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hai ni mabataki chapter 1

hello everyone! hatsukoi no tonari is coming to an end, so i thought i’d do what i did last time and release the first chapter of the new series i’m working on - hai ni mabataki by the lovely hayakawa nojiko! 

i couldn’t actually find a summary of the plot anywhere, so if anyone finds one, please message me, and i’ll translate it! from what i can see so far though, it seems to be about a mysterious man called “tora-san”, whom kanzaki (from the endou-kun series) finds collapsed outside a laundromat one day.

here is the download link for higher quality images; otherwise feel free to continue reading below. enjoy!

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[TRANSLATION] PSYCHO-PASS OFFICIAL PROFILING 2: 100 A&Q about Psycho-Pass universe 2

PP Staff answers 100 questions asked by fans

Here yougo, the last portion of the questions. I am terribly sorry as always for thedelay. But this time it’s actually not my fault. As I said on my twitter, myInternet connection died on me last night. >_______> The questions this time are about characters. Happy Easter everyone! ˆ____ˆ

Questions 001-050

Questions 051-100

051. Q: Ginoza-san seems to like addressing Akane as anata*. Is there a reason behind this?

A: To Ginoza, Akane is a person whom he can naturally address this way.  

052.Q: Having become an Enforcer, Ginoza-san started drinking alcohol. Hasn’t he thought about starting smoking?

A: He’s a non-smoker.

053. Q: In the first OFFICIAL PROFILING book it was stated that it had been 20 years since Ginoza-san had a girlfriend. Does this mean that he had one when he was 7?

A: We leave it up to your imagination. It’s something that only Ginoza himself knows.

054. Q: Ginoza-san’s favorite food is bread. What kind of bread does he like in particular?

A: Baguette.

055. Q: In the situation where any independent action by Enforcer is forbidden if there’s no Inspector nearby, how does Ginoza-san walk his beloved dog Dime?

A: He walks it in a walking machine, hidden behind a hologram.

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I’m already in love with the new anime Fune wo Amu and it’s only the first ep!

First - Sakupyon & Kamiyan! <333 Perfect cast is perfect

Second - it gives me Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu vibes, might be the art and the slow pace. I love it

Third - how can you not fall in love with this MC??

He’s so precious *-* (and again, it’s Sakupyon’s voice <333)

And so awkward and cute ><

Fourth - Reigen, is that you?? (your seiyuu went for the other guy though lol)

Fifth - say hello to Tora-san ^^

“Fune wo Amu”: A drama for word-lovers

I’ve never written anything like a review… and this isn’t really one, but I just want more people to know about this little gem of a show called “Fune wo Amu”, also called “The Great Passage”.

Based on Shion Miura’s novel, the story is essentially about a team of editors in the dictionary department of a publishing house trying to put together a new dictionary called “Daidokai” (”The Great Passage”), which aims to bridge the gap between people and the vast sea of words.

The main cast consists of the following:

Mitsuya Majime (voiced by Sakurai Takahiro) is an unsuccessful salesman recruited to become the dictionary department’s newest editor. He is a cinnamon roll. He’s so earnest, so good, always trying his best. He owns a cat named Tora-san. He’s a bookworm and his tiny room is FILLED with books, like literally he only has space for his futon.

Nishioka Masashi (voiced by Kamiya Hiroshi) is a member of the dictionary editorial department. His first meeting with Mitsuya is a little rocky, as he witnesses the awkward way Mitsuya carries himself while dealing with a clerk of a bookstore that the publisher works closely with. But he notices immediately of the way Mitsuya is very perceptive with words. He is a snarky motherfucker; I like him a lot.

Araki Kouhei (voiced by Kaneo Tetsuo) is the dictionary editor who’s about to retire, but before he does so, he’s determined to find someone to carry on his legacy to finish compiling “Daidokai”. He meets with Mitsuya after Nishioka mentions their encounter and decides to recruit him after realizing that the young man has a knack for defining and perceiving words. I have a feeling he’s gonna be like the father figure in this family of editors; at least I hope so.

Additional notes:

I know there’s going to be a female lead in the show Hayashi Kaguya (voiced by Sakamoto Maaya) and I’m kind of looking forward to her introduction. I just hope the romance is not gonna be too forced.

