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i really wanted to do like some incredible redraw of some old art to show off how much i’ve improved since i drew it last february but instead you get this

scribbly doodle redraw of this pic of tora from last year


yEs, I mIGht HAVe gOT CReAtIVe…

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Lost in Shinsekai fun facts

by yours truly
so I just listened to this song (albeit a bit late I know) but
I haven’t seen anyone post this so
I’m here to share

OKAY SO THIS HERE IS SHINSEKAI, an area literally existing in Osaka, Japan.

External image
Can you see the huge ass fugu hanging?
宙づりにされた 海王類が (The sea kings that has been hung on air)
that’s one

next is あふれるほどの たこ焼き屋 (overflowing number of takoyaki stalls)
If you haven’t known already TAKOYAKI IS THE ICON OF OSAKA. A MUST TRY if you ever get here. Here a pic. from google.
External image

onto the next one. You saw the tall ass tower on the first photo? 夜空に浮かんだ 通天閣を(The Tsuutenkaku* reflected upon the night sky)
That tower is the motherfucking TSUUTENKAKU
here a reference from google again
External image

Onto the next one again.
どこかでテレビが 「虎!虎!虎!」と俺を呼んでる (The television somewhere keeps calling “Tora(Tiger) 3x”, calling me)
I’m pretty sure all of you know what Trafalgar’s famous nickname is and probably a few of you know already that Tora means tiger.
The major baseball team from Osaka is called “Hanshin Tigers
and this is not all.

どっちを向いても 串揚げ屋 (Kushi-age shops wherever I look)
External image

Kushi-age is also one of the famous cuisine of Osaka along with Takoyaki.
P.S. Don’t dip into the sauce twice, it’s impolite!

and the fucking last one
This should confirm it
ここはどこやねん!? This literally means “Where is this”, but is spoken in the Osaka dialect.

conclusion? Trafalgar Law broke the fourth wall and got fucking lost in Osaka and you cannot convince me otherwise. Thank you for reading