Hiyom, guys! Sarapyon here and since it’s already the holidays, my birthday (it’s on December 28 but you can just treat it as any other day) and ending of the year are just around the corner, what better way to do it by making my first ever follow forever (๑°꒵°๑)

I’ve been here on tumblr for five years, but around 2011, this blog was originally just for Fairy Tail, Johnny’s Entertainment & K-Pop (well, mostly U-KISS and JYJ only), but I can’t believe that this blog became a multi-fandom blog. I mean I still can’t believe how the hell did I even got 8800+ followers when my blog are full of Fairy Tail, Haikyuu!!, FINAL FANTASY XV, seiyuus, seasonal anime, video games, JE groups and so on. I bet me from five years ago wouldn’t believe that this blog made this far by making gifsets, translation posts and more.

Thanks to this blog, I made a lot of friends here who I met personally (which you guys always thought I live in the States lol) or chatting here in the tumblr messenger/twitter/other social media as we talk about the fandoms that we love. All I can say is THANK YOU! Thank you for following me, for appreciating my works, for helping me out improve my gifs/graphics, for giving me advice whenever I rant about my personal life here on this blog sometimes. I really appreciate it so much, you guys are awesome!!

To my mutuals, I still can’t believe that you guys can stick with me even though I have so many other fandoms. If only I could travel all over the world so I can just meet you guys, hug you personally and how awesome and grateful I'am that I got to know you. Some of you already know about me having some friend issues before but I’m so happy that you guys are there for me even if some of you live far away. Seriously, THANK YOU SO MUCH for making my 2016 better!!! I hope that 2017 treats you well and let’s continue to talk, spazz or rant about the fandoms we love o(≧∇≦o)

And here’s a list of awesome blogs you should follow ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
Bold: awesome mutuals | Italic: awesome senpai/blog goals

@0negirlarmy @aitaikimochi @aeselyn @akiteru @akutagawaryuunosuke @alyamapi @amieskyychri @argendayum @arya-aiedail @astrayeah @atsushisnakajima @bakahime @bakamura @baraneet @bonneyq @bludy-chu @byjuchan @canyoudigitmotherlicker @captainpoe @celiacdork @chsabina @cilecile @crazysakuru @clynnbubbles @dajareouji @daughterofsatan @dauriculaire @dazaiosamu @de-k-u @dooshiedoosh @dragnoots @drago-warlock @edyohyuuri @egutakuya @elliejoys @epeolatryx @fairytailwitch @fallingforsoo @ffxvcaps @frozenrain22 @genshiana @giushia @gigglincactus @hanamaki @heikes-classy-ass @hirata-s @hiromichu @honeyteacake @ichiiyagoku @iguchiyuuichi @ikiseop @inmyownfiction @inuik @jollychick @kai-riida @kanarenee @kazumi7 @keiid @kiseop-rella @kourai @koyamacchi @kurou-tan @lahviis @lexandar @lightningcards @lms33 @lordotaco @luxicity @luvexodus @masterofprovocationkurookun @miyukeis @natgasm @natsv @neavamber @nikifforovs @nikifohov @noctass @official-myki @oink8 @oikahwatooru @oikawastooru @onionskytree @otomefantasy @pennytf @pinkhinori @plisetskis @quincy97 @rainladyjuvia @rchella @rieriebee @rinchin143 @sakupyon @samiichan @sarespai @satou-takuya @sawtsuki @seiyuu @seiyuugraphics @seiyuuslittleforest @seiyuunotabi @shairenee @shinyeahs @shir0usagi @shirokumaya @shogomakishimas @shuunri @soniadpkaur @squisherific @superduperizee @taeilormade @tartatail @tatsuhisas @tattsunsan @tea-lief @the-hoonthusiast @theory-of-porno @thekookiest @/therealjacksepticeye @tobeiru @toqioblues @torakun14 @/treburg @tsukiiichii @tsukkisyam @unisonraidd @unofficialbokuto @urge-l @urushenna @verryfinny @vvictor @vyctornikiforov @world-of-ice @x792s @xbrokenxdollsx @xxxhorikku @yuuba  @zelkam