If the art style seems familiar, it’s because the character designs are done by Kumota Haruko, the author of “Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu” as well as many other BL works.

Despite some weird ass transitions, as someone has already pointed out, there are a LOT of very pretty scenes. Like, the scene where Araki is looking for Mitsuya in the crowded office, and all the colours fade away to bring out the words/texts in the environment, and then that music, like damn. 


Bits & Pieces of Tora's 101Q&A

Q3 After waking up, what’s the first thing you do?

Tora: I smoke.

– Where?

Tora: In the room

Q4 What do you wear when you sleep?

Tora: There’s no change. I’ll just go sleep with whatever I’m wearing

Q5 Girl, what do you want her to wear when she sleeps

Tora: I want her to wear anything but pajamas

– Pajamas are a no-no?

Tora: I don’t like it. It’s grandma-ish

– There’s lot of cute designs though.

Tora: No no. This, if it’s from a guy, it’s not cute yo. That’s why, T-shirts are good enough

Q8 Are you the type to off all lights in the room (when you sleep)?

Tora: If I don’t, I can’t sleep

– So your room is pitch dark?

Tora: Basically, yep

Q10 If you had a lover, are you the ‘hug and sleep’ type? 'Sleep on your arm’ type? 'Sleeping separately is better’ type?

Tora: I can’t sleep if it’s not separate(d) ne

– Why is that?

Tora: Because I’m sensitive to heat, when the person’s body temperature is transmitted, I can’t sleep

Q11 To want to give the goodnight kiss type? To want to be kissed type?

Tora: Nah, both are good. ( ゚∀゚)・∵. グハッ (lol). Does it matter to have that good night kiss? (smile)

Q13 In the songs made in dreams up till now, are there lyrics?

Tora: No

Q14 Have Alice Nine appear in your dreams before?

Tora: I think they did but I can’t remember ne

– Are you the type to forget even though you have dreams?

Tora: Yeah. I don’t remember that much of it

Q15 What’s your ideal breakfast?

Tora: I wonder~ it depends but if there are egg dishes

– Eggs, do you like them?

Tora: Yeah. In the morning. I feel like eating an egg dish and miso soup.

Q16 By the way, tell us the menu of the food you ate today

Tora: Today is the convenience store bento [lunch box]. 7-11’s.

Q17 The point of today’s fashion coordinate?

Tora: Nothing much. Fuheheh (lol). I’m sensitive to heat so, cooling clothes

Q18 When you like the clothes, are you the type to buy them immediately or the type to choose carefully?

Tora: Hmm, I don’t really buy clothes so I don’t know. Compared to tightly fitting clothes, I like baggy clothes more

Q22 Do you put on fragrances?

Tora: Yeah

Q23 When did you start putting on fragrances?

Tora: High school? Ah, I think I started in middle school

– Among your surrounding (people), was it normal?

Tora: Surprisingly yes

Q24 Do you have a favourite fragrance?

Tora: I’ve been using Bvlgari (Pour Homme) Soir all these while

Q25 For your shoes, are you the sneakers type? Boots type? Leather shoes type?

Tora: Sneakers ne. Even during lives, it’s sneakers. If it’s not sneakers, it’s hard to move. And then, my body is big so when I wear boots, I become too huge

– High-cut sneakers, do you like them?

Tora: I do

Q26 Are you the type to wear watches?

Tora: I do but I lose them often so I don’t wear them these days

– The reason for losing them?

Tora: Instead of saying 'losing them’, it gets broken.  Just by putting it there

Q28 When you are walking with your lover, 'I want to link arms’, 'I want to hold hands’, 'I want to wrap an arm around their shoulders’, 'I want to walk separately'… among these, which one?

Tora: I don’t want to hold hands but I’m not saying that (I want to walk) separately but, linking arms is just nice

– From the girl?

Tora: Yeah. I’m only going to stuff my hands into my pockets. That’s the best

– Not wanting to hold hands, is it because you are sensitive to heat?

Tora: It’s not that. Holding hands is fine too but it’s linking arms that I like. 

Q30 What kind of actions from a girl that would make you feel something?

Tora: I’ve never felt anything from (a girl’s) actions na~

– How will you feel something?

