au where alexander comes onto ds9 with worf and they have the same strained but loving dynamic as tng instead of the bullshit that actually happened.

lal never died and instead because a starfleet cadet at about the same time as nog, and decides to farm out to deep space nine as well because worf is there and worf is basically literally the only person she knows who isn’t on the enterprise.

ziyal is treated like the child she is instead of that creepy bullshit that happened in canon.

and the three of them plus jake and nog firm a friend group and get up to stupid teenage shenanigans.

jake is the ringleader. he makes the plans and gets everyone together and comes up with at least 50% of all the Shenanigan Ideas.

nog is the worrier. “we’ll get caught!” “do you know how many rules we’re breaking?” “we are sooooo dead.” but he comes along anyway.

ziyal is the cheer. she’s all bubbles, all the time, full of energy and happiness. expects everyone to be nice and is adored by all.

alexander is the kid brother. he’s the only one still in keiko’s schoolhouse. he likes to pretend he’s too cool for everything but he isn’t.

lal is the nerd and the cloudcuckoolander. she comes up with a lot of really weird Shenanigan Ideas and is always ready with a piece of trivia that might be useful. adults think she’s adorable. her total disregard for rules horrifies nog extra hard because she’s a cadet too and yet…