A9 ToraxSaga snippet

Yeah, I was inspired by a meme post in Facebook. When I saw it I couldn’t help but wanting to write a fic about it for my two babies. Enjoy!

Saga just finished taking a shower when his phone suddenly rang. He dumped his towel in the hamper and sat on the bed as he took his iPhone from the bedside table. It was a LINE message from none other than his best friend, Tora, calling him name. Curious, he replied ‘What’s up?’ then waited. The reply was direct and Saga assumed that Tora was home. Their chat were flowing smoothly then.

虎:  Have you been chatting through LINE with my girlfriend behind my back?

Saga was taken aback. How the hell did Tora know?

沙我: Fuck you. Don’t accuse me!

沙我: Who told you?

虎: I accidentally saw her LINE chats while waiting for her going to the bathroom.

虎: I saw your name on her chat list.

虎: Still don’t wanna admit?

Saga was panicking by now. Oh shit, what the hell was he supposed to do? He didn’t have any other excuse anymore. Maybe he should just admit already? But Tora will definitely hate him if he admitted it. He sighed and prepared himself for the worst to happen.

沙我: Okay, I admit.

沙我: Your girlfriend was also all flirty on me.

沙我: Maybe she’s fed up with you.

He knew that maybe his replies might make Tora hate him but his self-defense was acting up and he knew he couldn’t take back his words.

虎: Fuck you, man.

虎: And she’s always happy whenever she’s with me.

虎: What a friend you are. Trying to steal someone else’s girlfriend.

虎: Never thought you were like that, man.

Saga was furious now; he can’t believe Tora would judge him like that.

沙我: I seriously have no intention to steal your girl.

沙我: Like I can’t find a better one.

虎: Oh, so now you realize, huh?

虎: So, what’s the reason?

虎: It seems that you really want to tear us apart.

虎: Sorry to say, but you can’t. We love each other.

Saga frowned and somehow felt a pang in his heart. So Tora really found someone he loves huh… Not just a temporary anymore. With great heaviness in his heart, he replied…

沙我: I have a reason.

沙我: But I’m too much of a coward to say it.

虎: Don’t be.

虎: Just say it. You’re already busted.

沙我: I won’t.

沙我: Let it be a secret just for a while…

虎: Even if you keep it a secret, it won’t be a secret anymore.

虎: You like her and you want to steal her from me.

That was it! Saga had enough now! He didn’t care if Tora would hate him after this; he just needed that block head of his best friend to know why he did it. He didn’t care if this was the end of their friendship.


沙我: I was jealous seeing you being so lovey-dovey with her, alright?

沙我: I loved you all these years, Tora.

沙我: You changed after you started dating her.

沙我: That’s why I was so willing to tear you both apart.

There was no quick reply from Tora then and Saga was nervous, scared also. He assumed that Tora was disgusted now and didn’t even want to reply. He sighed again and started to sob softly as he was about to put away his iPhone but suddenly there was another rang.


Was the only reply and Saga frowned even more. It was after a long while then when the constant replies came.



Was he reading the message correctly? Tora liked him back?

沙我: Don’t know. I didn’t have the guts to tell you.

沙我: I was waiting for you, actually.

沙我: But I guess I can’t do anything now, right?

沙我: You’re already with someone…

虎: Shut up. I broke up with her just a second ago.

虎: I’m the happiest when I’m with you anyway.

Saga was crying now because of all the relieve he was feeling inside his heart. He was so happy that things turned the way he didn’t expect. It was like a dream come true for him.

沙我: Torashii…

沙我: I wanna see you right now.

沙我: Please!

沙我: I miss you so bad…

Saga’s smiled widely then when he saw the instant reply.

虎: I know, Sagacchi. I miss you too.

虎: I’m coming to get you.

Saga was slightly panicking now because he was still in his pajamas and he knew that Tora didn’t like waiting so much so he quickly put down the phone and changed into a decent one. He heard his phone ring again.

虎: I love you.

Saga smiled and was about to reply when his doorbell suddenly rang.


Yeaaahhhh… tonight 超Alice9ちゃんねる was celebrating Shou’s birthday ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

I am really happy because tonight guest set list was exactly what i want.. fufufu..i hope that next Alice9ちゃんねる guest set list had the same. I mean… uummm, i think it is funny that tonight Nao becoming the executioner for Shou birthday, but on next show would be the revenge time for Shou to being Nao’s executioner..nyahahahaha *devil smile*

unfortunately just i got kicked as soon as the first game over… Orzz

Aaa…tonight Tora’s new look hair and Nao’s Skytree eye glasses are really eye catching (≧∇≦)/


[ blind-folded Tora ]

it was just my opinion. But i always feels like that Tora in this scene was looked so HOT !!! \(//∇//)\

dunno if anyone already did ones, but guess someone should made this one into a gif, so you guys may feels what i called “sexiness of blind-folded Tora”