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[TRANSLATION] PSYCHO-PASS OFFICIAL PROFILING 2: 100 A&Q about Psycho-Pass universe 2

PP Staff answers 100 questions asked by fans

Here yougo, the last portion of the questions. I am terribly sorry as always for thedelay. But this time it’s actually not my fault. As I said on my twitter, myInternet connection died on me last night. >_______> The questions this time are about characters. Happy Easter everyone! ˆ____ˆ

Questions 001-050

Questions 051-100

051. Q: Ginoza-san seems to like addressing Akane as anata*. Is there a reason behind this?

A: To Ginoza, Akane is a person whom he can naturally address this way.  

052.Q: Having become an Enforcer, Ginoza-san started drinking alcohol. Hasn’t he thought about starting smoking?

A: He’s a non-smoker.

053. Q: In the first OFFICIAL PROFILING book it was stated that it had been 20 years since Ginoza-san had a girlfriend. Does this mean that he had one when he was 7?

A: We leave it up to your imagination. It’s something that only Ginoza himself knows.

054. Q: Ginoza-san’s favorite food is bread. What kind of bread does he like in particular?

A: Baguette.

055. Q: In the situation where any independent action by Enforcer is forbidden if there’s no Inspector nearby, how does Ginoza-san walk his beloved dog Dime?

A: He walks it in a walking machine, hidden behind a hologram.

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I’m already in love with the new anime Fune wo Amu and it’s only the first ep!

First - Sakupyon & Kamiyan! <333 Perfect cast is perfect

Second - it gives me Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu vibes, might be the art and the slow pace. I love it

Third - how can you not fall in love with this MC??

He’s so precious *-* (and again, it’s Sakupyon’s voice <333)

And so awkward and cute ><

Fourth - Reigen, is that you?? (your seiyuu went for the other guy though lol)

Fifth - say hello to Tora-san ^^


The Space Monster Guilala’s cameo in Tora-san’s 1984 outing Tora-san’s Forbidden Love (男はつらいよ 寅次郎真実一路), the 34th film in the (very!) long-running series. Shochiku recently reissued the entire series on DVD at discounted pricing (this was ~$9 at, and with optional English subtitles no less.