Scribomaniac


The day Luke Skywalker brought home the small orphaned girl named Rey, Ben Solo couldn’t have cared less. Now though? Now he’d fight the entire galaxy just to keep her by his side.

Rated: G

Link: (X)

Don’t open your eyes yet

By: day dreaming dreamer


“Don’t open your eyes yet,” he pleads, eyes focused. No matter how many times they’ve met, she’s always so struck by how he seems to burn her very soul. Her body aches for his, but she keeps her face impassive. He begs her once more. She’s so willing while asleep, so tired of fighting against a current that’s always going against her. “Please.”

Rated: T

Link: (X)

Broken connection

By: day dreaming dreamer 


“They have forged an unwanted connection through the force. As much as she longs for his presence to go away, she realizes that he’s not going anywhere. Kylo Ren is here to stay, and he burns permanent imprints in Rey’s mind.” Kylo/Rey.

Rated: T

Link: (X)

If you need anymore recs, or these aren’t quite the ones you’re looking for atm , feel free to message me :) xx