Tora: I probably won’t feel anything. Thinking, 'this is good’ when we’re together is when stuff like our hobbies matches. Other than that, I don’t feel anything ne

Q58 Have you thought of leaving the band in the past?

Tora: Nope……

Q59 Was there a period of time where you have thought of pausing the band and have solo activities?

Tora: No……First of all, I can’t sing

– Tora-san, do you want to try acting?

Tora: Nope, I don’t (decisively)

Q65 What is the bit that you like about Alice Nine and the troublesome bit of it?

Tora: I like how we will help each other out. I think it is really good ne. We are the kind of people who takes the initiative and wants to do the work. When we discover the holes of the bit that people didn’t do, we will take the initiative and fill that hole up. The troublesome bit is probably Nao-san’s toilet? (lol)

Q75 What kind of music do you often listen to when you want to have a change of mood/break?

Tora: I don’t listen to music. It won’t change my mood. I think this is the bit where it is the most different between Hiroto and me. I get tired when I listen to music. I will care about how does this bit goes, my head will go into work-mode and I won’t be able to settle down

Q90 Which part of your body do you like?

Tora: My eyes I guess. It’s been praised since I was young. The colour of my eyes. I have contacts on now but, it’s a little greenish yo

– Your family members, does everyone have that colour?

Tora: (My family members’ eyes are) ordinary. It’s only me.

– Is there some green in your hair too?

Tora: No. I was a redhead when I was younger. As I grew older, it gradually turn blackish. If it is not dyed black, it’s brown.

Q92 Please tell us a recommended way to lose weight when dieting!

Tora: I was on the chubby side in junior school but I thought of losing weight for the first time during junior high school so the first thing I did; that was, drinking laxatives everyday

– Did you lose weight?

Tora: I lost a lot of weight! (The weight) dropped to a level that it’s almost unbelievable.

– What was the reason of wanting to lose weight? Was it because you dated a girl you like or something at that time?

Tora: Nope. There were laxatives at home. When I drank that, something amazing happened, when I went on the weighing machine the next day, all of a sudden I lost weight! I thought, 'if I continued this everyday, I will be able to lose weight easily isn’t it?’ And then at 174cm, I dropped to about 47kg. And then, I collapsed. When I was taking laxatives, I didn’t eat as well and when I went to the hospital, I was diagnosed with anorexia

Q97 What do you think that should be done before 30 years old?

Tora: To have a good time I guess. While you still have the stamina. If you’re gonna enjoy yourself, it’s better to do it early

Q98 Survival living on an uninhabited island. Among your members, if you could bring one person, who will you choose?

Tora: Hiroto I suppose. In terms of surviving, he doesn’t look like he will be troubled

Q100 Your life’s final dinner, with who, where and what would you want to eat?

Tora: This is the most difficult. Will you even be hungry? At times like that. I was watching TV recently and it seems like in America, before a death penalty, the prisoners condemned to death can eat their favourite food. When you think of what would you like to eat, ordered menu is surprisingly ordinary. There is nobody who ordered a high calorie meal because it’s the last. Isn’t it probably because they aren’t that hungry ne 

– When death is before your eyes.

Tora: Yeah. If it’s me, I think I will end up not wanting to eat. The final dinner. And, I think I will want to be alone. The final dinner; it is a pretty word but because it’s something right before dying. When I hear the word 'the final dinner’, I get hungry but I think in reality, I don’t think that would be the case. You’re gonna die after all. It’s the same as being condemned to death. The people who can be hungry during such situations are probably crazy

Q101 A few words to the you of 10 years later

Tora: Get your shit together*


* ちゃんとしてて下さい can be interpreted in many different ways depending on the person. This version is interpreted by me based on my limited knowledge and understanding of Tora. Please feel free to interpret it in your own way.

Credits: Original blomaga from: Azshannar & wp_wolfpaws


The Space Monster Guilala’s cameo in Tora-san’s 1984 outing Tora-san’s Forbidden Love (男はつらいよ 寅次郎真実一路), the 34th film in the (very!) long-running series. Shochiku recently reissued the entire series on DVD at discounted pricing (this was ~$9 at, and with optional English subtitles no less.