@amuse: Meanwhile at the FFI...

July 9, 2015

In an embarrassing moment at practice during the FFI…

Kazemaru blinked as he saw where the soccer ball was going and where Toramaru was running. “Toramaru! Look out!” The teal haired boy called to his younger teammate.

Tora watched the ball intently. “I got it…” And then he realized the danger as he stumbled over a pylon set up for the midfielders and ended up flying through the air and then ended up hands outstretched on his knees. The only problem was his hands ended up on Fubuki’s rear end!

Seeing where his hands were, the boy blinked at his crush and then removed his hands. “Ah! Fubuki-san! I…I’m so sorry! I tripped and fell, well Kazemaru-san tried to warn me, but I was focused on the ballandIdidn’tseewhereIwasgoingsoIendeduptouchingyour…” Tora rambled fast and flushed. Lord! Kill him now…could be worse though, he could have ended up touching his other crush Gouenji!