tora cosplay


So, it’s been a while since a posted something here xD

Recently I did a new cosplay that I wanted to do since a looong time, Ushio Aotsuki! I love Ushio to Tora and Ushio— AAA my baby <3 
I also did the spear in really few hours! 
I’m really happy of this cosplay, can’t wait to bring it again!

ph: Massimo Photo / Roberto Boni / Felix Martin
Mantova Comics 2017


Tora Con 2017 PT 2! For day two I was the emo looking Yuuri! If you have any pictures of me please tag me or send them my way!! Also, let me know if you’re in any of these pictures so I can tag you or if you want them not to be shown!!


//WELP……THERE YOU GO PEOPLE. Okay so let’s go in order here for context.

First two is obvious and is obviously perfect for Nanu.

Third pic: Nanu’s true source of happiness

Forth pic: Nanu has fallen and can’t get up

Fifth: 2 guys closely inspecting the grass more like Nanu is done with Guzma’s shit

LAST TWO…….WE HAD TO TAKE THAT SO MANY TIMES BECAUSE I WAS LAUGHING SO MUCH. Basically it’s Nanu sleeping and then Guzma poking him with a stick being all like “Is he dead???”


yEs, I mIGht HAVe gOT CReAtIVe…


Quit the games, Cipher! If I’m still alive you must want something from me.”

Here it is! Prisoner Ford is complete. Obviously it’s not a new costume as it’s just adding a prop, but I can’t wait to wear it to cons!

So here are some selfies without any old man makeup. I’ll be doing a proper photoshoot for this soon! But until then, I’ll be wearing this to Tora-Con 2016 for sure and probably a few other cons this year!