random dgm headcanon:
the noahs going on a family trip. destination: hawaii ~(˘▾˘~) … (~˘▾˘)~
they drop their noah clothes and wear colorful flower patterned shirts, flower crowns and flower necklaces. road somehow managed to convince adam to wear a grass skirt and a coconut bra. they’re fooling around together. wisely drink as much as he can because adam’s outfit will haunt his dreams forever. lulu bell licking milk next to him. sheril is killing the hula dance on the dancefloor. jasdevi playing with hula hoops. the others playing limbo with the locals. and tyki hunts fish in the ocean

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Noah fam drinking game: who drinks what, who's the first to get trashed, who drinks everyone under the table, who's the sad drunk, and who's the horny/overly lovey drunk?

i’d tend to assume that the noah have some sort of superhuman tolerance to alcohol, kinda like kanda’s resistance to it, but for the sake of how hilarious this ask is i’ll ignore it

road will drink anything but prefers wine and really cute cocktails with an absurdly high alcohol content, tyki only really drinks beer and red wine w/ the occasional whiskey, wisely drinks white wine & rosés and only takes tiny sips because he actually doesn’t like drinking a ton, sheril only drinks wine and especially champagne, jasdevi and fiidora will drink anything & love moonshine, toraido and maashiima only drink beer or hard liquor, and maitora, lulu, and the earl generally don’t drink

jasdero and devit get fucking hammered within like, 10 minutes because they’re dumbasses, and somehow road always drinks more than them and never seems that drunk, naturally sheril’s the horny drunk and if he drinks enough he completely forgets that he’s not supposed to be domming everyone in the vicinity & flirts relentlessly with absolutely anyone (definitely the type to drink & bed someone & kill them in the morning out of pure shame and regret), and. i’m not sure there are really any sad drunks? the mopey ones would typically be lulu and the earl, but that’s also a big part of the reason why they don’t usually drink. fiidora might be pretty bummed tho but that’s probably moreso because he drinks too much & tries to get into contests with road, which he loses

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Toraido glanced up and sighed slightly as he walked over to the boy starring slightly confused.

We can talk over here just relax.

He said silently.