Once again, thank you so much and I wish you guys will have an awesome day and hoping that 2017 will treat you well!! And I noticed that some of the people on my blogroll aren’t active anymore so I might do a follow spree soon 〆(・∀・@)

Happy Birthday to this nice girl who makes awesome drawings! I wished to make you something better, but I don’t have talent. I can draw, but not like you. OTL I wish you the best in your life, girl ~ Happy 19 years old! Love you forever, bb~ ♥ ^^

hi guys! (again) I’m back with another follow forever! ^^ since it’s been 2 years since I became a KISSME, I’ve been making this for the blogs that I first started to follow, the one I adore alot and the people I interact the most with (a.k.a my bootyful peeps)~♥

so, now, it’s not any particular “code” as bolded or italic, since all are beautiful, I love all of them, and I really can’t live without any of them!

in random order:
lms33 | inmyownfiction | mirenly | redbullandwings | soohyaoi | captain-rivai | ohhyeaaahh-zimiiin | jaeseopshi | jaeseops-sexy-eyebrow | kevinwooless | elidle | hoonday | soohyun | seoppiesaur | soohoons | seoulful-kisses | twistedxkevin | twistedxaj | ukisspirates | flowerboysandramyun | kiseoperman | kiseopsburden | s-eop | deardodoro | twistedxeli | kebeans | kebin-chan | jaeseopsxsmile | sorsik | kyoungjae | keiops | hana-jo | dekakat | hooniversal | hoontokki | yeppeo-bean | yesimkpoppin | hatsumiyo | dickmyeon | tokkiseop | kaitoudarkmousey | 7kisses4u | elixkim | hmcity | ahhyo | torakun14 | jaehooligans | dangerouseliaisons | bisori | shin-soo-hyun | thatshinsoohyun | kissme247 | 27skylove | kyeopta-kevin

thank you guys for making my dash flow with beautiful u-kiss (and other fandoms) and chatting with me! and thank you all my senpais for answering my messages and help me with easy stuff cx ♥ everything you guys say and do, means alot to me!♥

(please don't be mad if you're not here ;___; i wanted to make this quick, but you know if I follow you, I love you alot, even though I don't write it alot~ or else i wouldn't have followed you in the first place...^^)

heyhey! (^-^)/ 

it’s been some time since I did a follow forever!~ but now I’ll make one before this year ends!! 

*note: everyone mentioned here are all loved by me, and I adore them to bits! They’re like the best things in the world after U-KISS! These are people whom stands near me, people I talk to alot, who I adore alot, and people I look up to (and people I wish I was TT_TT) I love all of you. 
*another note: those who are not mentioned, sorry, but I can’t remember everyone, and if I follow you, please know that you have a special place in my heart wether you’re mentioned here or not! 

okey, let’s gooo! (I won’t take this in alphabetical order, because I’m a lame potato) 

reindeerlu | yesimkpoppin | jiyongs-g-thong | hoonday | kyungae | soohyun | rapmon-dongsaeng | seoppiesaur | sxhyn | ubernoona | kevinwoopl | wonchique | hooniemin | mirenly | sooyunmi | ukisspirates | seoulful-kisses | soohoons | flowerboysandramyun | annoyingyoungjae | dearellison | alwayskebin | kiseopsburden | elidle | karenwu0109 | ravbooty | deardodoro | fridel2 | self-confessed-ukiss-obsessed | raynleila | sorsik | keiops | recapturedpieces | hana-jo | dekakat | jaeseopshi | yeppeo-bean | iselindk | hoondolph | infivefourthreetwoone | tokkiseop | hoontokki | jeansboodty | kaitoudarkmousey | yadoong | vipapluskissmeshawol | thejennieli | tabiisprecious | xiaohanlu | kevinwooless | ahhyo | hmcity | uruhas-thigh-gap | kebeans | torakun14 | shyukerjunior | dangerouseliaisons | kishiks | shin-soo-hyun | krisseop-san | manekineko2713 | kiss-melikecinderella | kissme247 | inmyownfiction | jaeseops-sexy-eyebrow | lms33

I love you all, and as I said, even though you’re not mentioned here, you have a special place in my heart, otherwise, I wouldn’t follow you ;) <3
(edit: and if you have edited your url, and we have been close and stuff, please tell me!! or else I’ll feel soooo bad ;;;;;)