Inktober 12 - had a fist fight (they lost)

…the next thing she knew was herself laying on the floor on her back. Her head dizzy as the tall guy grabbing her threw her above himself, from the hard contact with the floor she couldn’t breathe for a moment nor move. She wondered if she lost consciousness for a moment but couldn’t tell. She just layed there and slowly realized that she lost… The sounds slowly returned around her, it sounded like a bomb was set off in the room, the boys got crazed by her defeat. Tora didn’t even feel like getting up, she lost… She lost… The reputation she earned with such hard work was gone… A face appeared above her, her opponent’s freckled face. He held out his hand for her, Tora blinked a few times but then accepted the offered hand and let the guy help her up. 

 “Nice fight.” he said admiringly but Tora felt the words false. Since, he won! 

“You’re much better.” she answered shortly, in a bad mood. 

“You’re mad at me.” raised an eyebrow the tall guy but the corner of his lips curled upwards. 

“I’m not mad at you.” answered Tora sullenly. 

“I just ruined your record.”

“My record…?” scowled Tora confused. 

“They say you won 43 sparring matches in a row, that is really something.” explained the tall guy smirking. “It is understandable you take defeat badly.”

Tora just started to get angry for real. So he did it on purpose, he surely wanted to humiliate her in front of everyone! 

“I never counted how many times I bested the others and I don’t take defeat badly!” she answered on a huffish voice, her eyes sparkling wildly.

The young man’s smirk widened.

“Let me make it up for you, lets have dinner together.”

Tora couldn’t believe the guy’s nerves.

“I prefer eating alone.” she swatted aside the cheap invitation and turned to leave, she had enough of this guy…

A part of the story how Tora and Kallus met for the first time eheh. Please note that they’re in their twenties here so might act less mature. Also Kallus just arrived at this base searching for a rebel spy in their ranks giving away informations (so noone knows who he is yet) and he decided to have some training when he stumbled into Tora beating up the others and thought it would be fun to challenge her. But boy, Tora is such a sore loser… x’D And pretty much sends Kallus to hell… Ohoho just imagine when she learns who he is and how she talked to him… *chuckle* That will be gold… xD