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lol oh man, i’ve played mmorpgs since the dawn of time, but i only ever get to like lvl 30 because i’m dumb and shy and solo only goes so far!! xD;;; so maybe i’ll check tera out!!

Ohhh awesome!! :D I’ve tried two different ones in the past but it just ended up in me being super confused gngnngngn they always look like fun tho!!

AHHH YEAH the game keeps recommending to be in parties and I’m like……………???????/ what no how i can’t ahhhhhh xDDD;; so I getcha there! Ehehheheuehuee

I don’t know squat about what makes a good mmorpg but it looks like a really pretty game IT WOULD BE SO COOL IF YOU CHECKED IT OUT AHHHHHHHHH LIKE OFGMGJSF IT WOULD BE SO FUN TO PLAY WITH YOU ADHDjsakjfhk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

torakun said: jeiofjwo omg cally i won’t even leave our apartment on my own because i’m afraid of being unable to unlock it when i come back and looking like an idiot jefwiojwo I’M SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!

!!!! asdfJHSFKJSF OH MAN SAME HERE!! X’DDD I basically never go home alone, but every now and then when I go to my parents while Bekah is at work I HAVE TO AND OMFSH LIKE SFHBJKF LAST TIMe I had to go home alone I wanted to cry because I spent about 10 minutes trying to figure it out and it was painfully embarrassing and I felt like everyone could see me struggling AHHHShjdsjf xD and then once I finally got the door open I couldn’t get the key OUT AND I WAS LIKE NOOOOOOOOOOO OHMGNSN I JUST WANNA DIE LMAOHJFSGSF it was awful pffahfjkdfdsf u 7 u

BUT NOPE NOT THIS TIME!!! Hahhsahda!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh thank you!! <333 eheheeheee ; 7 ; it really is a great accomplishment LOSLFJFL ohhh gosh! XDDD

I wish you the best of luck if you ever have to be in that horrible situation!!!! lol oh godddhasdjk xD;;