ugliest edit ever, sorry bb, i don’t have talent ;; Hikaru!! Happy birthday cutie! ♥ 20 years old? wow! It’s so funny that your birthday is one day before mine and we have similar kind of body… haha you are like my asian twin (?), ok no, you are prettier uvu~ ♥ I don’t remember the first time that I wrote you something of if you did it first, but since that day I started to love you and take care of you, because you are so nice, and cute, and wonderful, and all the synonyms that those words could have. Even when you are older, you are like a baby to me and I want to protect you ;u; (that’s why you are my Hikaru-chan huhu) Thank you for your nice words, your drawings, your funny moments, and for your love for U-KISS and Elvin! ♥ I wish you all the happiness in this world and more, you deserve it and I’m sure you will have it because you are wonderful~~ Aishiteru!♥♥♥♥ 

I had to make this episode, yep… c:


So I tweeted my fanart of him at around 2:30AM.. (then I went to sleep..) I think in about 10 hours later my phone notified me… OMFG he just retweeted/quoted my tweet to him! My fandom friends also started to tweet me about it and my notification was bombed with mentions, favorites, retweets and also follows! xD I never expected this to happen at all, even though 2 weeks(?) had passed, I’m still freaking happy <3